Waterfall Shower Head: 7 Best Waterfall Shower Head (Enjoy Waterfall)

Waterfall Shower Head


It is now possible to enjoy the graceful splash of water on your face while taking a shower in your bathroom. Introducing, the waterfall shower head that allows you to enjoy a waterfall-like showering experience.

This designer shower head is going to make you jump out of bed every morning and give you the pampering you deserve.

The importance of using the right shower head with the right design and functionality is a subject that only a few people are aware of. Most people don’t take the time off to go through the guidelines that cover the various aspects of shower heads.

Shower heads in the market today are more stylish and artistic like the waterfall shower head. They can turn your mundane showering experience into an enriching and relaxing one.

It allows you to transport the entire waterfall inside your bathroom and enjoy it whenever you want. But it’s not just the feel and the aesthetics of the shower head that make it irresistible but also the utility of the product in terms of surface coverage and the water pressure.

The waterfall shower head is a luxurious item and can add to the decor of your bathroom leaving you feeling enthralled and soothed when used.

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Advantages of Waterfall Shower Head 

Waterfall Shower Head

1. They provide a wider area for water coverage.

2. They can turn simple, boring showers into an indulgent experience.

3. They add to the décor and lend their luxurious look to the bathroom.

4. They usually offer varieties of spray settings for customization.

5. Changes in water pressure based on the conditions.

6. It provides for altering the texture of water using filters.

7. High versatility and can easily fit existing pipes in the shower.

How does a waterfall shower head work?

Waterfall Shower Head

The waterfall shower head was designed to allow you to experience waterfall-like showers. Whether you’re in your house or mobile home bathroom many of you will find this experience soothing and relaxing.

A waterfall shower head will be typically installed directly above you unless asked specifically. The shower head is usually flat and round or square-shaped. They are very large in surface area and as a result, allow the water droplets to cover a larger surface area.

It is designed to allow the water to flow down from the top of your head down to the lower body. They do not offer high-pressure water, but instead offer denser and textured water droplets to fall on your body completely changing the showering experience.

This is enabled by making use of filters in the shower heads and these filters change the quality and the characteristic of the water droplets. They provide added functionality and allow customization of showers.

How high should a waterfall shower head be?

The standard of a waterfall shower head height is specified as 84 inches or 100 cm. Here the water falls directly on your head from the shower head. To ensure that the waterfall-like relaxing experience is being delivered, avoid placing the shower head below 80 inches of height.

Waterfall Shower Head

How We Selected the 7 Waterfall Shower Head 

The selection process of the 7 best waterfall shower heads consists of several factors. Some of them are given below-

Size: You must ensure that the shower head fits in your shower enclosure and the surface of the shower head is wide and large enough to provide you with ample water coverage. The chosen shower heads have surface diameter sizes of 8-10 inches as they are the preferred sizes.

Spray Quality: Most of the shower heads come with functionalities that let them deliver varying kinds of sprays in the showers like gentle, massage and air-mixed.

Durability: These shower heads mentioned below are all durable and come from established brands. They do not need constant readjustment and will not add to the maintenance cost.

Shower Arm Type & Fit: The shower heads can either be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted depending on the preference of the user. Also, it is very important to check the compatibility of the shower head with the shower arm and extension.

Style & Design: The style and design are important to the bathroom aesthetics and the shower heads mentioned below can be matched with most fittings and textures. They come in different polished colors, so select the one that will match your decorating style.

Our Top Pick 7 Waterfall Shower Head: Enjoy the Real Waterfall

  1. DreamSpa 9″ Rainfall Jet Shower Head
  2. SR SUN RISE 10 Inches Bathroom Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head
  3. NearMoon Square Rain Shower Heads With Shower Arm
  4. NearMoon High Pressure 8” Rainfall Stainless Steel Shower Head
  5. Lordear 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head with Polish Chrome
  6. 8 Inch Rainfall Shower Head by WaterPoint
  7. MeSun Square Rain Shower Head with Adjustable Extension Arm

1. DreamSpa 9″ Rainfall Jet Shower Head

waterfall shower head

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Most often than not waterfall shower heads lower water pressure and do not provide any mechanism or functionality to raise the water pressure. However, with this shower head, you will not have to worry about the low pressure of water.

This is a top-quality shower head which is built to satisfy the needs of the entire family. It comes as a head and wand combo with 124 nozzles on the head and 61 nozzles on the handheld unit. A removable handheld unit is available at the snap of a button.

This product will make you fall in love with showers as it comes with the functionality of different spray patterns. With the help of a simple knob turn on the massage jets and enjoy the relaxing and soothing showering experience.

It employs rubber nozzles to prevent hard water and grit from building up and blocking the pores. Constructed from ABS thermo material it is quite capable of handling hot showers without any wear.

