House Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

home maintenance tips

When you purchase or buy your first home, no manual comes with it that talks about maintaining your house. No manual can teach you how to keep your house clean or maintain its condition top-notch.

Your new home is the biggest investment you are going to make. This saying is something you might have heard of a million times now but it is true. It is your job to maintain your house to ensure healthy living at home. And make it a habit to keep it in pristine condition as much as possible.

With that keep in mind, we have shared a few house maintenance tips for new homeowners.

House Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

Check all Corners of your New Home

maintenance tips for homeowners

Check if your house interior and exteriors need repainting or check if your electric cables are safe and closed off. Having a routine check of your home is important to keep track of any minor fixes that need your attention.

These minor fixes if unattended can become a big headache someday. Make it a habit to include routine checks as part of your to-do list. Having a cleaning routine is also good to make sure that molds, bacteria, and viruses wouldn’t enjoy staying in your new home.

Consult with Professionals

If you have extra funds, hire professionals like Denver cleaners to do the checking and cleaning for you. Eventually, you will see that the money you spent on home maintenance is one of the best decisions you have ever made to keep your house in good condition.

Check Electric Outlets and Appliances

electric outlet maintenance tips

Some homeowners would look into getting professionals to check their electric outlets, wirings, and other electric appliances to avoid any fire or accidents at home. You will eventually find out that having a regular check on these things can be cheaper compared to having to spend a lot when it comes to replacing wires and appliances that are broken.

Know Every Part of Your Home

In case of emergencies, it is always good that you know your house as if it was the back of your hand. Know where emergency lights are and where your utility shut-offs are located Regularly checking them also helps in maintaining your house in its best condition.

Know and Understand your Home’s Foundation

Pressure can sometimes build up and also inflict structural damages to your home’s foundation especially if rain and snow drench the soil around the base of your new home. Any existing cracks can worsen if the pressure isn’t attended immediately and can cost a fortune to fix. 

Regularly Clean Gutters

Gutter cleaning

Always keep your gutters clean and that they should be draining properly. Have it regularly checked by professionals if necessary because clogged gutters can cause all sorts of problems. Water left in gutters can threaten your home’s foundation.

Water in gutters that are left uncleaned especially in cold seasons can form ice dams to build on your roof. It can be a health hazard too as clogged gutters with water stock can be a home for nesting mosquitoes. In the fall, leaves can clog gutters too and can cause numerous problems if uncleaned.

Check Your Detectors

One of the most important home maintenance tips is to check if your detectors are working properly. Replace the batteries and test the detectors’ buttons to be sure they’re always in perfect working condition. 

Create a Checklist if you are Planning to Clean the Whole House

One of the most important home maintenance procedures you can o yourself is a good ol’ house cleaning. If it is left unattended over time, dirt, stains, grime, and molds can cause surface stains, appliances to fail and could also be a health hazard to you and your family. You may need to do the cleaning as often as weekly, monthly, or quarterly especially if you have pets at home.

Drain your Water Heater

Sediment build-up in your water heater can shorten the life of your appliances. It is necessary to clean and remove all sedimentary build-up to avoid any damage. If you are using water from a well, you need to clean and drain your heaters more often as deep well water contains high levels of minerals and these minerals build up as well. 

Plan Before the Snow Season Comes

You might want to consider getting ready before the snowy season. Check nearby professionals that are on-call in any case you would need immediate assistance when it comes to home maintenance due to snow build-up. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little bit more for excellent maintenance service when you need it the most.

Always be ready and equip yourself with the knowledge on how to maintain your home. Always consider hiring professionals too if you can not do the job yourself.