Toothbrush Holder: 7 Best Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder with Large Capacity

The toothbrush holder is a rack, frame or container used for keeping a toothbrush at one place when it is not used. It became popular mainly in the late nineteenth century. It comes in different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes.

These holders are made of different materials; some are made of wood, some are made of metals like brass, tin, nickel, copper, some are also made of plastics. In 1920 the toothbrush manufacturer started manufacturing toothbrush holders for kids. They were given different shapes and colors to attract kids like the shape of animals and cartoon characters.

The toothbrush holder plays a very important role in any bathroom. You cannot keep your toothbrush at any place. It would lead to germ formation that can lead to lots of diseases. You must get a toothbrush holder to keep your bathroom organized.

However, you cannot trust any toothbrush holder for this purpose. Here we have handpicked best toothbrush holder for you. These will not only keep you away from germs and diseases but will also add to the beauty of your bathroom.

These are made using the latest technology and follow the latest trend. So you will not have to compromise with your style.


Advantages of the best toothbrush holder

  1. Keeps your bathroom neat and clean.
  2. Prevent the spread of germs.
  3. Save space.
  4. Beautify your bathroom.
  5. It is rustless.
  6. Keeping everything organized will help you to find it easily.
  7. It will not damage your walls.


How we selected the 7 best walls mounted toothbrush holder

We have selected these toothbrushes very carefully.

Design: We don’t want you to compromise with your style for the sake of hygiene. You are in 2020 and no one wants to be less stylish. These toothbrush holders are made using the latest technology. They will help you beautify your bathroom. You can use a better shower head extension if you want to make your bathroom more beautiful.

Capacity: All these toothbrush holders are ideal for a family of four to six persons. If you have more than six members in your family, you should consider getting two holders. It does not matter much as these are not so costly. However, most people have a family of four people only. So it will be ideal for you. You can keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, etc.

Cost: Toothbrush is an optional thing for your bathroom. If you cannot afford it, that’s fine. So we have made sure that this product does not leave a heavy dent in your pocket. These toothbrush holders are very affordable for a middle-class family.

The material used: Most of the toothbrush holders in this list are made up of steel, specifically speaking stainless steel. So you don’t have to fear about rust. Even if they are made up of plastic, the plastic used would be recycled. So they are very environmentally-friendly.


Best Toothbrush Holder: No drill, No tools, Wall – Mounted easy Installation


Toothbrush Holder

Along with ordinary toothbrushes, this product can also hold 5-6 electric toothbrushes. Four storage compartments are provided which can keep toothpaste, combs, trimmers, toothbrush, eyebrow, facial cleaner, etc. This toothbrush holder will save space in the washroom and also keep washstand clean and fresh. Cups of three different colors are perfect for your entire family.

Safe to use

This product gives a guarantee of safety. No more problems with odor and BPA in your home. It is made of high-quality materials. And it is safe to use as it is very smooth and will not harm your hand.

It is waterproof

A cup of this toothbrush is inverted and covers its head. Venting holes are provided at the bottom of the toothbrush for easy cleaning.

It is easy to install

This holder will not hurt the wall as no drill and tools are needed for its installation. During installation press the adhesive strip tightly. Use a hairdryer if you want to change its position. A hairdryer will blow the adhesive strip, then you can easily take it out from the wall. The steps for installing the toothbrush holder are

1. Clean the wall.

2. Put an adhesive strip on the wall.

3. Install the main body of the toothbrush holder on the wall.

4. Hang toothbrush cup and then a toothbrush on it.

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Toothbrush Holder

This toothpaste dispenser is made of environment-friendly silicone, toothbrush holder which is dustproof along with flip cover design, innocuous to toothpaste tube, easy to clean and antibiotic. Intensify adhesive tapes are provided with toothbrush holder wall mount.

Kill bacteria and germs

99.9% of bacteria on the toothbrush will be killed by this toothbrush holder. No more wet and icky toothbrush. This keeps your toothbrush clean and fresh.

Protect from disease

This product protects the user from oral disease. Bacteria that cause gingivitis and bad breath are killed by the UV sterilizer.

Different storage rank

You can hang 5 toothbrushes (electric toothbrushes are also included) and one toothpaste in this holder. It saves every drop of toothpaste.

Easy installation

Only with sticky tape, you can install a toothbrush holder in your bathroom. No drilling and worker is needed in this. You can install this on your own.


It is provided with an automatic dispenser along with a vacuum pump. It will squeeze out only the amount of toothpaste that you need. If you want a clean bathroom, you should use an automatic shower cleaner.

Great for family use

Its no-nail design won’t damage your wall. It can be used in your bathroom as well as in your kitchen.

