Shower Mirror: 7 Best Shower Mirror to Get Fogless View In The Bathroom


We all find ourselves hitting the snooze button on our alarm clock multiple times to get those precious extra few minutes of sleep. Suddenly, you realize you are super late and have to be at work in under an hour. Here is where owning a fogless mirror in your shower area can be beneficial. Shower Mirrors are one of the most efficient ways to save time in the morning.

It allows you to shave while taking a shower. Shaving while taking a shower saves you those extra minutes you would have otherwise spent on cleaning and rinsing.

Fogless mirrors are more than just regular mirrors with a special coating and they come in different types!  However, you should remember that it can be quite a task to pick out a good fogless shower mirror since they would have to be tested to know for sure if it is fogless.

Well, we have done this work for you and this list will provide you with the 7 best fogless mirrors available in the market that you can place in your shower area. These will provide you with a clear picture instead of a foggy reflection that a normal mirror would give you.

Advantages of picking the best shower mirror:

1. These mirrors let you work the naturally humid environment of the bathroom in your favor.

2. It gives you a clear view of your face even in the hot and steamy shower.

3. Handy and portable

4. Quite affordable

5. Easy to install

6. Even if they break, they don’t usually leave glass shards all over the place

7. They are available in different sizes and types to suit your needs

How to select the best shower mirror:

There are a few things to remember when picking out a shower mirror and these are:

Pivot Head Mirrors: When you know that this mirror is going to be used by many people at home or in your dorm. Pivot heads allow it to point in all directions and thus make it suitable for different people with different heights.

LED Lighting if you own a relatively dark shower area: Shaving in a dark area will make you more prone to nicking yourself. Thus, if your shower area is not well lit, picking a mirror that comes with LED Lighting, will allow you to see a clearer picture.

Mirrors that come with stands or hooks: Some fogless mirrors come with razor hooks and tiny stands to store your essentials in for easier access. Razor hooks prevent the build-up of mildew.

Type of Attachment Method:

a.Shower Hook: They are the most withstanding and reliable type of attachment and are easy to install around the shower pipe.

b.Adhesive Strip: These are like double-sided tape and can stick on to most surfaces and allow for versatility in positioning your mirror.

c.Suction Cups: These are not the most reliable type of attachment and they fall off relatively easily.

What is the standard size of a shower mirror?

In general, the standard sizes are 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches in length. The width will vary and depend on the make as well as the shape of the product. Ideally, your shower mirror should measure several inches smaller than the above sink area or should be sized to match your shower stand.

A medium-sized fogless mirror will typically measure 24 x 20 inches.  Measurements are usually taken without considering the frame and this should be kept in mind when looking for the right sized one.

Our top pick list of the 7 best shower mirrors:

Fogless Shower Mirror with Razor Hook

Shower Mirrors

This shower mirror has a 5.75-inch viewing region and comes with a razor hook. This gives you enough space to view your face when shaving or applying and removing make-up. The razor hook keeps your razor blade sterile and prevents the building up of mildew.

This fogless mirror features a unique design that offers extra strong suction cups that lock on to the wall to keep it in place. This prevents it from repeatedly falling off.

This is a rotating fogless mirror that has a flexible arm that can rotate 360 degrees. This provides the user with a wholesome and complete view of their face.

This is easy to install and comes prepared, which means you can use it as it arrives and does not require any warm-up before use.

This product can tolerate a temperature of up to 100 degrees and remains fog-free until the shower area remains in that temperature range! This is a moderately priced shower mirror and can easily fit the budget limits of most people.

HoneyBull Shower Mirror

Shower Mirrors

This mirror is easy to install and comes prepared, which means you can use it as it arrives and does not require any warm-up before using it.

It uses a suction cup type of attachment method and features a powerful suction cup that you have to twist to lock in position. This will prevent it from falling over and creating a mess.

Since this shower mirror is fogless it will help you save a considerable amount of time and it remains fogless throughout your shower and even after that.

It comes with a razor hook that will help you store your razor blade in a sterile manner that can prevent mildew from building up in the crevices of the blades.

This also allows for easy access to the razor. This is a rotating fogless mirror that has a flexible arm that can rotate 360 degrees, which allows the user to get a complete view of your face without physically having to move around while shaving or removing makeup.

This gives you access to the parts of your face that are harder to view with a regular mirror.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror

Shower Mirrors This uniquely designed fogless mirror features a larger reflective or viewing area with a thinner frame which makes it nice and light. It can rotate 360 degrees and offer a quick adjustment when shaving or applying makeup. To empty the water chamber, you just have to flip it over.

