Overwhelmed to Declutter Your Living Room? Here’s What to Do

Declutter Your Living Room
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It’s easy to declutter a living room. As life goes on, we tend not to get rid of our things. Instead, we put two couches in the same room, crowd in a few chairs, and tell ourselves it’s for our next big party. Either that, or we store it in the basement and hope that we’ll use it again someday.

If you have too much furniture and too little living space, don’t worry. You can find ways to clean and declutter your living room without throwing things away! Creating a clean, clutter-free house or apartment can clear your mind. And help you focus on what’s important – living in your home.

The Problem of Too Much Stuff 

Too much stuff in living room
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Most people’s houses are overcrowded whether they are poorly designed or perfectly proportioned. Either way, the perfect living room is the most straightforward – less furniture and less stuff.

Even if you don’t think you have too much furniture, you probably do. If it’s hard to walk through the living room without squeezing between chairs. That’s a good sign that it’s time to declutter your living room.

We ignore decorating tips in favor of comfort or hominess, and we keep adding furniture and other knick knacks. That’s understandable, but it’s got to stop somewhere.

Unfortunately, living in an apartment makes outside storage extremely difficult. Even if you have extra storage available in your apartment building. In crowded living spaces, you want to have as much room as possible. If you have hopes of moving into a larger home later, you don’t want to buy more furniture to fill it, but there’s not enough space to keep it all now!

In addition to furniture, there’s sports equipment, family heirlooms and memorabilia, and seasonal items. These are not merely things that we’re holding onto for no reason. They are items we want or need to keep but are running out of space for them!

The problem of too much stuff can (and does) happen to anyone, but it can be incredibly frustrating if you already live in a small space. Families that live in apartments or townhomes and have busy lives can quickly run out of storage to put all of their extra belongings and equipment. 

There are two main ways to deal with the problem of too much stuff. The first and most hectic way is to get rid of it. You can have a garage sale, donate, or give away your extra items. However, that’s not always possible. If you need the things but not in your home, there are ways to save space and keep your belongings. 

Solution: Storage Units

Storage units for living room
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If you have too much furniture, sports equipment, or family collector’s items, you don’t have to keep it all at your house. A local storage unit is a safe and secure place to store anything extra you just can’t get rid of yet. It’s cheap, effective, and most importantly, yours.

Storage units generally have a low monthly fee (and some give you the first month free). There are options for climate-controlled units for a higher price, but you really won’t need those unless you’re storing sensitive items like antiques or musical instruments. 

Individual units are great for extra storage or if you’re in the process of moving or downsizing and haven’t settled in yet. College students often use them for the summer months when they’re not in dorms, so they don’t have to carry all of their belongings back and forth from home. 

If you can budget a little out every month to store your extra furniture and belongings in a local storage unit, you can have a bit of extra mental space as well. Almost every storage company has a coded gate, as well as unit-specific locks that only you will have the key to. In other words, there’s no safer place for your large items than in a storage unit.

Unsure about whether you can fill a storage unit with your excess stuff? Remember, there are multiple sizes to choose from, and you can adjust based on how much space you need. Seasonal furniture, decorations, and boxes can go into a storage unit, freeing up space in your closet, living room, and basement for a cleaner look. 

In short, here are some of the benefits of using storage units outside of your home: 

  • Safety and security of the items
  • Declutter your living room that has personal space
  • Cost-effective storage option
  • It helps when you downsize or are between houses
  • Protects your stuff from environmental damage
  • Customizable sizing and rates are available
  • Local storage for your extra items

Other Outdoor Storage Ideas 

Outdoor storage idea
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If you aren’t interested in renting a storage unit, there are other outdoor storage ideas. Most of these ideas are great if you have a house with a basement, backyard, or garage but won’t work if you’re renting an apartment or between homes.

If you live in a house, you can invest in an outdoor shed for extra storage. Usually, sheds in the backyard house the lawnmower, sleds, and other outdoor equipment. However, the ups and downs of your weather will have an impact on any furniture you store there. Plus, there’s the threat of insects or rodents.

There are ways to declutter your living room without getting rid of things, but they usually involve having some extra space. Do you have a closet in the garage or an attic that’s not in use? Convert that into spare storage by cleaning it out, making sure it’s weatherproof, and storing your extra furniture and memorabilia. 

Whatever you do, remember that you are keeping your furniture, collection, or other belongings because they are important to you or valuable in some other way.  You want to make sure these items are kept free of pests, heat, cold, and moisture. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of tripping over extra clutter and not being able to decorate your living space more cleanly, consider renting a storage unit to keep your extra furniture and other things secure. It’s affordable, safe, and makes life in a small apartment a little bit easier for you and your family.