Shower Head Extension: 11 Best Shower Head Extension for a Long Lasting Durability


As Humans, we are all built different and come in different body shapes and sizes. Some of us are leaner while others are wider. The importance of the right shower head extension cannot be stressed enough.

It can lead to a completely altered bathing experience. The experience can be highly soothing and relaxing. There exist different kinds of shower head extensions to provide everybody with a personalized showering experience. They can also enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and provide a more luxurious feel to it. And if you have a bathroom with a small space, you can adjust the shower extension according to your shower storage.

However, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right shower extension. The build quality and the material is extremely important when it comes to selecting the right shower extension.

It should not react to water and should not start wearing out in moist and humid conditions. There should be no development of rust and the components of the shower extension should be robust and maintain itself for a long period of time.

Factors like these make it important to carefully select the right shower head and not just buy the first one that comes to your mind. The eleven shower heads described here are of superior quality and will make a great addition to your bathroom.

Advantages of Best Shower Head Extension:

  1. Wash what you need to without compromising on your bathing experience.
  2. It helps the low water pressure regain its vigor.
  3. Great for kids and the elderly.
  4. Great for washing pets.
  5. Decreases water consumption.
  6. Alter the water texture for a more satisfying bathing experience.
  7. Aesthetic design to enhance the look of your bathroom.

How We Selected the 11 Best Shower Head Extensions:

There can be many factors to look at when selecting the right shower head extension for you, however, a select few of them are mentioned below-

Build Quality: The build quality is an extremely important factor and should be paid close attention to.  It is important to avoid plastic and wearable materials and opt for metallic shower head extensions as they last longer and are more durable. This will help you in the long run to recover the initial expenditure.

Aesthetics: The aesthetics of the bathroom cannot be ignored. The shower head extension should feel like it belongs in the space and not stick out. It should add and enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Functionalities: The functionalities of the shower head extensions are also important. Many extensions come with impurity filters that helps remove suspended matter from the water. There are also trickle filters that change the texture of the water.

Ease of Installation: Installing the shower head extension should not be a cumbersome task but rather a quick and easy one. It should not take up a great number of hours. It should also not require major modifications in existing pipelines of the house or the building.

Types: There are different types of shower head extensions and they come with hose, pipe, and arm format. There are rain shower head extensions and then there are also flexible shower head extensions. All of these variations are available just to suit your needs and alleviate the complications in your bathroom. When you are selecting the shower head extension of your choice make sure you can use the automatic shower cleaner to clean the shower head.

Best Shower Head Extension for a Long Lasting Durability

Delta Faucet 10-inch Adjustable Extension Shower Arm

shower head extension

This Delta shower arm lets you adjust the height and angle of your shower head and puts you in total control of your showering experience.

Available in chrome color, it is constructed out of polished brass alloy. It is simple and sleek in design with a cylindrical body that has a smooth and shiny finish.

It is capable of extending up to 18 inches in length and can be mounted on the wall of your bathroom.

Unlike other shower arms, this can be adjusted at both ends, allowing you to increase the height and control the elevation of the shower.

It does not corrode when it comes in contact with water and its smoothened finish does not allow any kind of organic matter to form and grow on it, given the wet and humid conditions of the bathroom.

It is very easy to install and you don’t have to depend on a professional plumber for help. You can install this in your bathroom all by yourself.

It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about faulty or damaged hardware and you can get it replaced in case any problem arises with the shower head extension.

Moen Magnetix 3.5-Inch Six-Function Handheld Showerhead

shower head extension

A high end and a fancy shower head extension that comes packed with a six function spray head. The magnetic shower system always docks facing forwards, saving you splashes outside of the shower.

The kink-free metal hose extends the reach and flexibility. It has a spot resistant nickel finish that prevents fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner looking bath.

It comes with a magnetic docking system that lets you detach the extension and use it as a hand held unit or you can easily dock it back with the snap of a magnet.

It offers multiple settings, which allow personalization of the showering experience. The different spray modes include massage, rinse, and downpour which change the pressure and the texture of the water.

It lets you adjust the water flow with the help of a small lever to the side. It definitely sets the standards of innovative design and exceptional beauty. There is no enough attention paid to the small moving parts in the extension.

It supports multiple distinct shower settings, giving it the required flexibility and variety, and complies with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) making it easy and safe to use with a limited lifetime warranty.

