5 Ways to Use PVC to Organize Your Home

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Clutter can make a home feel cramped and dirty, even when that’s not the case. You can tidy up your house and eliminate the stress of things getting underfoot and toppling over with PVC piping. 

That’s right: this popular plumbing supply can be used in creative and visually appealing ways to organize a home — giving you a space for everything and keeping everything in its place.

Below we have described five of the best ways to use PVC to organize your home.

5 Ways to Use PVC to Organize Your Home

A Pile of Shoes? Stack ‘Em Up

Use PVC to Organize Your Home
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We all have shoes, and many of us have pairs taking up space on the floors of our bedroom closets, by our front doors, or in our mudrooms.

Clean up the mess with a PVC shoe rack. This rack can be customizable to fit as many pairs of shoes as you would like!

It can even be configured into cool, artistic patterns (or a simple pyramid if you want a classic look). All you need is a 6″ PVC pipe, PVC glue, and your imagination!

Paint is optional, but we highly recommend it so the shoe rack will match your home’s decor.

An Untidy Bathroom? Make PVC Holders

Use PVC to Organize Your Home
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One area in which we can all use a little more home organization is the bathroom. The counter becomes a catch-all for toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hair ties, extra rolls of toilet paper, hair styling tools, and more.

You can easily tidy up a disorganized bathroom with an easy-to-make toothbrush holder that hangs on the inside of the cabinet door.

All you need to do is take a 1″ PVC pipe and cut it into 4.25″ sections (one for each toothbrush you would like to hang). Next, place a 1″ PVC cap on one end and drill a small hole on the opposite end (about 0.5″ from the top).

Next, decorate the piping how you would like. Finally, place a command hook on the inside of the cabinet door and hang the toothbrush holder.

You can also make these PVC pipe holders with piping of a larger diameter and make them a hair styling tool organizer.

So now, your (or your daughter’s) curling iron, flat iron, and a hairdryer can all have their own little space under the sink (rather than scattered across the countertop).

Chaos in the Office? Keep It Together

It can be challenging to concentrate on your work when it feels like everything is getting out of hand.

While you can’t control every little thing that happens (or even everyone in your workplace), you can bring a little peace to your office with a PVC desktop organizer.

This cute supply holder will keep the clutter off your desk and allow you to focus a little more on your work.

Here’s what you will need to make this organizer:

  • PVC pipe (with varying diameters, such as 1.25”, 1.5”, or 2”)
  • Liquid nails or PVC glue
  • A miter saw or handsaw
  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint (the color is up to you!)

Now, take your supplies and follow these steps:

  1. Cut your piping in a variety of lengths. You will want to cut straight across on one end and a diagonal on the other. These pieces of pipe will be the cups you can put office supplies in, such as your pens, pencils, scissors, and paper clips.
  2. Paint each pipe individually with the spray paint.
  3. Once the paint is dry, glue the pipes together in any configuration you like (with the flat sides of the pipes forming the bottom of the holder).
  4. Cut the cardboard to fit the bottom of the organizer. Then, glue the cardboard to the flat sides of the pipes.
  5. Now, organize the desk in your office!

Magazines Spilling Everywhere? Build a Homemade Magazine Rack

Your living room is the place to catch up with friends and hold a game night with the family.

So, you don’t want items spilling out of drawers, falling off bookshelves, or taking up space on the coffee table.

One way to bring organization to your living room is with a cute and colorful PVC magazine holder.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1” PVC pipe
    • (6) 14 inches long
    • (2) 10 inches long
  • (8) 1” PVC elbows
  • Spray paint (any color)
  • Piece of fabric (any color and pattern)

Follow these steps to make the magazine holder and use PVC to organize your home for the ultimate organization with PVC:

  1. Attach elbows to each end of the shorter pipes.
  2. Place the shorter pipes on the floor with the open end of the elbow fittings pointing upwards.
  3. Add a long pipe into each elbow from Step 2, and then place elbows on the other ends of these long pipes.
  4. Take the two pieces you made in Steps 2 and 3 and place them parallel to each other. Adjust the elbows on the top of the long pipes so that they are facing each other. Connect these pieces by inserting the two remaining long pipes into the openings of the elbows.
  5. Spray paint the magazine stand and let the paint dry.
  6. Cut the piece of fabric so that it is 12″ x 55″ and fold over the raw edges and iron it. Next, fold the fabric over the PVC structure you created to create a sling to hold the magazines. Once the fabric sling hangs at a length you like, glue the fabric to itself around the PVC pipe.
  7. Store your magazines in one place!

Craft Explosion on Your Hands? Organize It with DIY Storage Rack

Yikes! Your paint bottles have taken over your craft room. But there’s no need to panic! You can restore order to your creative space by making your own minimalistic (but totally cute) PVC and wire storage rack.

With just a few inexpensive materials, you can have all of your paints right at your fingertips. Plus, it creates an artsy display once it’s hung on your wall and filled with paint bottles (or glitter bottles or spools of thread).

Simple (and Inexpensive) Home Organization with PVC

PVC piping
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Don’t feel like your things are taking over your household. Follow the five ways mentioned and use PVC to organize your home with the above mentioned PVC projects.

You can customize them to your heart’s content until it matches the rest of your home’s décor! 

PVC piping may be commonly associated with plumbing, but with a little bit of paint, Washi tape, and elbow grease, you can create something cute, pretty, or unique for keeping your home organized.

So get your PVC piping today, and start bringing a little bit of order to a chaotic world!