Bathroom Storage Ideas For a Pretty and Functional Rest Room

The best small bathroom storage ideas

No matter how big or small your bathroom space is, you are probably thinking of ways to make the most out of the space and make it more functional. This is when bathroom storage ideas will help. Storage ideas are a way to enhance the storage space you have got and make your bathroom feel bigger when it isn’t.

Bathrooms are one of those comforting places in our house where we can be ourselves. It’s more like a safe zone where all our thoughts come unfiltered and unapologetically.

Make your bathroom safe by properly disinfecting with these cleaners.

So the whole idea of customizing the bathroom and putting up things that would make it look bigger excites every one of us. So, if you are also looking for small bathroom storage ideas and thinking of ways and finding things to put up in the bath then you have come to the right place. 

We will give you some out-of-the-box ideas that you can use to make your bathroom a more comforting place. These ideas aren’t anything new but a compilation of different things that people commonly try to make use of every inch of their bathroom walls and floor. So, given below are some bath storage ideas that you can use.

14 Best Bathroom Storage Ideas For a Pretty and Functional Restroom.


1. Use Awkward Space by Using a Floating Shelf

Bathroom storage ideas

One of the best ways to give a neat look to your bathroom and make the most use of your bathroom walls is by getting a floating shelf. These floating shelves are in right now and the best part is that they look like they are floating on your wall.

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2. Ladder Towel Rack

Bathroom storage idea ladder style

Another way to use up your bathroom storage and make it more functional is by getting a ladder towel rack. These towel racks look like a ladder and you can hang things like towel and wet clothes on them rather than hanging them on your traditional bathrooms hooks. 

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3. Storage Ladder 2

Bathroom storage ideas ladder style 2

Just like the ladder towel rack, a storage ladder is also a great way to utilize the space in your bathroom and keep more things in your bathroom. You can put up your towels, your best toilet brush or put your toothbrush holder. Also, if you have your best shower speaker then you can also put it there in that space. 

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4. Wall Hanging Baskets

Bathroom storage ideas wall hanging basket

Another creative idea for bathroom storage is getting those wall hanging baskets. Honestly, they are one of our favorites as they are very functional and can keep your stuff from getting wet. Wall hanging baskets usually come in different styles and are made from different materials. So, you can choose what goes with your bath decor. 

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5. Door Mount Short Cans

Bathroom storage idea short bin

Now if you have less storage space in your bathroom or your bathroom doesn’t allow you to keep a lot of stuff in there then you can always count on door mount short cans. They are very functional and can give you a better storage space. You can easily find them on sites like Amazon.

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6. Bathroom Wall Rack

Bathroom storage idea wall rack

Now there are some things that every bathroom must have to keep it all together and one of those things is a bathroom wall rack. These shower shelves are super convenient when it comes to storing items that you commonly use like tissues papers, shampoo, shower mirror, water softener, etc. 

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7. Multi Bathroom Metal Shelf

Bathroom storage idea metal shelf

Another bathroom storage idea for you is to get a multi bathroom metal shelf. These are sturdy metal shelves that help you keep your daily use products conveniently in the bathroom without the risk of things falling. Also, their sturdiness allows you to put some heavy stuff on it too. 

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8. Bathroom Wood Shelves

Bathroom storage idea wood shelf

If your bathroom is compact and you are looking for ways to enhance the look of it and make it more desirable so that your guests appreciate it then you can get bathroom wood shelves. Wood shelves are an amazing addition to the bathrooms and they are highly functional. 

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9. Bathroom Wire Baskets

Bathroom storage idea wire basket

While talking about functional, one certainly can’t miss bathroom wire baskets. These are commonly seen used in places like bath, kitchen, storerooms, etc. because they can carry an unusual lot of things in them. These are amazing for your bathroom storage ideas as you can put anything from laundry to bathroom essentials in them.

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10. Handy Hanging Hook

Bathroom storage idea hanging hook

Just in case you don’t have it already, you should get those handy hanging hooks. These hooks are an amazing collection to your bathroom and you can hang towels, dry clothes and many other things on them such as shower head extension as they can work as a shower head holder.  

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11. Bathroom Storage Container

Bathroom storage idea container

As the name suggests, these bathroom storage container units are great if you have a lot of things in your bathroom and you need something to organize them in one place. If you have a big bathroom, then you can get a big container or else you can get a small container that is functional.

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12. Vintage Peg Rails

Bathroom vintage pig rails

Peg rails are a common sight in bathrooms as they are very useful when it comes to hanging dry clothes on them while you take a bath or keep your wet towel hanging, but if you want to go to the next level and give your bathroom a creative look then you can always go for vintage peg rails. These rails are a great example of a functional storage idea.

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13. Hanging Pocket Organizers

Bathroom pocket hanging organizer

If you don’t want a shelf for your bathroom then you can also get those hanging pocket organizers in which you can put small things like your toothbrush, your foot scrubber, etc. Also, these pocket organizers don’t take up too much space so you can rely on them.

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14. Hanging Wood Crate

Bathroom storage ideas wood crate

Last but not least are those hanging wood crates that look like cabinets where you can put your bathroom essentials. You can put them right adjacent to your rain shower head or waterfall shower head and you can also put your shower stool under them to utilize more space in the bathroom. Make sure that you measure the shower head height first to decide the right placement for it. 

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Few Bonus Tips to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful 

Now that you have seen some bathroom storage ideas, here are some tips you can use to make your bathroom look more beautiful and elegant. 

Tip 1: You can get the right tiles for your bathroom. Do you know that a unique tile design can enhance the appeal of your bathroom and make it look beautiful? So, you can change the tiles or create a design with them. 

Tip 2: Apart from that, you can also put a big round mirror right above your sink or get a beautiful shower mirror. Make sure you get something that stands out and if you have a small bathroom, it will benefit you more. 

Tip 3: One of the best ways to make your bathroom look beautiful is by installing better lights. The lighting of a bathroom can make all the difference in deciding whether it looks good or not. So, you can try getting some attractive lighting for your bathroom. 

Tip 4: Add useful accessories to your bathroom. You can add things like an automatic shower cleaner to make your bathroom more functional and attractive


Now that you know how you can use your bathroom storage space and how you can make your bathroom look more beautiful and appealing, you can try out different things that have been mentioned in the list. The thing about bathrooms is that they are supposed to be comforting and give you a safe environment to cleanse your body. So, make sure that you put only those things that make the space functional and not put anything unnecessary. Put up things like shelves, cabinets, baskets, etc.