Purelux Shower Extension Extra Long Shower Arm Water Outlet

shower head extension Slender in design, this stainless steel shower arm extension offers a high quality build for your shower. Although built from stainless steel, it has a brushed nickel finish to it, leaving a shiny and smooth surface.

The simplicity of the frame and design and the robustness of the material used will definitely ensure that it lasts for a long time.

It offers 16 inches of extension so that you enjoy your shower and don’t have to fight for space. It has a right angle design, and the lower part of the shower head extension falls by 3 inches, aiming to maintain adequate headroom.

The nickel finish and the form and design make it an easy extension to clean. The arm extension can be used with multiple shower heads, especially rainfall shower heads that will be a perfect fit with the long extension it provides.

The product has been tested under federal standards to ensure compliance. It has undergone salt and spray test and passed with flying colors, making it resistant to corrosion. This makes it impossible for an organic matter of any kind to form on the surface of the arm.

It has also been tested against abuse and has upheld long duration durability tests. This leaves no room for doubt regarding the strength of the product.

Coeur Designs 16 Inch Extra Long Shower Extension Arm

shower head extension

This product offers a 16 inch long brass extension arm and is capable of adjusting itself even after installation. This makes the product truly useful to the family.

It has a sleek and stylish design with an adjustable angle of elevation and very easy to install and can be connected to any standard shower pipe within a few minutes.

This shower head extension basically very flexible and it comes with a lower hear joint, that is capable of holding large shower head extensions with absolute ease.

Made with only the premium materials, it has a chrome finish all around the body. All the moving parts allow for easy tightening and adjustments.

It is dust and scratch proof and very easy to clean. Also, the smooth finish will ensure that it manages well in wet conditions. Simple rotation mechanics with innovative design and functionality make this product irreplaceable.

This extension has a patented locking gear design that allows for easy attachment to the shower head.

The wing nut design offered does not need constant tightening and readjustment and can uphold itself perfectly well.

You will not find any movable plastic parts and high standards have been ensured in the building of this shower head extension.

Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm 

shower head extension

Your search for an easy to move shower head is finally over. This flexible shower head extension arm features a rotating elbow arm that can position itself for a more comfortable and pleasant showering experience.

It can position its head in a completely horizontal manner or in a vertically overhead fashion for maximum water flow. The shower head height and the degree of the angle can be optimized to suit your needs.

This shower head extension claims to work with any kind of shower head like handheld shower head extension hose to rain shower head.

Constructed with solid metal with durable swivel joints, it won’t crack or leak. It is safe and has an easy-to-tighten handle grip.

Its strong jointed pivot can support up to 3 pounds of weight. It perfectly withstands heat, salt, acids, minerals and grit contained in your water.

It is corrosion proof as it is constructed using stainless steel and can even be used outdoors in public places where showers are needed like pools, beaches, etc.

You can install it easily and no professional plumber needs to call. With the help of a few tools, you can yourself fix it in with your standard shower pipe and then enjoy your wonderful shower at the angle you prefer.

HANEBATH Brass S Shaped Shower Arm and Flange

shower head extension

A North American Standard Gooseneck High Rise extension shower arm, specially built for the rainfall shower head.

It can be mounted on the wall. This ‘S’ shaped shower head extension has a good design as the end of the shower head hangs pretty high so that it can also accommodate tall people.

It has solid brass construction with a brushed nickel finish that prevents any fingerprints and water spots from spoiling the surface of the extension.

It is a curved shape extension, which is typically American. Simple and sleek curved design with uniform width ensures high pressure when the water leaves the extension.

The brushed nickel finish prevents corrosion on the surface of the extension, ensuring a long lasting shower extension. Highly affordable, it is of good quality and is great for tall people. It is built keeping in mind the basic needs of a shower head extension.

It offers no rotating joints or moveable arms or any specialized functions of that sort.

However, it was designed to be affordable and get the job done keeping in mind the standards and quality of the product.

It can be specifically called a shower head extension pipe as that’s what it intends to do.

KES 16-Inch Shower Head Extension Extender Rainfall Shower 

shower head extension

This shower head extension arm features standard U.S. size threads with a simple and sleek design. The modern look with a rectangular pipe structure instead of the conventional cylindrical pipe structure, and it machined to provide minimal leak and fully made up of metal matter.

