Best Shower Speaker: An Honest Review on 7 Best Shower Speakers


Shower time is one of the most relaxing times of our day-to-day lives. This relaxation time can be turned into luxury by blasting music in your bathrooms or toilet. You can use home theatre systems which are quite loud and crisp in sound, but they might get damaged by water. The answer to this problem is choosing the best shower speaker for yourself.

How cool is the invention of a Bluetooth speaker that you can use while taking a shower as well? With the advancement in technology, you can now use speakers in bathrooms. The technology of Bluetooth is a part of our daily life for a long time now. So what exactly do you mean by Bluetooth Shower Speakers?

Bluetooth shower speakers are wireless speakers that work with Bluetooth technology. You can use these speakers while showering not only for listening to songs but also for attending calls or video calls in a loudspeaker mode.

Just like other speakers, Bluetooth shower speakers can also be easily paired with your mobile devices. They work on audio signals which use radio frequency waves instead of audio cables.

These speakers can be charged in approximately 3 hours by connecting them to a computer through a USB cable. Today, after thorough research, we have rounded up honest reviews of the 7 best shower speakers.

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Advantages of Best Shower Speaker

1. Compared to other speakers, this speaker is water-resistant.

2. They produce a loud and crisp sound in the shower.

3. Shower speakers are lightweight and portable to carry.

4. Compatible with all kinds of devices like iPods, mobile phones, tablets.

5. They are manufactured to be installed anywhere.

6. You can use shower speakers to answer calls or video calls. Here is a video where you can see how easy it is to answer a call using a shower speaker.

How We Selected the 7 Best Shower Speakers?

I researched a variety of products before zooming in on the best 7 Bluetooth shower speaker for your needs. Let me share with you the factors which helped me in deciding the best ones;

Battery Life – Shower speakers are designed to consume less power which makes them environment-friendly too. You should invest in a product which can last for several hours on a single charge.

Waterproof – Your Bluetooth shower speaker should be such that it is water-resistant and completely waterproof. This will prevent it from getting damaged if you accidentally submerge it into a bathtub or go for scuba diving or swimming.

Audio Quality – The perfect Bluetooth shower speaker should deliver the best audio quality. The sound system should be so strong that you can listen to the speaker even over the sound of running water.

Portability – A Bluetooth shower speaker should be small in size and lightweight in nature, so that it is convenient to carry outdoors as well.

Bluetooth Version – You should be aware of the Bluetooth version of your Bluetooth shower speaker. It defines the quality of audio transmission. It also helps you in deciding the distance that you can keep between the phone and the speaker.

Our Top Pick 7 Best Shower Speaker – Choose the Best One

Splash Tunes Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speaker

Splash Tunes Shower Speaker is the best waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. The wireless high-definition shower speaker has Bluetooth streaming version 3.0.

It comes with easy to use buttons which can be used to control volume, skip -play – pause songs.

The sound quality of this speaker is quite loud and crisp. This waterproof speaker comes with a suction cup that easily sticks to most surfaces. You can attach the speaker to a tile or a wall or you can hang it with your loofah and groove to the dance tunes.

‘Splash tunes’ has a microphone built-in feature which makes it easier for you to have all the important conversations in the shower as well.

With the speaker’s rechargeable battery, it can provide you with a playback of 10 hours. You might run out of hot water before you run out of your music playlist. Moreover, the product can be easily charged via a micro USB cord.

This Bluetooth shower speaker is compatible with all iPhones, Android phones and all the other smart devices.

Some customers have complained about the charging port of these speakers, but this product is a safe and impressive choice.

VicTsing SoundHot C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Shower Speaker

This is a perfect portable speaker that is suitable for entertainment in bathrooms as well as on the beach, pool, and kitchens.

The silicone cases are featured in a waterproof, dustproof and shockproof level of up to IP56 waterproof rating.

The speaker comes in a sealed impressive case that is stylish as well as attractive.

It is compatible enough to resist water sprays and splash, but it should not be immersed in water.

If you are relaxing in a hot water bath, then even the water vapors will not affect the sound quality of the speakers. Despite its portable size, it comes with 5 Watts of acoustic power.

The product is supported with a playback time of 6 hours if it is played at a maximum sound of 70%.

It is quite easy to attach in bathrooms and kitchen tiles as it comes equipped with a detachable suction.

The speaker can be used to hang on backpacks and mirrors with its aluminum metal hook.

The VicTsing shower speaker is supported to connect with all iPhones, Android devices, computers, and even the ECHO series.

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speaker

The Soundbot waterproof speaker systems are extremely inexpensive. It can be found in a variety of colors and is easily available on eBay and Amazon.

