7 Best Toilet Brush: Not Only Clean Your Toilet And Keeps Your Toilet Germ Free

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A best toilet brush is a medium used to clean the insides of a toilet bowl. You can disinfect a toilet bowl by using a toilet cleaner brush along with bleach or a toilet cleaning liquid. It should be kept well-drained and hidden in a safe place.

Toilet brushes require regular replacements, however before replacing it, you should utilize a brush to its complete potential and work on reducing plastic waste. Some people prefer changing a brush every 6 months, but the quality and the type of brush that you are using also makes a huge difference.

To disinfect a toilet bowl you can use these all purpose disinfectant cleaners.

Best Toilet Brushes should be efficient enough to completely clean the stains on a toilet bowl. We take all the needed steps to disinfect a toilet bowl but do we take sufficient steps to keep our toilet brushes clean and germ-free. Not keeping your toilet brushes clean might result in vaster harm by spreading more germs.

The bristle fiber tips of a brush might soften over some time. After continuous use of the brush, the white tips may also start turning yellowish or brownish. If you want to extend the shelf life of a toilet brush, then it is always better to disinfect it after every use.


1. A toilet brush minimizes your efforts to clean a toilet.

2. It allows you to scrub the rim of a toilet bowl properly.

3. Prevents direct contact with bleach or harmful chemicals.

4. Compared to a cloth wipe, a toilet brush scrubs away all microscopic germs.

5. Quickly removes embarrassing stains.

6. Keeps your toilet hygienically clean and disinfected.

How We Selected the 7 Best Toilet Cleaner Brushes?

We all know that a toilet is an ideal place for germs to linger around. All of us find toilets to be a pretty gross place to clean. You cannot avoid cleaning a toilet, but your job can become simple by utilizing a decent toilet cleaner brush.

I had to research through a variety of products, before zooming in on the Best 7 Toilet Cleaner Brushes available on the market. Let me share with you some of the factors which helped me in deciding the best ones:

Bristles of a Brush

You should always pay attention to the bristles of a toilet cleaner brush. The bristles should not be delicate and they should not be stiff, as well. The bristles should not damage your toilet bowl. Products with wired bristles should be avoided, as they can leave scratches on the bowl.

Handle of the Brush

A toilet cleaner brush is used for the deep cleaning of the rim of a toilet bowl. The handle should not be so sturdy that they start hurting your hands.

A little flexibility in the handle is appreciated, but it should not break under immense pressure. You all want a toilet cleaner to make your work easier, hence it’s always better to select the one with a good grip.

Our Top 7 Best Toilet Brush: At the Best Price

1. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

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The Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush is quite compact and can be stored carefully anywhere in a toilet. The canister of the brush will open automatically, as soon as you lift it.

The brush gets enough air ventilation to allow the water to evaporate and to restrain the growth of mold & mildew.

The brush has received good reviews about its long-lasting bristles as well. The bristles of the brush are stiff to scrub the stains away with soft bowl-cleaning fibers.

The brush is specially designed in a way to reach the rim of the toilet easily. This toilet cleaner brush is capable enough to pick the grime without any wastage of water.

This sturdy toilet bowl brush also features a long-lasting wide grip for smooth control.

The head of the brush is quite easily replaceable.  The bristles are blue and the brush is available in four different options of colors – beige, white, gray and black.

The only drawback of this product is its high price. You can opt for this product for a sparkling toilet bowl and a manageable cleaning method.

If customers face any issue with the product, they can get in contact with the customer service team and easily get it replaced with the help of their team.

2. Homitt Electric Toilet Brush

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The Homitt Electric Spin Power Toilet Brush comes with an option of scrubbing multiple surfaces easily. As compared to other products, this brush can be effectively used to get rid of stains from the rim and edges of the toilet bowl without any hard efforts.

With the push of just one button, this brush effortlessly helps you to clean the crevices of the bowl. The machine has only one button, so there is no scope for any confusion.

The unique design of the shape of the bristles is perfect for deep and heavy-duty cleaning.

The electric brush is quite powerful and has a power of up to 280r/min. The deeper part of the brush can be inserted into the water as the product is IPX4 water-resistant. The product is lightweight, making it easy to carry and convenient to use.

Since the product is cordless, you don’t have to worry about tripping over the cord of the product while using it. The batteries of this electric toilet cleaner brush are of 6 AA.

Even if the brush is used regularly, the batteries are enduring enough to last for around 3 months. The product can be hung or easily stored in a tiny enclosure.

3. mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

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The mDesign Compact Free Standing Plastic Toilet Brush and Holder manufactured with a space-saver design that allows it to easily fit into tight-enclosed spaces. The modern stylish design of the products can be matched with any decor in your home.