The best part of this fogless mirror is that it is shatterproof which means it will not break very easily. Additionally, it is also rustproof and can stick on to just about any surface and you will not need to worry about the mirror sliding off the wall and falling.

Further, this product comes with a sponge-like material called a squeegee for free which allows for easy cleaning up and can be stored in the handy mini shelf.

The surface of this mirror contains no harmful chemicals and is thus safe to use even around children. This features an extra-wide water chamber and a handy shelf that can store other bathroom and shower essentials.

Deluxe Shave Well Shower Mirror for shaving fogless

Shower Mirrors

This is a moderately priced shower mirror that can easily suit the budget limitations of most customers and is thus highly preferred. Unlike most fogless mirrors, this product does not attach itself to the walls or shower stand using suction cups.

Rather, it uses an adhesive tape method of attachment which makes it a lot more reliable and you will not need to constantly worry about it falling off the walls.

Placing it right under the shower stream works best to keep it fog-resistant since the temperature of the shower and that of the mirror will begin to equalize.

Further, it is very easy to not only install but also maintain. To clean it, all you have to do is wipe it with a single drop of toothpaste to make it shine like new.

With a viewing area measuring about 6.83 inches in length and 5.25 inches in width, it provides for a comfortable as well as a clear view of your face while showering.

The base of the adhesive hook measures 1 x 1.5 inches.  This mirror can tolerate high temperatures, allowing for it to be fog-free throughout your shower.

ReflectXL Shower Mirror

Shower Mirrors

Like most shower mirrors, this product too is a relatively affordable one. At a moderate price, it can easily fit the budget limitations of many people.

This mirror has the unique ability to use heat itself and not any harmful coating to repel fog and give you a clear view of your face while in a hot and steamy shower.

This mirror is sized at nearly 7.6 inches in length and 5.6 inches in breadth and thus gives a comfortable viewing region for the user. Additionally, it even comes with a variety of hanging options for versatility in its placement and positioning.

Further, this comes with nearly a half feet long paracord and lanyard that are both adjustable. This product also has an added sealant to the edges of the mirror to increase its durability and longevity.

The surface uses acrylic which makes it stronger than regular glass surfaced mirrors and is thus not as prone to damage and breaking as normal ones are.

It features a uniform reflection and not a wavy one like others do which means that you can see yourself in the mirror exactly as you are.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-In Razor Holder

Shower Mirrors

This fogless shower mirror is true to its name and remains fog-free throughout your shower, however hot and steamy your bathroom may get.

Most shower mirrors have fog-resistant coatings that gradually begin to peel off after continuous use but this model has a water reservoir that prevents it from getting foggy and giving the user a blurry image.

The hot shower water in the reservoir prevents this mirror from fogging up. For high precision, while shaving or applying makeup, it features a flexible arm that can rotate 360 degrees.

It is easy to install and does not let you deal with messy adhesive tapes for attachment. It uses a suction cup method of attachment which you have to lock into a position to secure the mirror in place. Turning the suction cup clockwise will secure it and prevent it from falling.

However, this mirror was not designed to be attached to all kinds of surfaces and this can be slightly problematic. It does not adhere to textured walls, wallpapers or stucco surfaces.

This mirror is shatterproof as well as rust-proof which makes it durable. It features a razor holder to keep the blades sterile.

No Fog Shower Mirror with Rotating, Locking Suction

Shower Mirrors

This is a fog-free mirror that is perfectly designed to suit the steamy shower area and negates the need to constantly rinse or apply fog-free sprays to keep it nice and clear.

All it requires you to do is to splash it once before showering with hot and soapy shower water to keep it fog-free throughout your shower. This helps in giving you a clear image of your face instead of a blurry one that regular ones offer.

Unlike regular mirrors, this model features a flexible arm that is capable of rotating 360 degrees to provide you with a comfortable and clear view of your entire face without any difficulty.

This product comes with a separate razor holder that you can place anywhere you like. You can even be placed right below the fogless mirror for easy access.

This mirror slightly more expensive than most fogless mirrors and may not suit the budget limits of everyone. It comes with a silicon glue kit for mounting this product onto textured walls. It is relatively small in size and measures about 6.5 inches in diameter.


Most people when thinking about remodeling go the posh route and look at fancy additions such as a shower head extension that is the waterfall shower head kind or a good shower speaker. Sure, a rain shower head or a shower stool may look nice, but additions such as a shower mirror or an automatic shower cleaner are the most pragmatic items to consider! Thus, picking the right shower mirror is key to be able to save those few minutes every day.