Rain Shower Head: 7 Best Rain Shower Head (Review & Guide 2020)

rain shower head


A rain shower head is a luxurious bathroom fitting that lets you enjoy a spa-like experience. It is a great-looking luxurious item that you can add to your bathroom and it perfectly fits in a small bathroom if you have small bathroom space. The best rain shower head is designed to deliver to you the enjoyment of showering in the rain.

A rain- like showering encounter provides you an astonishingly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It is typically fitted on the roof of your shower, although more fashionable designs can be placed on the sidewall of your bathroom too. These shower heads are quite oversize, and they are often square or rectangle in shape.

This newest trend of showering is more manageable and more considerate towards the environment. Nothing matches the fresh and relaxing shower that you get from the rain shower heads.

Usually, a rain shower head comes in sizes from 8 inches to 24 inches, but nowadays, there are rain shower heads that are available in small sizes as well – 4 to 7 inches.

While placing a rain shower head, you should install it at least 80 inches higher than the showerhead level. They emphasize on self-pressurizing water channels for constant water pressure force.

By installing a rain shower head, you can enjoy your very own rain cloud in your bathroom and turn your regular shower into a luxurious one.


1. A rain shower head gives you a calming feeling when you are stressed out.
2. An environmentally conscious water-saving choice.
3. One of the most aesthetic decors that you can install in your bathroom.
4. It gives you a uniform and steady flow of water.
5. Quite easy to clean.
6. Manufactured with anti-clog nozzles.

Rain Shower Head

How We Selected the 7 best Rain Shower Heads

We all know that showering is an essential day-to-day experience for encouraging good hygiene. Rainfall shower heads are the perfect choice to give you a relaxing experience.

Since there are so many options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Let us share with you some of the factors which helped us in deciding the best ones:

Wall mount or ceiling mount

Rain shower heads are quite versatile. Most people opt for the wall-mounted overhead shower arm. It gives you a perception of ceiling-mount shower head without the expense of a shower remodel.


Most of the rain shower heads come between the range of 8 inches to 12 inches. 8 inches shower heads are great to give you both coverage as well as pressure. 12 inches rain shower heads are optimal when installing a Ceiling or Wall Mount Overhead shower arm.

Rain Shower Head

Single function or multi-function

Some shower heads are manufactured with multiple settings. However, it can become quite uncomfortable to change the settings repeatedly when you have a ceiling-mounted shower head.

The material of the product

It is important to keep in mind the quality of the product that you choose. You should avoid shower heads made from low-cost plastics. As compared to other shower heads, metal shower heads are the much-preferred choice.

What is the standard height of the Rain Showerhead?

Depending on personal preferences, the height of a shower head should range between 72 inches to 96 inches. However, the standard height of a wall-mounted shower head is considered to be 80 inches from the ground to the shower head.

On the other hand, the standard height of a rain shower head should be at least 84 inches. The height should be adjusted in such a way that a person should have sufficient space to move their body parts.

You should fit in the shower head in such a way that it is well-suited for the tallest member of the family as well as for the shortest one.

Rain Shower head: Take a Unique Shower

SparkPod Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

The SparkPod Shower head comes with a high-pressure shower system. It is specially designed to recreate the impression of a hard downpour or a waterfall.

This shower head is uniquely featured with 90 individual outlets. This product is not manufactured with multi-functional spray patterns.

The installation of the SparkPod shower head is quite a breeze as it is produced with a common connector and a screw-type installer.

This modern shower head has 90 fully-powered anti-clogging silicone jets, which eliminate limescale from your shower head quite easily. Your bathroom gets a touch of elegance with its luxurious chrome plated rainfall shower head.

The shower head is a six-inch-wide head that operates at 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You will enjoy this shower head if you love the impression of standing below a deluge of rainwater while taking a shower.

You won’t be able to go back to your old standard shower head, once you have had exposure to this product.

This perfect shower head comes with a one year guarantee. The one disadvantage that can be seen in the case of SparkPod Shower heads is that the connector might leak.

