5 Tips for Cleaning Your Home to Live Healthy

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We all love a clean home, but these days cleaning your home can be difficult. To find the balance between all the demands of our lives and keeping it clean.

With kids at home and COVID-19 restrictions, the challenge is multiplied. 

Keeping your house clean and organized can make a big difference in how you feel.

Why Clean?

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Firstly, you’ll have a house that is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and less stressful. Clutter can distract you from what you should be doing.

Clutter can also make it difficult to find the things you need, as well as make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you have unexpected guests. 

Furthermore, a neat home promotes good health and hygiene. A clean house keeps dust and pests away. A clean house is also safer for your children.

By cleaning your home certain things, you can extend their lifespan. Carpets, for example, stay and smell better if they are cleaned regularly.

Tips on Cleaning Your Home

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Due to the pandemic, most family members are at home. As a result, it may seem impossible to clean and organize the house. Here are five practical tips you can use for cleaning your home. 


Prioritizing what needs to be done at home is a good way to get things done. Make notes about what you need to do in each room as you walk through. Based on your notes, prioritize your tasks.

If your bathroom is a mess, you should fix the wobbly toilet. Following this list will help you keep track of what you have cleaned and what remains. When you find that you have more time than you anticipated, you can complete other chores on the list.  

Prioritizing is especially useful if you hire a cleaner on an hourly basis. Companies that offer carpet cleaning in Perth may also ask you for a priority list before they begin. This would depend on the level of assistance you require.

Furthermore, if you have allergies and want your carpet cleaned, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with a professional cleaning service that can clean carpets while taking your allergies into account.

Assign Tasks to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Chores

When you divide home cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, they are a lot easier to manage.

Making the bed, picking up clutter, washing the dishes (or putting them in the dishwasher), cleaning the floors, and cleaning flat surfaces are all parts of daily cleaning your home.

To make your home tidy, you should make these types of chores a habit. Spending 15 minutes a day on these chores can make a huge difference.

Also, make a list of chores that need to be done every week, such as cleaning the bathrooms, washing the sheets and towels, and vacuuming. It is not necessary to complete all of these tasks in one day. Select a day of the week for each, and then complete it as quickly as possible on that day.

Each month, there are certain things and areas in your home that require attention. Some need a thorough cleaning, while others simply need a little tidying up.

Ceiling fans, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and garbage disposals should also be cleaned monthly. Cleaning out your medicine cabinet and changing cushion covers, drapes, table runners, etc. can also be a part of your monthly routine. 

Use Them and Put Them Away

When you’re busy, you tend to leave things lying around. For a clean home, putting certain things away after you use them is a good habit.

Instead of letting dishes pile up, clean them immediately after using them or put them in the dishwasher. Thus, when you need to clean up at the end of the day, all you have to do is clean, not pick up dirty dishes.  

Also, you can create a space (a console table or basket) near your front door for all the essentials: keys, hand sanitizer, incoming mail, schoolwork, etc.

If space is limited, install hooks on the wall to hang coats, scarves, and bags. Maintain a clutter-free home by incorporating these habits into your daily life. When you organize, you have fewer chores to complete later. 


Living with friends or family means you don’t have to do all the cleaning even if you like it or are good at it. It may be easier to keep a clean home if your children help with household chores and organize their belongings. With a bit of thought, planning, and diplomacy, you should also be able to delegate tasks to adults.

Organize the household cleaning tasks horizontally and list everyone’s names vertically in a chart. An individual should be assigned to one task whenever possible, but flexibility is vital.

Make sure everyone knows what to do and when by displaying the cleaning chart in the kitchen. Someone will inevitably refuse to do the assigned chore. Make a compromise, such as having the person watch younger siblings while you do the chore.

Carefully Choose Your Cleaning Supplies

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In today’s world, there are all kinds of cleaning products, detergents, brushes, soaps, etc. Investing in newer equipment is a good idea because it is more efficient and can do the job more quickly. Generally. Choose carefully.  You should make sure the tools and products you purchase are eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials, and non-toxic.

You should keep some basic cleaning supplies in every room that needs cleaning the most, such as the kitchen and the bathroom so that you can wipe things down whenever you get a chance.

When you have to walk to another room of the house to get those supplies, you are less likely to do the task. If you live in a small apartment, keep it under the sink (kitchen or bathroom) so you can grab it easily.

One Last Thought…

Cleaning isn’t for everyone. But a messy house is never good. You can keep your home clean no matter how busy your schedule is by following the above tips.

And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Family, friends, and professional cleaners in Perth can all help. Just keep your house clean enough to find things when you need them and it looks tidy.