Automatic Shower Cleaner: 7 Best Shower Cleaner to Keep Your Shower Neat and Clean

Automatic Shower Cleaner

Every one of us wants to keep our shower neat and clean both for sanitary and aesthetic reasons. No one wants to visit a filthy smelling shower. Keeping the shower clean is one of the most important health tips because it is regularly exposed to bacteria. Although you can clean your shower using a wide range of products, we recommend an automatic shower cleaner as it can save your time as well as money.

Manually cleaning your shower can be an overwhelming task. You don’t want to deal with all the soap scrums, molds and mineral build-up with your hands. This is where these products can help you.

A healthy and good day starts by visiting the shower. That being said, to keep its wall clean and fragrant is something worth every penny.

With the advancement of technology, these automatic showers have come a long way. The market is filled with a wide range of products. To make your work easy we have come up with 7 best showers cleaner to keep your shower neat and clean.

Advantages of Automatic Shower Cleaner

1. It can make your work easy as you don’t have to clean all the dirt manually.

2. It can give you a healthy and good shower as it will be free of all the molds and bacteria.

3. Cleaning your shower regularly also removes unpleasant smells.

4. Many automatic shower cleaners are formulated with a strong fragrance.

5. These products are effective in removing the calcium, grime, lime, and dirt.

6. It can remove tough stains and the growth of mildews and molds.

7. In the end, it can leave your bathroom beautiful, clean and shiny.

How We selected the 7 best automatic shower Cleaner

Selecting the best automatic shower cleaner for you involves various factors:

Cleaning Power: It is well known that a good shower cleaner is one that can remove stains, grime, and hard water as easily and as quickly as possible. A good cleaning power means it can do everything for itself; you don’t even have to scrub or wipe the floor. You can spray it throughout the bathroom to remove all mold, mildew and tough stains.

Surface: The best automatic shower cleaner should be able to clean different surfaces. It should clean glass, tiles or linoleum. It should also be able to eliminate dirt from natural stone floors made of marble or granite. Moreover, it should not cause any damage to the surface in this process.

Ease of Use: Another thing that we have considered is the ease of use of the product. We have taken care of how often you could use these products and how efficient they are for use. Most of these products can be applied directly on the floor and walls while others come with a push-button mechanism.

Scent: The last thing you want is that your shower should smell good. The shower cleaner should never compromise with the smell for the sake of being more effective. All these products will leave a pleasant, flowery scent behind.

Automatic Shower Cleaner: Your Ultimate Cleaning Partner

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

an automatic shower cleaner

This product can be your ultimate shower cleaner. All you need to do is to tap a button and leave the rest. It can spin 360 degrees and spray the cleaner in all the corners of the bathroom.

It can remove tough stains and molds. And it can keep your bathroom shining for the entire month.

This cleaner comes with one booster button that can be used to clean tougher stains. Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is provided with a Fresh Clean formula that keeps your bathroom beautiful and fragrant for the whole day.

About convenience it’s great. Just push the button and when you exit the shower, you’re done. It basically will cover from the level of the spray nozzle down to the floor.

If you have a small square shower with no tub then it can do a pretty good job of covering all the walls. However, the sprayer is not very powerful so if you have a large shower the coverage will decrease with distance from the spray nozzle.

Method Daily Shower Spray

automatic shower cleaner

If you are looking for best in class cleaning without much effort then Method Daily Shower Spray is for you. It is very user-friendly and contains natural ingredients that take care of your health.

After cleaning it leaves behind a spa-like smell that can refresh your mood whenever you go to the washroom. All these without any manual work.

Moreover, once you have sprayed Method Daily Shower Spray onto your bathroom surface you do not have to worry to wipe, rinse or scrub your shower. It can do all these for you while keeping you away from harsh and toxic chemicals.

If you are one of those guys who are keen on protecting our environment, then you would be happy to know that this product comes with an environmentally friendly packaging.

This biodegradable and non-toxic spray can be used on showers, glass tubs, and fixtures.

Once you start using this shower cleaner you can feel the difference. Your shower would look cleaner and you would want to buy it again.

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

automatic shower cleaner

The pleasant smell of The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner will make your day. This product uses the world in class technology to make sure it does not leave any side effects.

You don’t have to worry about such issues while you are enjoying your shower. Bucko cleaner has established a reputation in the cleaning industry. It is widely used by professional cleaners.

This cleaner has recently been voted as the most thorough cleaner in the market. And it can give you an impressive polish by dissolving soap and scrum grime.

You can use it to clean glass shower doors, remove yellow stains from bathtubs, sinks with dried detergent built up, and make wheel rims shine once again.

This cleaner has a light scent of lemon water that can make your shower smell fresh for the whole day. So you don’t require scrubbing in most of the cases. Just spray it and wipe out.