This arm specifically made up of stainless steel and brass and so it remains robust and sturdy. It has a beautiful matte black finish, which will look good in spacious and modern bathroom designs. This shower head extension is built to resist corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing.

It offers a 16 inch extension and can support large shower heads extending even further to provide for a more relaxed and enjoyable shower.

This modern product with its new age design principles is usually found in hotels. Installing such a product at home will provide a more luxurious feel to the bathroom.

You can also pair it with a sleek rain shower head extension for a completely progressive and modern bathroom look.

This product available in inexpensive variants mostly made up of plastic and fiber to satisfy those who wish to have a rain shower head extension arm with the same design and form but which costs less.

Vida Alegría REACH Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Head Extension Arm

shower head extension

This 18 inch shower head extension arm is a full pound of solid brass that allows your overhead shower head to extend far and high enough for a perfect shower experience.

This product will not allow constriction of water flow and will ensure the water pressure is always at its peak.

The easy height adjustable shower mode made of durable all-metal construction. This construction of brass promises to prevent corrosion, leak or crack of any kind.

However, this extension only extends up and down and not side to side which could be a differentiating factor for this extension. It has a chrome color finish, the machined interlocking teeth feature so that you can lock the shower head extender to the right position and stays put and hold the shower head firmly without needing to retighten or readjust.

It has a very thoughtful design as it offers maximum diameter in key areas to retain water pressure, and easy to install and comes with complete instructions so that you can do it all by yourself.

This is a top of the line product and it comes recommended by many interior designers.

It also comes with a 3 years unconditional warranty form the company.

The Original Solid Metal Shower Arm Extension

shower head extension

This shower arm extension measurement is 6 inch you can either connect it to a shower head or a handheld unit like a shower head extension hose. The hose makes it more accessible for small children and pets.

This extension beautifully crafted, polished and plated to match the existing fixtures. The chrome finish of this product looks nice and this product engineered to hide existing shower arm threads from showing. This makes the transition smooth to your existing shower arm.

It is easy to install just like other extensions. It does not restrict any flow or pressure to any shower head. However, this extension slightly specific in design and not suited for everyone.

This shower enclosure you should use in a distance between the shower arm cut and the opposite walls less than 36 inches.

What makes this extension unique is that you can connect to a shower head hose which itself has a very unique and specific purpose.

The hose has multiple purposes to it and can be used not just in bathrooms, but also for chores like washing dishes, washing cars, watering plants, etc. It is immune to bacterial and fungal development.

Fivanus Universal 11″ Adjustable Height Shower Head Arm 

shower head extension

This 11 inch shower arm extension is compatible with most standard shower heads in the market and also fits all standard pipe threads. It flaunts a beautiful chrome finish and is made entirely of brass, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and easy to clean. It is easy to install and takes just minutes to get it up and running.

You can mount it on walls and swivels up and down to suit almost any height. The handles are of good quality and do not need constant tightening and adjustment.

It has a great design to it and a very functional look. It has deep grooves and is capable of holding the shower head as heavy as eleven pounds.

You can keep the nut fixed or rotate it based on your needs and it is easy to adjust to the right position. The large knobs help you tighten it up effortlessly. This swing arm style shower arm is the perfect solution for larger showers.

It comes with a simple and practical design and can be used indoors and outdoors. It does not let any organic matter like algae or fungus to form on the surface and supports both shower head and hose.

12 Inch Shower Arm And Flange

shower head extension

This product made up of stainless steel and offers an extension of 12 inches and allows you to have peace of mind when showering.

The oil rubbed bronze finish makes the shower arm beautiful to look at and easy to clean.

It fits all standard shower plumbings in the U.S. and can withstand high pressure, heat, salt, acids, minerals, and grit contained in your water.

You don’t need any plumbers to install it because the just twist and install feature. It is as simple as that to get it up and running. No need for any trips to your local hardware store.

This shower arm bracket is very high quality and you can use it with both shower head and hand held shower hose.

The elegant design will leave you admiring the product. Apart from being attractive, this product is durable and the best shower bracket in the market.

This company offers a policy to their customers to try their shower extension for 12 months and if the product fails to satisfy you after the 12 months of use, you can return the product to get a full refund, no questions asked. Now that’s saying a lot about the product.


There are plenty of shower head extensions in the market but the one which is suitable for us depends on our needs. Before you consider to purchase a shower head extension, you should focus on the various factors like design, functionality, form, cost and build quality.