Real Estate Social Media Marketing The Do’s and Dont’s

real estate marketing

In the real estate industry, the role of social media marketing is crucial.

Everyone now goes digital for almost everything, even when finding a beautifully designed home to buy.

Most of the time, potential buyers find their dream properties through single property websites, multiple listing sites, or social media.

While the first two platforms are great, social media has a dominating power.

The versatility of several social media accounts creates a booming real estate market that uses only images or videos of properties for sale.

Moreover, the tools offered by these social media channels are useful in evaluating every single post’s performance. This is something that does not come in handy with traditional marketing.

But, there are times that realtors overuse the benefits of using social media in real estate marketing. And it usually causes severe damage to the realtor’s reputation.

So, before you do anything that may ruin your online credibility, here are some do’s and don’ts you may want to review.

The Do’s of Social Media Marketing

Use Compelling and Well-Edited Images

real estate well edited picture

One key to successful real estate marketing using social media is the use of attractive photos.

The golden rule is this: never settle for less.

Always make it a point to have stellar pictures in your listings or posts.

If this is something you cannot do on your own, it is best to seek the help of professional real estate photo editors in your area.

Remain Consistent With the Details

If you use more than one social media platform, it is best practice to stay consistent with your tone. You have the freedom to choose what kind of image to use in each account, but at least try to have consistent branding across all the platforms.

Work Smart and Stay Responsive

real estate work smart

Working in a competitive industry like real estate pushes you always to become the best version of yourself.

Hence, work smart. Doing hard sell is not always the best strategy to follow.

Instead, try doing any of the following to get more followers and wider reach.

  • Real estate hashtags matter – the use of hashtags in social media posts allows people to find what they are looking for easily. You can add several hashtags in one post if you want. Just ensure that they are relative to your caption and niche.
  • Engage with the followers – this is fundamental. Try to engage more with your followers by sharing or retweeting relevant information about your selling properties.
  • Tag people – as a real estate marketer, you can always tag relevant people in your posts. For example, if you have some influencers working with you, always make sure you mention him or her so the followers can notice.

Above all, always respond to whatever queries you get from your followers. It is always one of the best practices of many successful brands.

The Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Avoid Overselling

Avoid Real Estate Overselling

If you oversell a property, it is more likely for you to lose the client along the way rather than having him or her as a prospect.

It is best not to use your page or account as an auction of listings. This is not appealing to most interested buyers. Instead, try to vary the type of posts you have in a day. It’ll make your followers more curious about your offers.

Avoid Using Other People’s Photos

If you are more active on Instagram, you need to have good visuals all the time. But, do not grab anyone’s photos right away without asking permission. It is a common courtesy to send them direct messages and ask for permission politely.

Alright. This pretty much sums up the things you should practice and avoid. Always remember that real estate social media marketing is a powerful tool only if utilized properly.