The Popularity of Scandinavian Design

The popularity of Scandinavian design is currently super hot on the housing market. And remains on-trend as it makes interior designs look very warm and inviting.

Modern, cool, and cozy, this Nordic style is appealing to couples as well as families and gives your home an alpine touch.

Continue reading this post to find out interesting details regarding the popularity of Scandinavian design in recent times.

Where it all began 

The Popularity of Scandinavian Design

The design first appeared in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and  Sweden in the 1950s. As the people in these countries spend so much time indoors.

Their homes have to have a positive effect on the residents living in them. And this style was designed as a way of keeping their spirits up during the long and harsh winter months. 

It was innovative and modern at the time of its creation, yet simple and stylistic, which is why it remains a solid fixture in many homes around the world today, including the typical  American home.

House sales rose to an eight-month high of 6.29 million in September. And this design is likely to have featured in many due to its current popularity. However, getting into the market as a first-time buyer is difficult currently due to the high prices. 

Naturally, buying a new home can be a very stressful yet exciting process for couples. Especially if it’s their first time. The thought of having a new mortgage tying you down can be a little overwhelming at times. And some people are put off buying houses for this very reason.

Therefore, consulting a mortgage adviser is a good step for many. The mortgage adviser can help with deciding what kind of mortgage packages you could go for. And help make the buying process a little easier by helping navigate through it.

Once the house is yours, the second thing to do is to make this new property your own by putting your personal touches on it, and you can do this through decorating.

Why people are choosing this design style 

Scandinavian design

Although many people prefer to give the rooms of their house a similar overall theme. Some keep the designs of each room a little different. And the Scandinavian design is often a popular choice that new buyers go for as it gives off a welcoming feel.

When designing your home, one of the first rooms you’ll probably be focusing on is your living room. Which needs to leave a solid impression on every new person who visits.

Anyone will like their housewarming guests to get a fresh fragrance when they first walk through the door. And with a Scandinavian interior as the theme, you’re sure to inspire them. 

Scandinavian design often comes up of white walls for a cleaner, natural image. White walls brighten up the house when natural lighting is low. And the minimalistic vibes create an open space that is in no way has a clutter or a messy look. 

This airy feeling magnifies using the wooden frames hanging into the walls, ceiling, and floor manufacturers using oak, birch, or pine. These were original staples of the historical design to show off the Nordic love of the outdoors.

Decorators often pair the wood of the ceiling or floor with their furniture. Using the same type to give the room an uninterrupted feel. Sometimes wooden shelves or bookcases paint with white to continue the  ‘open’ image, giving the room more space.

Ending Note:

Scandinavian furniture

The minimalistic style can be seen through living room furniture, which is sparse. Neutral colors are often used for the couch, cushions, chairs, and rugs, such as blacks, whites, and grays, with people buying plants or flowers to give the room a sprinkle of color for a subtle,  calming feeling. 

The living room design that Scandinavian decor presents often incorporates framed artwork – sometimes quite large pieces to give the walls a little bit more character, with the artwork itself containing monochromatic or neutral colors.

For those wanting the artwork to illuminate the room to make it a bit less bland, sometimes radiant, colorful pieces are chosen instead, such as a pretty seascape or flower garden. It’s all down to personal taste.

If you’re wanting to shop for Scandinavian furniture, why not try out some specialty shopsIkea, Scandinavian Designs, Overstock, Burrow, Floyd, and Urban Outfitters are just a few of the shops you can visit to buy what you need to make your home the perfect Nordic retreat.