Best Pots For Plants – 11 Indoor Planters to Complement Home Decor

best pots for plants

Plants make tremendous living accessories. The planters, pots, can be used in a way to decorate your home and make it attractive. It starts by getting the best pots for plants to ensure that the planters are perfect for the designated plants and purpose. In decorating, get planters that have a luxurious design and perfect sizes.

You can then place them in the perfect spots around the house, especially the corners, on the windows, and around the furniture. For an ideal outlook, you can also hang some planters with colorful prospects and attractive plants that are not too heavy to hang.

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Finding and getting the best pots for plants, specifically your indoor plants, may, at times, be a real struggle and an exhausting process. You have to take various aspects of the pots to get the best pots for the plants. This includes a range of considerations, such as the appearance, durability, and the material, among other factors.

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11 Best Pots for Plants to Complement Home Decor

We considered all the significant factors and made you a list of the 11 best pots to use for your indoor plants.

1. Fox & Fern Set of 3 Plant Pots – 8″/10″/12″

2. Greenaholics Ceramic Planter Pots

3. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Stand

4. Keter Resin Wicker Cylinder Flower Pot Set of 3

5. Mayne Fairfield 5825B Patio Planter

6. Rivet Rustic Stoneware Home Decor Flower Vase

7. Stone & Beam Mid-Century Two-Toned Planter, 10.53″

8. Rivet Modern Geometric Stoneware Home Decor Flower Vase

9. 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter

10. Umbra Nesta Planter for Succulent Plants

11. Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

These 11 pots have been made from the best suitable materials for the needs of your plants. They have also been made to fit your plants properly and have excellent drainage. Besides, the weights of these pots are considerable for all purposes.

1. Fox & Fern Set of 3 Plant Pots – 8″/10″/12″


best pots for plants

The Fox and Fern is an ideal plant pot for a cutting edge plant stand. This pot looks staggering in light of the fact that it’s made of Fiberstone. In the event that you need to give your home decor a one of a kind look, this pot will be a mind blowing piece.

  • This pot is very durable. You don’t have to stress over pets and children.
  • Very much structured with a removable drain plug. 
  • It comes with 3 stunning colors Glossy white, Matte white, Stone black.
  • Perfectly fits in all 8″ plant stand. Outer diameter 8″, Inner diameter 6.9″, Height 7.5″.
  • This Fiberstone pot is frost and UV safe, so you can put it indoor or open air. 
  • The maker gives a lifetime guarantee. On the off chance that you get a messed up pot, an hassle free substitution pot you will get with no extra charge.

Product Weight: 12.75 pounds

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2. Greenaholics Ceramic Planter Pots


best pots for plants

Greenaholics plant pots are another piece that you can use to give your home indoor a dazzling look. These pots are made out of high purity glaze. Also, comes with a drainage hole.

  • These pots are perfect for succulent planting. But you can also plant root depth plants or Gerbera, herb, little aloe, strawberry, even pineapple.
  • It comes as a set of 2.
  • Two size dimensions 5.9 inches, and 4.7 inches.
  • White and Black colors.
  • These pots are intended for simple to keep up and oppose any stain.
  • Keep it on a strong surface to stay away from scratches.

Please Note: These pots don’t come with a waterproof tray.

Product Weight: 3.85 pounds

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3. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Stand


best pots for plants

This Mid Century ceramic planter is made out of 100% stoneware. You will likewise get an iron stand with this planter. Give your home improvement a Mid Century style touch with this pot.

  • These have various sizes from small to X-Large.
  • It designed for house plants for high durability. 
  • You can likewise keep it in a side of the house as an ornamental piece. 
  • Be careful with sliding this pot. Since the stand is a strong metal. It will scratch on a hardwood floor. 
  • Ideal fit for indoor supposing that you put outside the unglazed base will get unnecessary dampness and earth.

Please Note: These pots don’t come with a drainage hole.

Product Weight: 12.76 pounds

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4. Keter Resin Wicker Cylinder Flower Pot Set of 3


best pots for plants

The Keter resin wicker cylinder flower set of 3 pots is an ideal home decoration layout piece for indoor or outside. These pots are developed with strong polypropylene. So you can without much of a stretch look after it, and it won’t strip, scratch, or rust. 

To include a rich style in your home decoration the woven surface of these pots is similar to genuine rattan.