It is one of the most affordable wireless speakers on the market. Since it’s waterproof, it is a cool companion for bathrooms and beach parties. It can be submerged under 2 meters of water for up to half an hour. This speaker is truly great in terms of sound quality as well.

The speaker comes with an impressive suction capacity, which is quite easy to use on glass or any kind of surface. The suction part can also be removed from the speaker if required.

When you connect the speaker with an iOS or Android device, it simply uses the Bluetooth version 4.0 which is quite energy efficient.

The battery life of this product lasts up to 6 hours of playing and streaming.

The one feature that this product is criticized for is the design where the U charging port is covered by a rubber flap.

Overall this product is quite good even after being one of the cheapest shower speakers. It can prove out to be a good option to buy or gift to your friends or relatives.

Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Shower Radio

Best Shower Speaker

The Hydro Beat shower radio designed to manufacture with a unique waterproof design. You can use it in bathrooms, swimming pools, and beaches to enjoy a relaxing shower.

Once you fully charge the device, it will give you a playtime of about 8 hours. This device produced with a unique design that comes with an LED breathing light function. These LED lights can set up a beautiful ambiance for you while partying.

The product is quite small and easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

An innovative feature of the shower speaker is the built-in microphone which makes hands-free calling easier. This device equipped with a suction cup that you can use on tiles and mirrors.

This Bluetooth speaker made up of rubber and is extremely lightweight.  The shower speaker is compatible with all kinds of devices like iPhones, Android devices, tablets, and computers. It comes with an instruction manual and is quite practical to use.

The Hydro Beat speakers are available in a variety of colors to meet the needs of all genders.

The one disadvantage of this product is that water can get into the charging port and damage the device.

BONBON Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Best shower speaker

If you like to transport your shower speaker then the BonBon waterproof Bluetooth mini ultra-portable speaker is for you. You can carry it anytime and anywhere. It is portable and lightweight, which allows you to carry it outdoors as well.

This Bluetooth shower speaker comes up with an easy to attach and remove the suction holder. The unique suction cup design of this speaker allows to stick it to any flat surface including mirrors, walls, desks, the backside of your phones.

The built-in mic feature enables you to attend any call or video call when you are in the accessible zone of the Bluetooth. This shower speaker produced with wireless Bluetooth 3.0 and stereo A2DP speakers to give you an amazing sound quality.

These speakers are compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, tablets, laptops, etc. They work well with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The button control system of this product is quite easy to use. You can conveniently use it to bring the volume up or down, switch music and also answer calls on your device.

The manufacturers of this product give you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Their customer service team ensures to give you a great service with a helpful service.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Best shower speaker

The next product is the iFox iF012 Bluetooth shower speaker. This product comes in a box packaging with a charging cable and a user manual. The product has a standard wireless range of up to 10 meters.

It is completely waterproof and submersible in water up to 3 feet. The product also comes with a powerful suction cup folder, so you can easily stick it to any smooth surface such as glass, ceramic. The battery life of these wireless speakers lasts up to 10 hours. The product is rechargeable in just 3 hours. It has a versatile feature of connecting to any device in less than 6 seconds.

The one feature that customers have badly reviewed is the sound quality at the maximum volume. It becomes a little distorted when you play songs on the maximum level of volume. So the sound quality of this speaker is not so good. Also, this speaker slightly overpriced as compared to other Bluetooth speakers. The good thing about this product is that the manufacturers have given a 100% money-back guarantee for a full one year. Hence, you are taking no risk in buying this product.

Soundcore Motion Q Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Anker

best shower speaker

The last product that I am going to review is the ‘Anker Soundcore Motion Q’. The speaker is a 360-degree speaker that resembles the apple home pod. This speaker rated IPX7 waterproof that means you can submerge as deep as 3 feet. It is just four inches in height which makes it quite portable to carry around. To make the speaker more convenient to carry, the manufacturers provide a lanyard mount and a lanyard with the speaker.

The speaker comes with easy to use buttons and an LED indicator at the top. So that you can change volumes, switch music and turn the device on/off. The speaker you can easily pair with any Bluetooth enabled device. Unlike other speakers, this speaker comes with a modern innovative feature of pairing two motion q speakers together. This makes a perfect sound stereo system.

The speaker has a lasting capacity of 10 hours in one single charge. The sound quality of the motion q is pretty loud. The audio quality of the speaker is very crisp, clear and it has a decent bass system as well. This is one of the best shower speakers which you can get in under $50.


Shower Speakers have not received as much recognition as they should have. It becomes more difficult to choose the right one as there are countless products available in the market. Choose the right product for yourself based on a shower speaker’s durability, portability, audio quality, and of course the price.