Interior Designers And Tiles A Love Affair

Interior Designers

“When I tell you I love you, I am not saying it out of habit. I am reminding you that you are my life.” That’s how an interior designer feels for their tiles!!

The relationship between tiles and interior designers is unbreakable.

Do you know why??

This is because these two share the relationship of beauty!!

Yes, the relation of beauty!!

The reason is tiles make your heaven look more heavenly when you cover up the floors and walls with alluring tiles. Trust me! You have already taken the beauty of your home to a whole new level.

That’s the reason why interior designers are so fascinated with tiles so much. They believe tiles show the actual beauty and class of your house!!!

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What Do Interior Designers Say About Tiles?

Interior designers are always very choosy on the selection of their tiles. They become a poet of a poem when they are choosing their desired tiles!! According to many designers, they think if you don’t choose your tiles in the proper way and rush in for any sort of tiles then you have no sense of fashion inside you!!!

I know these are hard words to digest!! But facts are facts. They are the beauty creators after all!!

Clare Philips an independent consultant on interior design and house building stated that

“Allow time to choose. You don’t want to be forced into making a hasty decision. You’ll live with the choice of tiles for years. So take your time and get the right choice as it’s a long-term investment.”

Some think that excellent interior designing may cost them a huge amount of money but trust me it doesn’t. Just put light on the statement of Ralf Speth, “If you think good design is expensive you should look at the cost of bad designs.” 

Tips On Tiles By Designers.

If you are choosing to renovate your heaven or you’re building your own heaven and you are in a state of confusion about the design for the flooring and the walls, then stop worrying. 

Because through this article, it’s going to be a cheese and cake for you on choosing the right design for your floors and walls!!!!

Selecting The Color Of Tiles.

Selecting The Color Of Tiles.

It’s a very common question, “How do I know which color of tiles will suit my home?” Now, selecting the right color that matches your interior design style and also with the furniture that is already in the space can be a tough job. But not anymore!!!!

The coloring of your flooring shouldn’t be taken lightly! Because combined with your walls and ceiling it will be crucial at the time of complimenting your furniture and the other details of the space.

That really can be a headache for homeowners because dealing with cost, the materials required, and the time for installing the tiles can be a hard nut to crack.

So they are always curious as to whether they are making the right decisions or not!!

Define your interior design style; that is, think of what you think will bring out the best of your home as each design of the tile is different. They have different colors, materials, and textures. So choose your colors with proper ideals.

The Type Of Tile Style For Your Living Room.

Type Of Tile Style For Your Living Room
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For instance, if you love a rustic or industrial style, it will be perfect if you select your tiles in raw materials and textures like concrete or rustic dark way.

Choosing the right tiles for your living room can be a challenging task. All interior designers state that if you choose your hall room tiles in the right and perfect way, it increases the beauty of your home to a different level. 

Mosaic tiles, marble tiles, elevation wall tiles, Italian tiles, stylish concrete tiles all can be a great option for your living room but you need to make sure that these tiles suit the furniture that’s already in the space.

Color Palettes To Guide Your Way Through.

Color Palettes Tiles

Color palettes can be a very essential guide as you choose the right color and textured tiles for your home. 

It surely will narrow your flooring options down to a manageable number. So think about the elements that form this space and how it looks like altogether for the future tiling style you are looking for!!!

For example, if you have a dark gray sofa, the dining room is all black and your carpets are grey. So it will not be a good idea to have dark-colored tiling for your floors and walls. Instead, a better choice can be installing tiles that are bright and light color tone. This will result in your furniture brightening up space.

Interesting isn’t it??

Tiling To Size Up Your Room.

Large windows, high ceiling walls naturally make your room appear larger. Similarly, lighter color flooring tiles will have the same effect, now whether it’s mosaic, concrete styling, Italian tiles, or even marble.

All will have the same effect on your room. It will make it appear LARGER!!!

Know The Purpose Of Your Tiles.

Choosing a tile over the other doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Instead, it’s also about the functions that your tiles will play.

Suppose, you are a renter or you are on a budget so you need to make sure your tiles are well affordable enough and perfect for your lifestyle. 

Similarly, before you install your desired tiles you need to make sure they are of the right conditions (i.e water-resistant, durable, and can be cleaned easily).

When all of these are done you are good to go!!!!

Hope this article was able to help you grasp the knowledge and idea of how interior designers actually plan their choices of tiles before installing. It all mainly comes down to the huge availability of so many options that make them the perfect choice for interior designers!!!