How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing


Having a nose-friendly home is essential to afford you relaxation and serenity.

The last thing you want is to have a foul-smelling home.

Below are a few pointers to help you rid of any weird smell from your home and how to make your home smell amazing.

How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

1) Dispose of Garbage Often 

how to make your home smell amazing

We all love our homes to have a crisp, clean scent. But that’s unachievable if you pile your garbage for days on end. It’s obvious, litter bins are some of the most hidden gems for stink. Taking your trash out more frequently is one of the easiest ways you can keep your home crisp.

After disposing of, clean your trash can. The odor from the refuse creates a nasty smell even after emptying. Dust it with baking soda, then clean it thoroughly and spray a disinfectant generously to rid off any leftover bacteria.

2) Candles

how to make your home smell amazing scented candles

Want to rid the musty smells for an incredible freshness? Well, some scented candles could do the trick, and your home will be bursting with sweet-smelling aromas in minutes.

You can choose from the vast array of scents available depending on your liking. As you explore, try lilac; it has one of the best smells.

3) Keep Your Home Clean 

keep your home clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance is another great way to keep your home inviting and smelling fresh. It also pays to ensure spills and stains are wiped off from floors and surfaces as soon as the mess occurs. This helps minimize the chances of mold and mildew, as well as odor-generating bacteria.

Every once in a while, give your home a thorough deep cleaning job. Don’t forget to steam-clean your upholstery, carpets, and pillows, which are among the biggest magnets for foul smells.

Dirty dishes and used kitchen items should not be allowed to pile up or you could be creating a breeding zone for disease-causing germs.

4) Indoor Plants

indoor plants how to make your home smell amazing

If you visited a neighbor and wondered why their house always smells fantastic, their secret could be the few indoor plants you see scattered in their home. Indoor plants not only adorn your house, but they also cure the environment, thanks to their air-purifying properties.

So if you were wondering how to make your home smell amazing using indoor plants. The thing is some indoor plants are indeed good for indoor air freshness.

Such trees clean the air in your house using plants like jasmine, eucalyptus, and gardenias. Their sweet fragrances help neutralize the circulating indoor air, keeping it fresh and sweet.

5) Use Essential Oils

essential oils

Essential oils are also perfect for sanitizing air. They add a sweet fragrance to your space, keeping it refreshed all day long. You can try lavender, for starters.

A few drops around the house, laundry, floors, and some upholstery can help eliminate odors and freshen up your living space.

6) Don’t Forget Your Perfume Too 

If you didn’t know, your favorite perfume can go a long way in spicing up the smell in your home. It works even better if you are using a high-quality perfume.

From crushed peppercorn to geranium leaves, fresh beetroot and cedarwood the Comme des Garcons luxurious fragrances are just unbeatable. The 1994-born line of perfumes features top-quality ingredients sourced from around the world. 

Turn it into an air freshener by spraying a few drops on fabric and upholstery around the home. You can also use dryer sheets or stuffed animals and place them strategically in the room. The results can be amazing. 

7) Keep Windows Open

keep window open

Specifically when on a low budget, this is another great way to keep your home smelling amazing. Keeping your windows open during the day helps any foul odors to escape as fresh air from outside gets in.

Apart from ridding yucky indoor smells, the improved aeration will also elevate your indoor area into a relaxing and more comfortable space.

The smell is among the most dominant senses in humans. Having sweet-scented spaces at home is essential. A funky-smelling abode can easily keep away guests and make you feel uneasy in your own space.

If you’re out looking for ideas on how to make your home smell amazing, the tips above should come in handy.