  • The elevated base structure of these pots permits reducing weight and the specific measure of soil you have to adjust the planters. 
  • The pots have solid size capacity: 1.8 gallons (small), 4.8 gallons (medium), 10.3 gallons (large).
  • These pots accompany drainage plugs, so you can utilize indoor or outdoor without any problem.
  • Be mindful so as to put the drainage plug on while watering, if the fitting left off you will see water spilling.
  • You can plant on these planters legitimately without a requirement for grower liner.
  • Lightweight yet tough. 
  • These pots won’t un-ravel, spoil or rust.
  • Dimensions: (S) 11 in. D x 11.1 in. H (M) 14.2 in. D x 14.7 in. H (L) 17.2 in. D x 17.4 in. H

Product Weight: 13.7 pounds

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5. Mayne Fairfield 5825B Patio Planter


best pots for plants

Mayne’s patio planter is an ideal decision in case you’re considering a stylistic theme before your home main door. This planter is acceptable to set up next to two front sides of the main entryway. Thus, we will consider it as a feature of indoor design.

  • This planter made out of 100% high grade polyethylene.
  • Built-in reservoir configuration guarantees solid development of the plant.
  • Dimensions: Outside: 20″L x 20″W x 20″H. Inside: 15.5″L x 15.5″W x 13″D
  • Presently make the most of your planter all year on the grounds that the waterproof structure and strong development permit you less winter arrangement. 
  • This pot will long last and fade free in light of the UV inhibitors inside the resin.

Very satisfying when you have:

  • 15 Year Warranty – Residential Application
  • 5 Year Warranty – Commercial Application

Product Weight: 13 pounds

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6. Rivet Rustic Stoneware Home Decor Flower Vase


best pots for plants

With regards to stunningly designed flower planters, Rivet obviously leads the race. They have lots of planter collection. And each design is amazing, lavish, and ideal for home decoration through indoor planting. 

The Rivet natural stoneware indoor flower plant is an ideal home stylistic decor thing. You can likewise put this planter in the outside. With or without plants this pot is a dazzling show-stopper to any tabletop. 

  • The outside structure with white and electroplated silver completion and the inside is a darker gray. 
  • It will mix anyplace in view of it’s clean, simple design, and unbiased hues blend.
  • The vase is made out of 100% stoneware.
  • It’s a truly solid ceramic item impeccable to show or keep flowers.

Product Weight: 2.35 pounds

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7. Stone & Beam Mid-Century Two-Toned Planter


best pots for plants

If you’re a Mid Century style lover, at that point Stone and Boem Mid Century two tones planter is your go-to alternative for home indoor styling. 100% stoneware planter structured with reactive aqua glazes.

  • This planter pot looks phenomenal.
  • You can put anything succulents to growing flowers.
  • The top pattern of this pot makes it a band of color to stick out.
  • The most fascinating thing is you can clean this pot effectively by cleaning with a delicate, dry fabric.
  • Diameter 10.43″ and 10.53″ Height.

Product Weight: 11 pounds

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8. Rivet Modern Geometric Stoneware Flower Vase


best pots for plants

Oh yes, Rivet presents another flawlessly designed modern Geometric stoneware home decor flower vase. The white shade of this vase truly makes it a charming piece to put on a tabletop. And the finished geometric patterns make this vase a modern, angular flair.

This vase is appropriate for any decor. You can keep flowers, or keep this vase alone because it also stands as a decorative piece.

  • Neutral with modern patterns
  • 100% made out of stoneware with transparent glaze
  • 6.25″ diameter x 6.9″ Height.
  • This vase is tough and extraordinary for holding flowers.

Product Weight: 1.85 pounds

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9. 5-Tier Strawberry and Herb Garden Planter


best pots for plants

This 5 tier planter is a basic looking yet looks alluring when the plants develop inside it. If you have a small space in your house. But you’re a die-hard fan of indoor plants we recommend using this planter.

  • A straightforward space saver plant and stack. 
  • Simple DIY fitting, you don’t need to bother with any tools. 
  • It’s a very lightweight planter.
  • It comes in 3 variations Hunter Green, Stone, Terra-Cotta.

Product Weight: 3.9 pounds

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10. Umbra Nesta Planter for Succulent Plants

best pots for plants

The Umbra Nesta tiered white speckled ceramic pot is a decent decision for home design and indoor planting. The succulent plants are the ideal fit for these pots. It’s reasonable for plants with a 2-4 inch breadth. This grower accompanies a dark metal edge to hang the planters. 