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Toothbrush Holder

This holder designed to protect and keep a toothbrush at home, hotels, etc. This holder you can easily install and it will keep your toothbrush away from dust and bacteria which ultimately reduces the problem of disease at home.

It is provided with an automatic cover opening system. When you will pull the toothbrush forward, then the cover of this product opens automatically.

This holder vented for easy and quick drying. It also has a feature of double-sided tape which allows for permanent mounting. This double-sided tape is given in a package along with a toothbrush holder.

There is a hole in front and bottom of the holder which allows air to flow and to dry out toothbrush which prevents developing bacteria and keep your brush clean.

You can hang two toothbrushes on it. But only ordinary toothbrush can be hanged not the electric one because its structure is pretty light and its adhesive is not that strong.

This product mainly made for a standard toothbrush. You can find this in the market at a very cheap rate and can also order online. It has a 1 year warranty period.

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Toothbrush Holder

It is a metal wall toothbrush holder. And it made up of untainted steel covered with nickel. This toothbrush holder also provides a self-adhesive sticker hanger. This can be easily installed on the wall or shower mirror.

You can use it in the bathroom to save space or near the washstand. So if you have a small bathroom this is the best toothbrush holder for you.

You can remove it easily if you want and can put it in another place where you wish to hang it.

It has one plus two slot

The main and bigger slot is in the middle where you can keep an electric toothbrush, razor, comb, toothpaste, shaver, cleanser. There are two slots on both ends for a toothbrush.

High-quality material

This holder made up of metal with stainless steel. It will be easy to match the color of the bathroom and its surroundings. This product is four-inch in length, three-inch in breadth and four-inch in height.

This product does not require any batteries. Its middle slot can also hold a small bottle of shampoo and body wash. As it made of stainless steel, you will not encounter any rust issues.


Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder includes five toothbrush slots, two automatic toothbrushes, and four mouthwash, cups. There is two toothpaste dispenser so that you can separate adult toothpaste from children’s toothpaste or can separate morning toothpaste from night toothpaste.

This holder also includes four cups that divided into two large cups and two small cups. The small cup is inside the toothbrush holder properly ideal for children. For easy placement of small-item, the groove you can keep in a compartment. It saves bathroom space and does not create a mess on the washstand.

Vacuum technology has used for toothpaste squeezer. To avoid wasting toothpaste it pulls out the last drop of toothpaste.

The rain shower head used in most modern bathrooms because of the unique design.

Made up of high quality of material

This toothbrush made up of environment-friendly material and non-poisonous and harmless. No odor, safe and hygienic.

It is anti-dust

Its structure is easy to disassemble which keeps its holder clean. It keeps toothbrush and toothpaste clean and dry.

Magnetic Cups

This toothbrush holder comes with four magnetic cups. It is dust-proof. This holder is best for a family of four people.

It is easy to install

A very easy to install, no-drill or tools needed for this holder. It has a strong adhesive. It will not fall off and will not harm the wall.


Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder is great for holding a toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and razor. It can hold two-three pieces of the toothbrush. It made of stainless steel and very durable, rustless and hygienic.

This holder is environment-friendly as it is recyclable. It solves the storage problem and creates space near the washstand and bathroom. It made of selected high-quality material. And it has a glossy surface on the stainless steel never fades.

This holder is very smooth and will not harm your hand. It is hollow in the bottom to keep the toothbrush dry and bacteria-free. Its design looks stylish and matches the pattern of your house.

It is easy to install. There is no need for drilling or nails. This does not harm the walls of your bathroom.  You need only two powerful adhesives for the installation. You should attach these two adhesives to any smooth surface. No batteries required in this holder.

The glue in the back of this toothbrush holder sticks to the wall very well and it does not leave any residue on the wall.


Toothbrush Holder

This is a unique toothbrush holder that has a very innovative design. If you are someone who loves stylish products, this thing is for you.

It is very easy to install, so easy that it can be done by a child as well. You do not need any drilling for this case. It would not harm the walls of your bathroom. You just need to turn the handle and that’s it.

It has enough slots to hold four toothbrushes. It has additional space for razors and other bathroom products.

You can throw that traditional and boring cup and replace it with this innovative toothbrush holder.

If you are careful about the health of your foot you should consider using a foot scrubber.

The Bottom Line

So finally we would like to tell you that you should invest some money in buying a quality toothbrush holder. It would not only beautify your bathroom but will also improve your overall lifestyle. It would keep germs and diseases away.

You should not go for those old-styled toothbrush holders. Instead, choose anyone from our list. All of them are quality products. Each one of them has some unique features. You can choose the one that best fits your taste. Let’s make your bathroom more beautiful and hygienic.

To conclude, we would say, you should order a toothbrush holder for you.