It is free of bleach, acid and harsh chemicals. It is non-toxic. So it can take care of your bathroom without any side effects.

Bucko cleaner can be used as a bathroom cleaner, shower cleaner, on tiles, bathtubs, grout, wheel rims, fiberglass, outdoor furniture, stainless steels and much more.

OdoBan Organic Acid Shower Cleaner

automatic shower cleaner

Just as the name suggests, OdoBan Cleaner is an organic shower cleaner. And it is a dual-action organic bathroom cleaner. It combines a cleaning and thickening agent for vertical surface cling.

You can thoroughly remove lime, soap, rust, and scum stains from all bathroom surfaces including sinks, toilets, and showers.

OdoBan Organic Acid Shower Cleaner can be used to effectively clean all bathroom surfaces including toilets and sinks, without much labor. This cleaner is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and organic acids.

This cleaner is very environmentally friendly and can be used in place of harsh or caustic abrasive chemicals and mineral acids.

And it removes hard water deposits, soap scum, rust stains – pretty much everything. It has a very good scent when using it and this scent does not fade away when you wash it off.

It’s not caustic and you don’t need to use gloves when you use it, but it can dry out your hands – gloves are not a bad idea if you’re going to use this for any extended amount of time.

Wet and Forget Shower Spray

automatic shower cleaner

Cleaning your shower daily is a boring task. This is where Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner comes into the picture. It is no ordinary shower cleaner.

If you use it regularly, it can leave your shower as new always. It not only removes the hard stains but also leaves a sparkling shine behind.

This stuff is excellent. Wet and Forget Shower Spray works as promised. It does not have any fumes and cleans the shower with no manual scrubbing required.

Additionally, it leaves a beautiful scent. It is very easy to use. You just have to apply it and then rinse it off.

This cleaner specifically designed keeping in mind your comfort while using it. You don’t have to hold this heavy container while using it.

Most of the other shower cleaners need regular applications for the best results. This is not how this shower cleaner works. You just need to apply it once a week and still get that shiny and fragrant shower.

It can get you rid of scum, mold, and mildew. All these without any manual scrubbing at all.

Additionally, you receive a fresh vanilla scent at the end of this cleaning process. The five-gallon tank of this product you can use for around 12 weeks.

Kaboom Foam-Tastic OxiClean Bathroom Cleaner

automatic shower cleaner

This cleaner can provide you with all the deep cleaning that your bathroom needs. Kaboom is here to deliver all the hard work for you.

You can use this cleaner on a wide range of surfaces including bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, tiles toilets, grout and many more.

Kaboom Foam – Tastic uses innovative OxiClean stain fighters that break up hard water, soap scum, lime and calcium stains.

Once the foam turns white you can scrub it and get a shiny and new-looking bathroom surface. With Kaboom Foam-Tastic you will see the clean!

This cleaner removes all the guesswork from cleaning. And the blue fluid turns white once the cleaning has done. You can just wipe it out once it turns white.

It does all the hard work for you by effectively fighting hard water, soap scum, lime stains, and calcium.

If you use this for a while it can make a difference. Even if you don’t have time to wipe it out just spray it on the floor and you can stay ahead of any major build-up of soap scum and mold and spend a lot less time cleaning the shower, etc.

We recommend this to anyone who just does not have the time to spare.


Tilex Shower Spray

automatic shower cleaner

Tilex Shower Spray can be one of the best additions for a sweet-smelling bathroom. You can use this cleaner to remove soap scum, molds, and sticky stains. This cleaner known to form a protective barrier that can prevent soap scum.

It can do all the work by itself. You don’t have to scrub, rinse or wipe. It can save you precious time and still give you a sweet and beautiful bathroom.

It uses a gentle bleach-free formula for better cleaning. This cleaner is particularly build to give you the healthiest shower cleaning experience ever.

If you are concerned about the environment, this cleaner comes in a plastic bottle made of acrylic and other quality plastics. These bottles are phosphorous free and do not harm the environment.

Spray this cleaner on surfaces, tiles, doors, and curtains and just wash it off. No need to rinse, wipe or scrub anything. It can give you an effortless cleaning in no time. This is a must-try cleaner on our list.


You must have heard the famous proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and when it comes to germs and bacteria you should never take a chance. Regularly cleaning your bathroom is a must for a healthy and happy life.

Your day starts with the shower if it smells fresh and looks beautiful you would start your day with a sweet note. This can build your mood for the entire day. A clean and healthy bathroom also promises a peaceful and healthy life.

But manually cleaning your bathroom can be a troublesome task. You don’t want to waste precious hours of your day scrubbing and rinsing the shower surfaces.