It is available in chrome polishing and comes with shower head swivel and standard outlet of size ½ inches. This model of the shower head is perfect and easy to use. Furthermore, this shower head has a limited lifetime warranty which can be availed if needed.

2. SR SUN RISE 10 Inches Bathroom Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head

Waterfall Shower Head

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This shower head aims to provide the most realistic and functional waterfall-like experience possible to the users. The shower head is available in multiple variants of varying surface areas and their polished colors. It is available as a 10-inch and a 12-inch surface head. This too offers a handheld unit that is suited for multiuse.

It comes with an L styled brass shower head and a stainless steel shower hose. This product is built to last as it comes with a 10 layer chrome finish offering a sleek and modern look.

This heavy chrome finish offers corrosion resistance and durability to ensure, that there is a constant flow of high water pressure maintained even if the bathroom is being supplied with low water pressure.

It comes built with a cartridge monitor in the pressure balance valve that prevents a sudden change in temperature and pressure of water.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and replacement within 5 years in case of any problems with the product. The materials used in the construction of this shower head are of premium quality and second to none. They do not pollute the water and ensure a safer bathing experience for you and your family.

3. NearMoon Square Rain Shower Heads With Shower Arm

Waterfall Shower Head

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This shower head comes with an extension of 15 inches and a surface diameter of 12 inches. It contains 144 nozzles that allow a very high flow of water. With the swivel ball connector, you can readjust the shower head to suit your need allowing you to have a wonderful shower.

It is made from top quality stainless steel and has a mirror-like chrome finish which makes it corrosion resistance and durable.

After using this shower head you will forget about all your worries and leave you feeling relaxed while bathing. The design is very modern and minimalistic and is suitable for any bathroom. An extended arm and a top-quality finish allow this product to be a strong competitor in the market.

This shower head is optimized to provide high water pressure at all times. It can be installed either as a wall mount or in a fixed format depending on your preference.

The wall-mounted extender will hang perpendicularly downward without loosening and sagging whereas the fixed arm can solve the problem of too short, not stabilizing the head enough and leaking. This shower head is extremely easy to install and takes only a few minutes of your time.

4. Near Moon High Pressure 8” Rainfall Stainless Steel Shower Head

Waterfall Shower Head

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An 8*8 inch shower head designed with care and attention to detail that comes with a handheld shower hose as well. Built from top quality stainless steel it comes with a swivel ball connector that lets you adjust the elevation as per your need.

The handheld shower hose has a mechanism in place for flow regulation which can solve the problem of excessive water pressure.

The shower hose is about 60 inches long and has a 3 functionality shower mode. This shower head apart from being able to provide a wonderful showering experience can also be used by kids and the elderly as well. It is great for cleaning the bathroom and pets if need be.

The shower head works great under low water pressure situations. You can install this shower head yourself without the help of a plumber. This shower head comes with hundreds of soft silicone jets that can self-clean with the pressure of the water.

It prevents scaling from occurring and hence leads to lower maintenance and high durability of the shower head. It is leak-proof and promises to save water with every shower you take. This shower head is a very popular choice among people.

5. Lordear 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head with Polish Chrome

Waterfall Shower Head

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A very sleek and modern shower head that comes in a 12-inch and a 16-inch format. Shower heads having a 16-inch edge are not easy to find especially ones which have such a great build and quality.

If you like waterfall-like showering experience then this design is perfect for you and it comes in chrome finish and black color.

The entire shower head is made of high-quality stainless steel and does not involve any fragile plastic parts. The nozzles are made up of silicone which makes it easier to remove the deposition of grit or sediments. This is the only shower head that offers different water pressure in each column of silicone jets.

This is a reasonable and realistic design aimed to emulate a real waterfall, where the pressure of water is not uniform and changes. The product promises 3 months return and money back policy with 2 years of warranty and lifetime maintenance.

This shower head has passed a 24-hour salt spray test and has a high tolerance for temperature changes. It is anti-erosive which means it will not corrode in wet and humid bathroom conditions.

It will also not encourage any bacterial growth on the shower head. You can be confident with this product and invest in this shower head.

6. 8 Inch Rainfall Shower Head by WaterPoint

Waterfall Shower Head

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A very unique design offered by this shower head, which features an 8-inch wide surface. It promises high water pressure with less water consumption.

This shower head equipped with a sophisticated and innovative air intake system that injects tiny air bubbles into the water droplets completely altering the water texture and feel.

This shower head built from a chrome plated plastic with a stainless sleek back. You can clean the silicone nozzles of the shower head very easily.

This large shower head comes with a flow restrictor you can easily install if you need it. The brass swivel ball inside allows easy adjustment of the angle of this high-pressure shower head. The company offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

This shower head designed very carefully and meets all standard U.S. plumbing connections. The installation process is extremely easy and straight forward and does not require you to call up the local plumber.

You will fall in love with this product after you install it in your bathroom and enjoy your showering experience.