The tapered holder of the brush can fit perfectly in your hand and the circular disc of the brush shields your hands from dirty water splashes.

The brush is manufactured with a high-quality and long-lasting BPA & chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic. The handle of the brush is made of rubber, which allows you to comfortably grip the handle.

The toilet brush features a long handle that you can discreetly stock away in its cleaner bowl when not in usage.

The bristles of the brush are quite sturdy and can easily deep clean the hard to reach areas. This brush you can easily clean with soap and water.

With a thoughtful and compact design (4.25″ diameter x 16″ high), the product can be easily stored at the back of your toilets. The toilet brush gives sufficient reach to clean throughout the toilet bowl without getting your hands near the deadly germs.

4. Lefree Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder

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The Lefree Toilet Brush and Holder made up of silicone. And scientist has proven that silicone brushes attract fewer germs as compared to other brushes.

This toilet brush bristle made of a resilient thermoplastic material that makes it easy to clean and convenient to use.

The bristles are soft enough to not damage the toilet bowl.  The toilet bowl brush has a specialized base and well-ventilated and allows water to dry quickly.

This prevents the growth of mold & mildew and protects the bristles for lasting use. The brush manufactured with a high-quality innovative 360-degree rotation quality.

This allows the brush to easily seep into the areas which are hard to reach. The brush you can hang on a wall or keep freestanding on the floor. Brushes made up of silicone you can easily dry.

This product available in two different variants – White with Black & White with Grey.

A brush made from silicone has a larger shelf-life as compared to traditional brushes. The only negative feedback about this product it harms the environment. And you cannot easily recycle silicone.

5. JAGURDS Toilet Brush with Holder

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Jagurds Toilet Brushes made of premium grade fully hand polished stainless steel material. This product manufactured in a way that they can easily resist scratches, rusting, staining and corrosion.

The matte finish of the product also provides an aesthetic look to your home.

The bristles of the brush are stiff enough to not break or deform yet soft enough not to scratch and damage your toilet bowl.

The fibers of the brush are long-lasting and have the perfect length to reach the insides of the rim of a toilet bowl. The handle of the brush designed to provide a comfortable grip and to well suited to fit into your hands.

The product comes in a 2 in 1 combo of a toilet cleaner and a caddy, that blends style and functionality. When the brush is not in use, you can safely stock and hidden in a rust-proof canister for hygienic purposes.

The drawback of this product is that it is heavier as compared to other products. This makes it a little difficult to handle while cleaning.

The manufacturers of this product have given you the option to return and get a 100% refund on the product, in case you don’t like it.

6. Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush with Caddy Holder

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The Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brushes manufactured with a complete bristled head for an all-rounder cleaning. The bristles of the brush made of synthetic material that provides durability.

The bristles have excellent shear strength and perfect for doing heavy-duty cleaning.

The toilet brush bristles are sturdy enough to reach the difficult to clean zones of a toilet bowl. Rubbermaid brushes fully contoured which provides them a tough grip and gives additional leverage to hold the brush while cleaning.

The versatile design of the brush comes with a solid plastic construction that allows it to use on any kind of toilet surfaces. This product manufactured in the USA.

The brush you can efficiently mount on a wall. This makes it easy enough to store. The product is available in different varieties of colors.

This is an affordable yet stylish brush to add to your toilet. The product is budget-friendly and you can purchase it online as well as from retail stores without any difficulties.

7. Bath Bliss Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder with Self Closing Lid

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Bath Bliss Toilet Brushes manufactured with incredibly high-quality material and built to meet the highest standards of products. The catalog of this product has a wide selection of colors and variants.

This metal brush has a stylish sleek coating and built with rust-resistant stainless steel.

The bristle brushes of the toilet bowl brush have a round and durable design, which allows the brush to stay hidden when not in use. The storage containers well decked to clean the toughest of stains.

Also, this scrubber brushes set to always have a convenient and hassle-free hold. The brush is well ventilated to keep the brush dry at all times, keeping it away from unhygienic molds & mildews.

The design of the brush is perfect to match the interiors of your bathrooms and toilets. The packaging of the product includes a holder, a brush material with compact dimensions of 16X5X5 inches.

If you are looking for a product with high quality and germs-resistance, then you should opt for the Bath Bliss Toilet Cleaner Brushes.


Toilet Brushes are important to keep your toilets germ-free and clean. Nowadays, bowl brushes are available with different features and variants. This makes it difficult to choose the right product for your toilets. You should choose the right product based on the durability and quality of the bristles and handles.