 Square Rain Showerhead with Adjustable Extension Arm

Rain Shower Head

This shower head is produced to suffice the requirements of an average user. The length of the shower head is 12 inches, and it has an adaptable extension pressure head which measures 11 inches.

The shower head is ultra-thin which makes it easier for the water in the shower head to gather more pressure.

It is produced with a 304 stainless steel material which makes it corrosion resistant and highly durable. The shower head comes with a thick chrome-plated finish.

The product doesn’t require any tools and the installation is quite simple. All you have to do is simply screw on and turn on your new rainwater shower head.

This shower head is ideal for most of the bathrooms, whether they are built in a modern fashion or a traditional one.

The unit is featured to handle varying water pressures, both low as well as high. The stylish and classy shower head can be effortlessly attached to the regular 1/2 inch pipes.

This shower head can be installed overhead on the ceiling, set on the wall, or it can be installed above a bathtub. With the use of a Teflon tape, the shower head is immune to leaks and this helps in preventing wastage of water.

WarmSpray Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

The WarmSpray Rain Shower Head is another reliable option that comes in with a size of 9 inches. This shower head fully chrome plated and featured with 80 water jets.

The additional comforts of the product you can enjoy through a water filter, a pressure restrictor, and an adjustable joint you can use for adjusting the angle of the water shower spray.

The pressure restrictor installed to control the flow of the water. If no restrictor installed, then you can enjoy a high flow of water similar to the rains. This product you can install in indoor bathrooms as well as outdoor bath environments.

Additionally, this shower head features 108 TRP self-cleaning nozzles which limit the build-up of limescale and sediments from hard water. It is also resistant to decay, corrosion and can endure soaring temperatures.

This shower head quite easy to fit and you can easily attach it to standard 1/2 inch mounts without the requirement of any tools.

This rainwater shower head is a perfect option to conserve water. In spite of that, you can also instantly attach it to the shower socket in your bathroom and offers magnificent rain like a stream.

RongMax Complete Rain Shower Head Kit

Rain Shower Head

The RongMax complete rain shower head kit comes with an outstanding performance at both high as well as low water pressure. This product created to deliver a rain-like experience.

And this product featured with removable water restrict and produced to preserve water and energy charges.

The water restrict or allows you to adjust the water pressure from low to normal to high. This rainfall shower head manufactured with a solid brass ball joint which lasts a lifetime and can be adjusted at any angle.

The shower head kit comes with a 13.5 inches premium flexible showerhead arm for supreme height and distance arrangement, rainfall shower head, Teflon tape, 1 mesh filter, and 2 gaskets. It also includes a user manual with easy to connect directions.

The product arrives with a No-hassle, money back or replacement guarantee. It provides you a rust-free, corrosion-resistant experience that allows the product to last much longer.

The rain shower head lets you experience a gentle, calming and relaxing shower. It adds an ultra-realistic touch to the water spray. If you install this shower head, then you can experience the feeling of a luxurious rain cloud, every morning at your home.

SR SUN RISE SRSH 10 Inches Luxury Rain Mixer Shower

Rain Shower Head

The SR Sun Rise SRSH-F5043 kit includes a 10-inches shower head and it built from 304 stainless steel material. It also has a 15.7 inches solid brass shower arm.

As a promotional offer, you will also receive a shower curtain free with the kit. This product material polished with an elegant look, up to 10 layers of the chrome-plated finish of the shower head which gives it a smooth finish.

The product also ensures a corrosion-resistant and durable experience. It features a high-pressure technology that offers regular strong rain shower even when you use it below low water pressure.

The SR sunrise shower head manufactured with an astonishing feature of a water pressure balance valve’s cartridge supervising system that monitors the pressure of the water.

To get prevention of burning from a sudden switch between hot or cold shower pressure this feature works effectively. The design of the shower head is one of its specialties. It adopts an L type brass handles.

