10 Helpful Laundry Hacks for Reducing Dust at Home

Every home is affected by persistent dust accumulating. It negatively affects your air quality and can contribute to allergies and respiratory problems. With the best helpful laundry hacks the reduction of home dust is effectively possible.

According to MedlinePlus, home dust may contain tiny pollen and mold particles, along with fibers from clothing and fabrics that can trigger asthma and allergies. While that may sound disconcerting, don’t worry.

We have tips to help you have a fresher and cleaner home environment. For a cleaner and healthier living space, use any of these 10 helpful laundry hacks to reduce dust in your home.

1. Use Dust-Resistant Fabrics

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Wearing dust-resistant clothing can help reduce dust when you’re doing your laundry. Less dust on your clothing means less dust in the laundry and less dust overall in your home.

If you’re still finding dust and other debris on your clothing or furniture, use a pet hair removal tool to get rid of excess hair, fur, and other dirt from any non-knit surface.

Opt for clothing made from tightly woven fabrics like silk or cotton which tend to attract less dust compared to synthetic and loosely woven fabrics. 

2. Shake Out Your Clothing

Before you put your clothing in the washing machine, give your clothes a good shake. This will dislodge loose dust, and you may want to use a tool to help remove visible debris and dust on your clothing.

When shaking out your clothing, use the best pet hair remover to get rid of fur from your clothing. Once the tool collects all that hair, simply throw out the hair and you can use that reusable and eco-friendly tool again and again.

3. Wash Your Bedding and Curtains

While we usually remember to wash our bedding on a regular basis, we often forget to clean our curtains. Bedding like sheets, blankets, and pillow cases should be washed every week.

You may want to consider washing your curtains every week, too, if you’re noticing a lot of dust, but that isn’t always realistic for most people. If not every week, try once a month or once a season and build it into your monthly or seasonal cleaning schedule.

4. Use Hypoallergenic Detergents

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Hypoallergenic detergents are a great option for anyone with sensitivities. Using fragrance-free detergents can also aid in reducing the likelihood of allergens sticking to fabrics. In general, they’re better for your skin and the environment.

5. Don’t Overload Your Washer

An efficient washer is a clean washer because if you overload your washing machine, it can interfere with the drum and prevent thorough cleaning.

Wash clothing, bedding, and towels in separate and smaller loads so that the fabrics are able to move freely and release any trapped dust. 

6. Run an Extra Rinse Cycle

Our laundry is dustier than we realize. It helps to run an extra rinse cycle to thoroughly remove allergens, detergent residue, and dust from your laundry. 

7. Dry Your Clothes Properly

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While machine drying is very practical and efficient, your clothing can benefit from drying naturally under the sun outdoors. Direct sunlight has a natural sanitizing effect and can help eliminate bacteria and dust mites.

Take advantage of warm and sunny weather to dry your laundry outside whenever possible. It’s one of the best helpful laundry hacks, you might not think to dry your clothes before you wash them.

Putting dryer sheets for pet hair in the dryer with your dirty clothes before washing them can actually loosen up pet hair and other debris. After you’ve run them through the dryer cycle, you can wash and dry your clothes as usual.

8. Clean the Dryer Vent

To help prevent dust buildup in your filter and potentially on your clothing, you should clean out the lint filter and dryer vent regularly. Doing so will help prevent dust buildup, which could otherwise circulate back on clean clothes as you’re drying them. 

9. Store Clothing

Storing clothing or anything out in the open makes them susceptible to dust. Try storing your clean clothes that you don’t normally wear every day.

Such as clothes for a different season or special occasion, in sealed containers or garment bags. That way, you’ll minimize dust exposure and your clothes will stay relatively dust- and allergen-free. 

10. Regularly Vacuum and Dust

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Having a regular dusting and vacuum routine also positively affects your clothing. There will be less dust, dirt, and debris on your floors, shelves, and other surfaces. Less dust around your home means less dust that ends up on your clothing. 

In the End

Managing dust at home with these helpful laundry hacks has awesome benefits for your home and your overall well-being. You’ll see the positive effects at work on you, your family, and your furry friends in no time.

Remember that little things like using a portable pet hair remover to get rid of pet hair, dirt, and debris from your clothing and furniture can help reduce dust at home. By putting any of these helpful laundry hacks into action, your home will be cleaner, fresher, and more enjoyable in no time!