  • If you have a little space this planter can accommodate its small places while improving your home beautification. This numerous pot station design inspired by Sung Wook.
  • This grower will light up your home. You can keep the planet in the kitchen, lounge, or some other rooms. 
  • You can flaunt your plants from various directions. 
  • And now convert your tabletop into a hanging show.
  • Nesta Tiered Planter measures 9 x 9 x 28 inches.

Attention: There is no hole for drainage.

Product Weight: 5.74 pounds

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11. Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot


best pots for plants

The Full Depth round pots are multipurpose and modern style pot. You can complement your inside or outside decoration with a Depth round chamber pot. There are different hues and sizes accessible for these pots. All you need to do pick the colors that coordinate with your home indoor or outdoor enrichment. 

  • Effectively conceivable to plant on a stand, on the floor, or rack to give the indoor embellishment a contemporary look. 
  • These wonderful reflexive completion pots are the ideal substitution of costly, substantial ceramic pots. 
  • Moving friendly, reasonable price, and last years. 
  • These pots are made in the USA.
  • The outrageous sturdiness for quite a long time affirmed utilizing the UV and frost resistant durable plastic.

Product Weight: 0.64 ounces

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Best Pots For Plants Buying Guide: 6 Things to Consider Before Buying

You do not want to get a pot just for the sake of getting one. Do not be blinded by only the appearance –which should also be great. Below are the factors that you should consider in getting the best pots for plants.

1. Drainage:

You have to ensure that the pots have proper drainage, especially if you are going to be directly watering the plants. This includes the holes available at the bottom that drains off any excess water, and a corresponding tray for the drained water to protect the floor. Failure to drain the excess water is not healthy for your indoor plants.

2. Material:

The pots are made for many materials. You should choose the one that best suits your needs. Pots that are made from clay (terra cotta pots) are good in case your plants require drier conditions. They easily match with any décor and are durable. They are also heavy, which makes them better for large plants.

Besides, most of them are porous, which helps in drawing moisture out of the soil and hence appropriate for plants that prefer drier roots; otherwise, you are going to have to water the plants more frequently. On the other hand, pots made out of plastic are very light in weight and hence easily changeable.

They are also good at retaining moisture for plants that require moist and damper conditions. It is also hard for plastic pots to shatter if they are dropped accidentally. Other materials include glass, glazed ceramic, and metal that are aesthetically pleasing and water retention properties.

3. Weight:

The weight of the pot is significant in getting the best pots for plants, especially if you are going to be handing the plants or placing them on a shelve. In that case, the best pot to get for the plants is a very lightweight pot, such as plastic. In case you need to plant larger and heavier plants, you will definitely need to get a heavier pot with a strong base that will not fall off out of the weight of the plant.

4. Safe for Indoor Placement:

In case you are getting the pot for planting indoor plants, you have to make sure that they do not cause any harm in the indoor environments. The material should be able to hold all the indoor conditions without breaking or causing reactions. Nevertheless, in case of allergies, ensure to get pots that do not have fancy scents.

5. Durability:

You will definitely need a pot that is able to last longer before you can replace it. The factor of durability depends on the material of the pot and the plant itself. Pots that are made out of metal, hardened clay, and plastic tend to last longer. However, clay pots tend to break easily when they accidentally fall or hit by an object.

6. Luxurious Design:

This is the factor that covers the appearance. The luxurious design is eye-catching and appropriate, especially for indoor plants. You should, therefore, get a pot that has been carved out in a way that is attractive and impressive; ensure to check for other factors such as drainage, size, and material. 

How to Plant in an Indoor Planter?

Before planting, ensure that you have got the best pots for your plants, having considered the above factors. Ensure that they have drainage holes, and the material is suitable for serving the designated purpose. For the drainage purposes, also ensure to have a saucer or a tray for the drained water.

Besides the growing pot of the plant, you can also have a decorative pot with a luxurious design in which you can place the growing pot. If you have the decorative pot, put the saucer or the tray into the decorative pot and place the grow pot on top of the saucer (tray). If it is just the pot, place the saucer beneath it.

Ensure to place the plant into the grow pot before placing it on the saucer tray. You can add some soil and other appropriate nutrients required by the plant, such as fertilizers. The additional materials should get to a level that is efficient for watering; do not fill to the top.

Place the plant near to a light source and ensure to water the plant in a way to keep the soil moist –it should be neither too dry nor too wet. From time to time, you can lift off the plant and drain the water caught in the saucer tray. 

