5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Bathroom Walls

upgrade bathroom walls
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A bathroom as a private place in the home requires utmost attention because we carry out our skincare routine. The arrangement, style, and color should suit your taste and personality.

If you want to touch up your bathroom decoration, you do not need as expensive equipment as you may think. Do you want the top 5 ideas you can implement to upgrade bathroom walls?

Let’s get started!

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Bathroom Walls

1. Use New Paints

upgrade bathroom walls new paints
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The first thing you may want to consider is the wall paint. If the color has started fading, apply a new paint all over again. Although the bathroom is private, it should be as charming as possible. Also, choose a quality brand that would not wear off on the wall. 

White is a classy color. If you cannot maintain it, go for another mature shade like cream. Choosing your paint color is an easy decoration task, provided you know the shade that suits you best. Also, if you do not have money to replace a worn-out tile yet, your space color is a good form of distraction.

You can use a sheen to make a small space appear bolder, especially when using a dark shade. Also, semi-gloss paint is durable, which is often the most popular style to upgrade bathroom walls.

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2. Add Wall Arts

bathroom wall arts

Wall arts are versatile, allowing creativity. With wall arts, you can choose from varieties of options. It enables you to add beauty to empty wall space to express an aesthetic look. You can arrange the wall arts symmetrically to form a uniform arrangement.

Wall arts can change your bathroom and portray one’s personality. Place it in a space that would serve as the focal point. You can either hang it or fix it directly on the wall.

You can attach your wall art to bathroom equipment such as a tub. Attach bathroom wall art inscriptions to the tub, but choose a strong and water-resistant material. You can pick double-layered wall art. Moreover, a picture of a favorite person can be on your wall. Canvas art is a proper representation of this.

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3. Use Beautiful Tiles

Bathroom tiles

Choose beautiful wall tiles designs and ensure it correlates with other space designs. You can use basic subway tiles that are flexible and would work in any direction.

Also, choose a surface that is easy to clean and does not store dirt. Let the tile color match the remaining wall area that is not covered with tile. 

Beautiful tiles are appealing, and they would create a comfortable and enticing environment.

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4. Use Wallpapers

Bathroom wallpaper

Wallpapers are easy to install, and they come in various patterns. You can also use peel-off wallpapers that you can quickly replace. However, avoid placing wallpaper close to a fireplace. 

Wallpapers are affordable, but get a quality material, which is more expensive than the none-quality products. Also, do not cover the whole wall space with wallpaper. Use a little space, but ensure it is at a noticeable point.

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5. Choose a Modern Mirror

bathroom mirror

The mirror is the main point of contact between a person and the bathroom. If your mirror is getting old, you can start by replacing the frame.

Your daily and night routine would be more fun with a bright and clear shower mirror. It should be sparkling white and ensure no stain stays on it for a long time. Place a magnifying mirror behind the door to hold small objects.

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The wall space allows you to maximize your art design. However, do not overcrowd the wall space and choose simple decors.

Choose colors, lines, forms, and textures that match one another. You can contact a designer for professional advice on creating your desired bathroom space.