Foot Care – 5 Tips to Treat Your Feet Well At Home

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Our feet are part of the essential parts of our body that contribute and play a crucial role in living a healthy lifestyle. The implication of Foot Care is mainly for these three primary reasons; living a quality life, productivity, and engagement in physical activities regularly. Nobody wants their feet to bring about unnecessary conditions that would prevent you from engaging in physical and public activities.

More so, with poor health of your feet, you might be at risk of associated diseases. This article describes for you the best-5 tips to treat your feet well at home and hence live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Take good care of your feet with these 5 tips at home. Also, a bonus tip to fix your cracked heels permanently, and 5 foot cream recommendation.

Foot Care – 5 Tips to Treat Your Feet Well At Home

Tip 1: Foot Massage Foot Scrubber

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Yes indeed. This is the first tip towards treating your feet for a perfect lifestyle. A foot massage increases and improves the circulation, and in case there is pain, it eases the pain. It is beneficial in stimulating your muscles and reducing tension. From these implications, a foot massage is beneficial in Foot Care by avoiding athlete’s foot and treating blisters, corns, and bunions, along with toenail problems on your feet.

A foot scrubber is the best for use in foot massage because it helps you to clean your feet thoroughly, along with removing any dry skin. It comes in many forms, the best one being the shower foot scrubber that handles a great deal in treating your feet, such as providing foot circulation and exfoliation.

The shower foot scrubber is also great when your feet are tired. For some bathroom storage ideas and tips, you should have some shower shelves to keep the foot scrubbers and other associated materials, along with a shower stool for use when bathing. It is good that you step on the shower stool when scrubbing your feet for stability and thorough scrubbing.

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Tip 2: Soak in The Feet

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When you are feeling tired, and your feet feel worn out, there is a feeling for the need for urgent care for treating your feet. Putting them into lukewarm water that has a pinch of sea-salt works a great deal in treating your feet and releasing the worn-out feeling.

You can use a pumice stone to gently scrub off the dead skin cells. After finishing the scrub wash your feet with clean water. And dry them thoroughly.

Put some moisturizing lotion or foot cream on your feet. It will help in pruning any dead cells and hence leaves your feet young and healthy. To get added opulence on your feet, you can add some drops of olive and fragranced oil.

N/B: To get the best foot care, it is advisable to use soft water from a purifier; any other water that is rich in salts would make your heels hard, such as tap water.

Tip 3: Treat Your Feet Like Your Face

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It is common for us to wash and apply lotions on our faces, along with other treatments to make our faces stay healthy and look better. Your feet are no different compared to the face. The best foot care to keep your feet healthy and flawless involves both the foot and ankle care.

It involves applying the facial exercises regularly on your feet; start by scrubbing your feet using a shower foot scrubber, among other foot scrubbers. It is also advisable to use a pumice stone in scrubbing your feet. The pumice stone goes in handy with soaking your feet in the water, as described in tip 2, which works wonders in taking off the dead cells. 

Tip 4: Moisturize Your Feet

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The moistening treatment on your feet is a crucial part of maintaining a total foot care, especially if you are one with a craving for baby-soft feet. It involves applying lotion and creams that contain alpha hydroxyl and beta hydroxyl properties to replenish your feet.

In simple terms, your feet have thicker cuticles than other body parts, and hence there is a need for heavier and thicker lotions; hence the lotions and creams with Vitamin E are recommended.

Other than the lotions, you can also go for natural products such as cocoa butter and natural oils. You should apply the lotions and cream on your feet and up your ankles to get the best foot and ankle care.

The best exercise for moistening your feet, however, is exercising the coconut oil therapy. We can also recommend that during the night, put on pullover socks after applying the lotions. 

Tip 5: Let Your Feet Breathe

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After you have spent your day in various activities, your feet require some breathing too. It is suitable for maintaining the best foot care. It is, therefore, advisable to take them off and follow the above tips to wipe off the accumulated dirt and sweat.

Apply some lotion or cream for moistening, and then leave your feet open for a while to let in the fresh air and allow for better circulation around the pores on your feet for total foot care. During the winter season, you can wear a fresh pair of some cotton socks, and when going to bed, put on some pull over socks that are not heavy. 

Bonus Tip: 

How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently?

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At times, you will find that your heels have cracked out of various reasons. Such as having shoes that are poorly fitting and standing for long periods. Especially if your skin is dry, the pressure and weight that is applied on the fat pad under the heel causes the skin to expand sideways and hence crack.

To fix the cracking on the heels permanently, you can use various creams, along with the other Foot Care tips such as soaking your feet, using a foot scrubber and pumice stone, and gently patting your feet dry. Applying creams and lotions is the best foot care exercise for fixing the cracked heels permanently.

Below are some of the best creams for cracked heels:

  • O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream: This cream has increased levels of Allantoin that makes it perfect for fixing the cracked skin and calluses.
  • AmLactin Foot Repair: This cream has lactic acid that makes it gentle enough on your skin and very strong in fixing the cracks.
  • Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair: It has an exfoliating action that is based on salicylic acid for removing the dry skin, deeply moisturizing the feet, and hence fixing the cracks on the heels.
  • Profoot Heel Rescue: This cream has additional nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E. It also does wonders in fixing the cracks on your heels. Besides, it is also lightweight, and it is not greasy.
  • AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Foot Cream: It is a perfect cream, especially if your heels are dry and feeling itchy. It contains a vegan blend of minerals, plant derivatives, and some Dead Sea mud. Which are a great deal in locking in the moisture in your feet to heal and protect the skin.

Final Words:

Foot Care, as minor, as it may seem, is a part and puzzle that contributes to a healthy, happier, and productive life. Besides, as you have observed in the tips. It is not a practice that requires a lot of input, whether in monetary terms or time.

All you need are a few supplies such as foot scrubbers such as a shower foot scrubber. Some lotion and creams. And lukewarm water with a pinch of sea salt for the tip on soaking your feet. Remember to keep your feet open after cleaning, scrubbing. And moistening so that it can get some fresh air for circulation.

Taking care of your feet means taking care of your life and happiness.

Please comment below if you know any other tips that helpful for foot care.