The manufacturers sell the product under a lifetime warranty and a replacement guarantee of 5 years. It is one of the leading brands which regularly provides the best high-quality rain shower heads.

LORDEAR Square Stainless Steel 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

The Lordear rain shower head prominently recognized as the unbeatable rain shower head in the current age. In terms of the element used for the shower head, this product specifically created out of 304 stainless steel and acknowledged for the robustness against any fraction.

Additionally, it has the polish-varnished, 12-inch stainless steel that you can customize to any length from the roof.

The idea is excellent in a way that you can always customize its expansion based on your liking and the original ceiling height.

Furthermore, to make the deposit easy to discharge, the nozzle has been created by using silicone material so that you do not have to bother about dealing with stuck residue.

What makes the shower head extra special is that the sparkling rain shower head gives a free replacement of the latest merchandise if there’s any record of the failure of its products after buying.

Not only this, complimenting this special, Lordear also gives a lifetime warranty for product servicing.

Hence, if you face any difficulty, you can always visit the closest customer service to take advantage of the warranty and have your valuable tool fixed.

VADIV Shower Head Combo

Rain Shower Head

The Vadiv Rain shower head combo is a trustworthy choice that is available in large size of 9.5 inches. The product uses a chrome layer technology and a nozzle design made up of TPR.

The product includes a rain shower head as well as a hand shower double shower which can be effectuated with the help of a two-way diverter.

This feature allows the shower head to use as a rainfall spray or a handheld spray or both rainfall plus handheld spray.

This rain shower head also has a solid ball joint nut with a 360-degree flexible rotation angle. It allows you to deliver a good leak-free connection.

Additionally, the shower head highlights three mode settings – rain mode, massage mode, and mixed-mode. The three modes you can easily switch with the click of a button.

The Vadiv rain shower head features a powerful suction cup holder and a 5-foot hose pipe. The suction bracket allows you to keep the shower head at any required height.

This bracket you can effortlessly install without damaging your bathroom’s wall. The maximum flow of the water through the sprinkler is around 2.5GPM.

The foremost advantage of this shower head is the ability to adjust water pressure and hassle-free installation.

How to install a rain shower head?

Using a rain shower head is quite a luxurious experience. Nowadays, rain shower-heads come in various styles and sizes for different bathrooms at different budgets.

This can make it difficult to understand, how to connect your new shower head. So in this section, we are covering the topic of how to install a ceiling-mounted rain shower head.

The first step shut down the water supply. You can remove your old shower head by turning it counterclockwise by using a sharp wrench.

After removing the shower head, you have to remove the shower arm. You can attach your new shower head by using a long shower arm and a Teflon tape.

You should make sure to wrap around the Teflon tape at least 3-4 times so that there are no leaks.

After that, take the pipe and attach it to the hole & tighten it suitably. The last step is to take your new shower head and attach it to the shower arm.

You can either hand tight it or you can use a wrench. This is the simplest way to attach a new shower head without spending a lot of time and money.

How to clean a rain shower head?

Cleaning a crusty shower head can prove out to be a difficult task. However, let’s talk about cleaning the limescale and brown discoloration on your rain shower head.

There is a really easy way to fix this issue and there is no need to run to the nearest home-improvement store to purchase a new shower head. You will require three things to carry out this task – a plastic bag, an elastic band, and some white vinegar.

The first step is to pour some white vinegar in the plastic bag. You can fill the plastic bag up to half. Once that done, you have to immerse your shower head in the plastic bag for about 12 hours.

You can tie the plastic bag on the shower head. The vinegar should cover your entire shower head.

The next day, you can dump the bag and run water through your shower head. You will notice that all of the built-up limescale and crustiness has gone from your shower head.

This is one of the simplest do it yourself methods to clean your shower head without spending an unnecessary amount of money and effort.


Rain shower heads known to provide perfect drenching experience. An ideal rain shower should come with a large shower coverage and many spray nozzles. Nowadays, modern rain shower heads are available with different features and variants. This makes it difficult to choose the right product for your bathrooms.