How To Avoid These 8 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes


If renovating your bathroom is long overdue and you’re now planning to start your remodeling project. It’s necessary to be familiar with major and common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid.

After all, you’d want to tune up your bathroom to make it the best space it can be. As it’s a place where you get ready for the day or prepare for work. Moreover, you use it at the end of the day to freshen up after getting back home from a very hectic day at work or a busy day out. 

Designing your bathroom according to your dream version is what every homeowner wants. Especially during a bathroom renovation. Gone are the days when the function of bathrooms was only for maintaining proper hygiene.

Bathrooms are now places for relaxing and beautifying yourself. So many homeowners prioritize their aesthetics as much as the functions of their homes.

Before you dive into a bathroom makeover, learn about some common bathroom renovation mistakes:

8 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Lacking a Plan

bathroom renovation mistakes

Like any other project in personal or professional settings, it’s always crucial to have a plan. Lack of a plan is a mistake that some homeowners often make. If you decide to remodel your bathroom with no solid plan. You’re bound to spend more money than is necessary.

Although bathrooms are relatively small, they require many functions and plumbing services. And products that may quickly add up and cost more than you’d expected. Therefore, for practicality and financial reasons. It’s always smart to create a bathroom remodeling plan. 

To begin planning, you must list down all the components and areas of your bathroom. Decide whether you want to replace the components, such as the toilet, sink, showers, bathtubs, and so on. 

Additionally, include the layout and placements of such fixtures on the plan. So you won’t have to change your mind and relocate their placements constantly.

Doing so will not only be a tedious process but will also mean more money wasted. You can call up and hire a professional, such as a bathroom renovation Markham contractor. To assist you with your renovation plans and needs. 

Lacking Commitment To The Bathroom Theme 

common bathroom renovation mistakes

With so many hardware stores, online sites, and home improvement establishments that sell bathroom stuff, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and undecided on what design, model, or theme that best suits your bathroom.

But one thing you need to do before shopping for fixtures and hardware is to settle down with a bathroom theme or concept. Are you eyeing a contemporary bathroom?

Will your bathroom be rustic, classic, or traditional? Deciding on a bathroom style will make shopping for essential items less strenuous for you. 

In the absence of a central theme, you might end up with a bathroom that looks haphazard and unappealing. When upgrading bathroom walls, make sure to find a suitable theme that suits your personal style and needs. 

To bring some style options together, you can collate your ideas in a mood board or create a sketch that comes with inspirational designs from online and other resources.

Begin with deciding the focal points and primary elements. After that, you can continue mixing and matching other elements that complement them all together.

Using a curated approach will allow you to make changes to your design plan before you even begin the project or make a purchase. With this effective method, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and then choose the perfect theme for your bathroom.

Overlooking The Importance Of Storage Space 

bathroom storage space

This is one of the neglected bathroom renovation mistakes people commits. Most rookie renovators are too focused on aesthetics that they fail to put importance on all other aspects. One of these crucial aspects is the storage space. Many don’t consider alternatives to bathroom drawers and cabinets.

The truth is, there are so many bathroom storage solutions that you can think of without dwelling on space or area limitations. It’s wise to choose and shop for modular bathroom furniture to make room for storage spaces.

When designing your bathroom space, keep in mind that you can never have too much storage. This means you’ll need to maximize on space, even if you feel like there are just so many shelves already. Even your vanity and towel racks you can add with more storage areas if you wish to. 

To keep your bathroom organized, combine open shelves to display your luxurious skincare products and toiletries. You can also add some indoor plants and other decorative elements.

However, you can go for wall cabinets, hidden drawers, and ceiling-high storage areas too if you want to maximize the entire space of your bathroom. 

Choosing Luxurious Options Even If Unnecessary 

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

This is another one of the common bathroom renovation mistakes. If you assume that a costly bathroom remodel will solve all of your problems, you might be wrong. Luxury doesn’t always mean you’ll have the best outcomes.

If you got the temptation to purchase more expensive materials and services from contractors, home improvement stores, and supply houses.

Unfortunately, some of these expenses may simply be unnecessary. Hence, you must check the acceptable range of prices for any product or services you want to avail yourself of. 

When shopping for furniture or fixtures, find high-quality materials but avoid overspending on additional features and designs that aren’t important for your bathroom anymore.

When determining the fixtures, also compute the hidden and other costs of having them in the long run. For instance, some flooring and countertop options might seem costly in terms of maintenance and replacements in the future. Take these factors into consideration before spending on them. 

Failing To Do a Proper Layout

bathroom floor plan

Bathrooms vary in size and style. To ensure you don’t miss any essentials, you need to decide on the optimal layout and distribution. Refer to some bathroom floor plans and create the perfect layout. Even a small and compact bathroom can be a suitable place to refresh as long as it’s smartly and adequately laid out.  

Architects and interior designers face a constant challenge when distributing the bathroom’s space. This is especially true if a small bathroom has no extra square meters.

The first thing to do is to list down your priorities in your bathroom. An architect and designer will use this as a guide to properly design your floor plan. 

Not Having a Contingency Plan 

budget is essential bathroom renovation mistakes

Your budget is essential, and you need to stick to it according to your plan. However, despite this, there will always be opportunities and instances when some plans can’t be done or executed as they are.

And so, people make the mistake of not budgeting enough for contingencies. It’s not enough to set out a strict budget for your bathroom project. You must prepare a contingency plan if the budget needs to expand due to necessary changes and repairs. 

You’ll be better equipped to handle unforeseen roadblocks if you have the extra money in your budget. For instance, when the plumber checks that the pipelines on your sink will only last for up to one year after the renovation.

It means it’s best to have them replaced now rather than later. Having an extra budget for bathroom renovation will allow you to spend on other important expenses later on.  

Overemphasizing On Trends 

new bathroom trend

Many homeowners tend to follow trends and fads of the year that they see in home improvement magazines or online resources. Current trends or fads are sources of great ideas, and they can be helpful for your renovation project.

However, focusing on them too much may not be advisable because they often come and go. So, you should take into consideration other variables. Keep your daily life in mind when choosing an aesthetic layout. 

Don’t forget to think about whether you intend to stay in your home for a long time. If you do plan to hang out indoors most of the time, you’ll want to prioritize comfort, as well as aesthetics. You can better arrange what features to prioritize in your bathroom, other than the trendy looks.

Using The Wrong Tiles 

bathroom floor tiles

Make sure you check where tiles can be used safely and effectively before buying them for your bathroom floor. Even if floor tiles are famous options for bathrooms, they come with many materials, designs, and variations.

Choosing finishes for wet areas should be based on practicality. It’s essential to take your time to select the suitable tile material, color, texture, and size for your bathroom.   

If you’re choosing tile material, you must carefully decide on non-slippery ones on the floor surfaces. The colors and patterns, as well as textures, should all match together with the theme. You can go for ceramic or porcelain tiles and opt for matte or non-slippery finishes for the floors.

Other than tiles, you may opt for marble or natural stones, but these luxurious options come with more expensive price tags. On the other hand, grout and tile sealants can help prevent stains, mold build-up, and discoloration caused by humidity and water. 

Ensure that you use the high-quality ones. The placement of tiles in your bathroom design is equally important as knowing what types to use. So, when you’ve decided what tiles to use, choose where to place them next.


Getting the bathroom of your dreams will require some patience. All the planning and work you put into it will be worth it in the end, as long as you stay clear of the everyday problems mentioned above. 

Start planning your home remodeling project now and contact a reliable contractor who can help you throughout the journey.