10 Simple Tips To Create A Beautiful Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the places at home we regularly spend our time. It is usually where we prepare food, cook, and eat together. Since it’s a place that is visited often, the kitchen needs to be organized, clean and comfortable.

The fact is a comfortable kitchen can help the owner to be more productive and enjoy cooking. Creating a beautiful kitchen might seem like an overwhelming task. But with the right ideas, you’ll find it isn’t nearly as difficult as you think.

Here are five simple tips to get you started on your way to a more beautiful kitchen:

Add Natural Elements

beautiful kitchen wood countertop

One of the great ways to make a small kitchen feel larger is by incorporating natural materials, like wood and stone. Wood countertops are known for their warmth, while granite lends an air of elegance that’s especially suitable for a formal kitchen.

Some other great natural materials to consider are bamboo, linen, and rattan, which have a warm, organic appearance that can add dimension to a room. Natural fabrics – from linen tablecloths to dish towels – are another inexpensive way to add an elegant touch.

Design With Color

beautiful kitchen colorful

The first thing to consider when designing a kitchen is color. Warm, natural tones – like dark browns, grays, and greens – are good choices for small kitchens because they tend to feel cozy rather than cramped.

By contrast, brighter colors will make the room seem larger. As with all design tasks, you’ll need to mix and match elements so your kitchen feels well-balanced, not overcrowded.

The best way to add color without overpowering the room is with small accents, like colorful dishware or an artistic potholder. Try changing your curtain fabric seasonally for an inexpensive design fix. Also consider the color of your appliances, since they tend to be smaller than other design elements.

Mix And Match Style

rustic beautiful kitchen

Most people choose their favorite style – rustic, contemporary, or country chic – and paint everything to match. Unless you’re truly comfortable with your style choice.

Mixing styles is usually the best idea because it gives you more flexibility when updating furniture and décor down the road.

Add Personal Touches

spice rack

Rather than decorating according to a guide, add your personal touches. Framed family photos, a cute kitchen timer, and artwork make a kitchen more personal.

Also include collections of spice racks, shells, rocks, or other meaningful trinkets that have been collected over the years. Any items you love will add depth and warmth to your space.

Keep It Clean & Tidy

clean beautiful kitchen

Kitchens are high-traffic areas, so keep them clean and tidy. Always wipe down counters after cooking or baking to avoid cross-contamination from raw meat juices.

If you have pets, consider placing a mat or rug just inside the door to catch any tracks in dirt and debris. Replace kitchen mats and rugs twice a year, or as needed.

Keep everything organized. With countertops, this is simple to do by placing frequently used items in the front so they’re never out of reach.

Keep dishes and glasses within easy reach for quick cleanup during meal preparation. Shelving or wall-mounted storage options are good for storing less frequently used items.

Comfort Is Key

comfortable seating in kitchen

When developing a list of kitchen must-haves, comfort is one that should top your list. This means making sure seating is readily available throughout the kitchen so you can enjoy meals with friends and family.

Flooring options range from hardwood to tile, but consider carpets in high traffic areas to prevent slips and falls. Seating options, such as bar stools and bistro chairs, also add comfort. Also, you can use kitchen shoes to avoid slipping in unwanted situations.

Also, make sure your kitchen is always clean and hygienic. Get rid of those nasty cooking smells, clean the dishes and never let them sit too long in the sink, and take out the trash regularly.

Choose The Right Appliances

kitchen appliances

When choosing appliances, consider your lifestyle and how often you cook or bake. If you’re single and don’t enjoy cooking, a traditional oven might not be necessary. Also, take into account the availability of a dishwasher in any units you’re considering.

Finally, think about how much countertop space is available when choosing your appliances. If you have limited countertops, a French press coffee maker or hand-crank can opener might be your best option, since they take up less space than traditional electric models.

Make It Functional

When developing your kitchen layout, be sure to consider how much room you have when planning where to place appliances and cabinetry.

If space is an issue, try out different configurations of cabinets and move them around until you find something that works for you. For example, if counters are too high or low for the way you cook, you might need to install a raised counter or have your cabinets lowered.

Add Some Greenery

green in the kitchen

Finally, don’t forget the power of indoor plants using pots. Not only do they add a pop of color and break up large expanses of solid surfaces, but research has shown that greenery can reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

Hang A Mirror

Mirrors create an illusion not only in the shower mirror space but also make kitchens appear larger. Measure your space before hanging so you know exactly where the mirror will go and what items or appliances may be hidden behind it. You can add a decorative touch by hanging a picture in the center of the mirror, such as a sunburst clock, seashells, or framed photos.

Creating a beautiful kitchen is not as difficult as it seems. All you need are the right ideas and some time to get things done. The five tips listed above should give you an idea of what needs to be considered when designing your space, while also giving some helpful suggestions on natural materials that can add dimension without taking up too much room.

By following these easy tips, your kitchen should start looking like it belongs in a home design magazine. And that’s no coincidence. Now go get to work creating the kitchen of your dreams.