It seeks to provide a new showering experience that feels natural and organic making you feel like you are standing under a waterfall.

7. Square Rain Shower Head with Adjustable Extension Arm

Waterfall Shower Head

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This imported stainless steel shower head has a luxurious and sleek design to it. It has a large 12-inch surface. It has a modern design and will be a great addition to the décor of your bathroom. This is a modern shower head and comes with an 11-inch adjustable extension arm.

It is perfect for any bathroom and allows you to enjoy a waterfall-like showering experience which is soothing and relaxing. You can install it easily without the plumber’s intervention.

The installation process is so simple and straight forward that it will hardly take a few minutes. Flexible silicone nozzles stop scales from sticking to the surface and blocking them.

Premium and high-quality material used for example stainless steel it’s pass through a multi-layered plating process, providing a glossy smooth mirror-like look to it. It has anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties to prevent damage from building up.

The product comes with a rotatable connector which allows the swivel ball to adjust the angle of the shower head in all 360 degrees direction. It is capable of boosting the pressure of water to ensure an effective showering experience. It promises to save water and ensures the health and safety of the user.

Common Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Waterfall Shower Head

What is a waterfall shower head?

The waterfall shower head joins with a massaging board and handheld head for a refreshing shower experience. Be certain that you can turn off the jets separately with the purpose that they won’t splash short individuals in the face. The other benefit of the best waterfall shower head is you can take an ordinary shower by simply taking off the valve of the shower.

How much does a waterfall shower cost?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer. Because there is no limitation of luxury. If you want a quality product with luxury in it, normally the product price will be high. However, a good product like an ultra thin option to wall mount 12″ shower head, have a swiveling adapter for angled use feature can cost on average $49.99.

Why would a shower head loose pressure?

A shower head loose pressure can cause contingent on numerous things. It can cause because of blocked shower heads. Or on the other hand, if somebody incidentally turns shut off valves. The more genuine cause like blocked channels or a leak some place in the line can likewise be the explanation. In reality, loose pressure can happen because of more than one issue. 

In the event that you experience loose in the shower head, you should inquire expert assistance as soon as possible. A low ware pressure because of water leaks can immediately worsen and harm surrounding regions. Likewise, you will encounter a skyrocket water bill because of leaks.

Which waterfall shower head is the best?

Here is our list of best top pick waterfall shower heads:

  1. AKDY Rectangular Rainfall Jet Shower Head
  2. SR SUN RISE 10 Inches Bathroom Wall Mounted Rainfall Shower Head
  3. NearMoon Square Rain Shower Heads With Shower Arm
  4. NearMoon High Pressure 8” Rainfall Stainless Steel Shower Head
  5. Lordear 12 Inch Adjustable Rain Shower Head with Polish Chrome
  6. 8 Inch Rainfall Shower Head by WaterPoint
  7. MeSun Square Rain Shower Head with Adjustable Extension Arm

How to install a waterfall shower head?

There are a lot of steps that need to be considered while installing a waterfall shower head-

1. Shut down the water supply from the shower control valve.

2. Remove the existing shower head by turning it counterclockwise. If it is not possible to do it by hand, then use an adjustable wrench to remove it.

3. You will also have to remove your existing shower arm by turning it counterclockwise. This should also remove the Teflon tape present in the shower arm.

4. After you remove both the shower head and shower arm, look through the small hole to ensure that a drop ear elbow is in place since it’s responsible to support the new shower head you are about to install.

5. Take the new shower arm and wrap the grooved edges with new Teflon tape so that no leaks occur. Ensure that you wrap the Teflon tape in clockwise fashion at least 3-4 times before you fix it in place.

6. Take the flange and slide it onto the shower arm and then finally connect the shower arm to the drop-ear by rotating it in the clockwise direction.

7. Now just take your new waterfall shower head and screw it to the shower arm by rotating it clockwise.

How to clean waterfall shower head?

With use, the performance of the shower head may go down due to the deposition of grit and sediments in the shower head. Here are a few top tips to help you clean the waterfall shower head-

1. If your waterfall shower head has flexible nozzles then massage these nozzles to remove any build up in the nozzles. You can use a thin capillary for this task or even a toothbrush will suffice.

2. Soak the shower head in vinegar. You can both tie a plastic bag around the shower head and then fill it with vinegar or you can remove the shower head completely and submerge it in vinegar for some time.

3. You can clean the filter screen which is located at the conjunction of the shower head and the shower arm. This will require more work but it’s worth the extra effort since you want the shower head to be removed, but will get rid of any deposition accumulated at the back of the shower head.


The seven best waterfall shower heads mentioned here will find a place in everyone’s bathroom. They offer high functionality and don’t compromise on the aesthetics of the bathroom. Whether you are looking for an entry-level waterfall shower head or a highly luxurious one, this guide can help everyone find the right waterfall shower head for their bathroom.