Best Indoor Places to Decor the Planters

There is a range of places that you can Décor the planter in your houses. These depend on the particular plant; some are perfect in the bedroom, sitting room while others are perfect in filling up large spaces around the house. Ensure to have the best pots for plants that serve the best indoor purposes.

  • Light source. In any place, room, or point in the house, ensure that the plants have access to a light source for photosynthesis to keep your plants healthy. Depending on the nature of the plants, some may need a little light and hence would need to be placed near to the light source, but not so direct.
  • Windows. For maximum health of your plants, place them 1-2 feet away from the light source such as a window. For those plants that require direct light, place them directly on the window.
  • Corners. Corners are also beautiful spots to décor the plants. Tall and larger plants that fit in the corners are recommended. It also helps to fill out space in the corners.
  • Bedroom. It is also good to have the plants in the bedroom. Plants with a pleasant scent are recommended in the bedroom. They should also be placed on the corner or the window.

Best Indoor Friendly Plants to Spruce Up Your Space

  1. Golden Pothos: It is the easiest to grow and does not require much watering and only needs a little exposure to light. They are outstanding in purifying the indoors off any various chemicals.
  2. Philodendron: They have similar qualities to the Golden Pothos, where they can grow and climb fast. They need to be repotted more often because they tend to outgrow the pots as they grow.
  3. Dracaena: They make excellent indoor plants because they can tolerate droughts, and it is also not frost hardy. However, they need to be placed close to filtered light, such as close to a sunny window with a sheer curtain.
  4. Peace Lily: They also make a great choice of indoor plant for your house or office. They are excellent in cleaning the air around the room and only require low or medium exposure to light.
  5. Marginata: It is very attractive and requires very low or medium light. If it shows any brown spots, it indicates that it is getting too much exposure to light.

Worst Plants for Indoor Planting

It is good to know that not all plants can be used for indoor purposes. Some can be harmful to you in various ways, such as awful scents, poisonous leaves, and release of chemicals or substances that are not good for you. Some of the worst include the following.

  1. Chrysanthemums: All the parts of this plant, especially the flower heads and the leaves, tend to be harmful around most of the people. They have toxic properties that are not good for you, along with severe irritation on the skin.
  2. Weeping Figs: This plant is also toxic because it is a Ficus. This means that the sap from the plant is toxic to both you and your pets around the house. The sap has irritating effects on the skin and could cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed.
  3. Orchids: Most of the people think of orchids as good house plants with healing and lucky effects. However, they are not so good. They need a lot of exposure to light and require moving air (winds) to keep from wilting.
  4. Marigold: Marigolds are often known to attract various insects, and hence they are not appropriate for indoor uses. However, you can plant them in your garden to help in driving away other garden pests.
  5. Ferns: Most of the Ferns require high humidity levels and very low temperatures, which is a very challenging environment to maintain indoors. Everything about Ferns requires high regulations and close monitoring. 

Here are 30 more plants you should avoid at any cost plant inside your home. It’s not worth the decor by risking your life in danger.

How to Decor Indoor Planters in Tiny Spaces?

If you have limited space, it should not prevent you from having indoor plants that are well decorated. You should start by getting the best pots for plants, wherein in this case, you might need more light pots for hanging purposes. The size, too, should not be too big. After getting the best pots, some of these measures will help you to décor the indoor plants within the space that you have.

  • Make a terrarium for the indoor plants
  • Hang some plants on the high places in the available space.
  • Go for small plants and have a small greenhouse.
  • Create spaces for some plants around the furniture
  • Tier the plants on the walls and over the doors
  • Have a plant canopy in an appropriate space such as the bedroom.

How to Decor Indoor Planters in Large Spaces?

If you have a larger space, then filling it with large plants is a better way of filling the space.

  • Get the best pots with a luxurious design for your plants.
  • Fill the corners and empty spaces with suitable plants.
  • Go for larger and beautiful pots and plants.
  • In large and empty spaces, go for climbing and spreading plants that climb by the wall.

How to Clean The Indoor Planter Pots Easily Using Vinegar?

You should start by removing any dirt and debris by rinsing the pot underwater. After rinsing, soak the planters in a solution of three parts of water and one part of the vinegar for five minutes.

After this period, take the planters off the vinegar and use a rag or piece of cloth to carefully rub away any stubborn deposits and dirt from the pots.

Rinse again in cold water and then allow them to dry in the air before re-using. You can also add one or two tsp (teaspoons) of a dishwashing liquid to help in thorough washing of the pots.


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