7 Signs Your Home is Cockroach Infested!

Roach in a kitchen
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Cockroaches are nocturnal beings that hide out of sight during the daytime and come out to look for food at night. Regardless of how sneaky the roaches are, it is not too hard to know if your home is cockroach infested.

The cockroaches hide everywhere. From the bathroom, kitchen, or in your favorite sofa’s inside. They can be everywhere hiding in the day.

They leave behind clear signs of their presence way before you actually get to spot a live creature.  And being an inhabitant of Sydney, facing a cockroach problem is very common.

This area is full of 5 types of cockroaches. The oriental, American, Australian, German, and also smokey-brown, German variety causes most of the problems. 

So, how would you know if your home is cockroach infested? And is it worth getting an exterminator for cockroaches?

Look Out for the 7 Signs Your Home is Cockroach Infested!

Black Droppings

home is infested black droppings
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Cockroaches tend to leave noticeable dust of dark colored droppings that look a lot like ground coffee. They are usually less than one millimetre in width and have varying lengths.

You should be very careful if you find these droppings as they might have a lot of bacteria. Cockroaches consume anything, causing the pathogens of the foods to exist on their digestive system. 

Smear Marks

In case there is abundant water all around, cockroaches will produce irregular shaped and brown colored smear marks as they rest or crawl. You need to check for marks on the horizontal surfaces and wall-floor junctions where the roaches are active.

Cockroach Eggs

home is cockroach egg infested
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Cockroaches lay their eggs in a capsule known as ootheca, which has multiple eggs. Each species of cockroach has a different kind of ootheca. Most species of roaches drop their ootheca right away. However, in Sydney, the German cockroaches carry it until right before hatching, when at least thirty nymphs get released from it.

Skin Shedding

Cockroaches shed the skin at least five to eight times while maturing through the nymph stages to adults and growing in size. Keep an eye out for these cockroach skins of different sizes in areas when you suspect the roaches are hiding.

Signs of Damages

signs of damages
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It is commonly known that cockroaches attack food packaging, but you should also look for other unusual signs of damage. Cockroaches tend to attack organic goods, such as books and leather.

Unpleasant Odor

Cockroaches are also in the habit of defecating where they sleep and live. It produces a type of pheromone that attracts other roaches to come there. You will get an unpleasant and musty smell that covers surfaces and items they come in contact with.

And this is a sign that you need to call a cockroach control service in Sydney, if you are living there. As the cockroach infestation grows, the smell keeps getting more intense.

Sights of live roaches

You would also notice cockroaches when switching on a light at night. German cockroaches in Sydney look for humidity and warmth, and they nest out in areas like the kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Oriental cockroaches are okay with damp and cool conditions of drains and basements.

The End Line

Cockroaches are unhygienic creatures that bring several health risks for you and your family. So, this is an issue that you need to nip in the bud. Get in touch with a well-reputed pest control service without further delay.