Maintenance Tips for Luxury Mattresses

luxury mattress

Choosing to buy a luxury foam mattress means spending an extra dollar on getting that elusive comfort level.

This mattress is made of the highest quality materials supporting your entire body and making you more comfortable during and after your sleep.

A luxury foam mattress also offers you extra cushioning, making you look forward to resting comfortably.

Thus, it’s critical to take care of it well because you spend extra cash to get additional benefits. Also, taking care of your deluxe mattress lets you enjoy it longer, and ensure healthy living at home.

Here are top maintenance tips for luxury mattresses to help you enjoy your deluxe mattress better and longer. Keep reading to learn more to become a better steward and a happier beneficiary of your luxury mattress.

Top Maintenance Tips for Luxury Mattresses

Mind Your Foundations

Maintenance tips for luxury mattresses

Foundations matter when it comes to your deluxe mattress’s maintenance. Therefore, be careful about the kind of foundations you place your mattress on because some high-end mattresses require specific foundations.

Some require solid support. For example, a king-size bed would require vertical center support so that it doesn’t sag.

Strip Down Your Bed when Leaving for Vacation

You also have to strip down your bed when leaving for vacations that will need you to be away from home for a long time.

This way, your bed will be fully aerated and moisture-free when you take off the bed sheets. Eventually, your luxury foam mattress becomes more breathable and keeps off the odors. 


Vacuum maintenance tips for luxury mattresses

Vacuuming your high-end mattress is another best way of enabling it to serve you better. This cleaning method is soft on your mattress while removing dust and debris.

It also reduces allergens to ensure that you don’t suffer any allergic reaction. This type of cleaning is the best option as it protects your mattress from breeding mold because it doesn’t get wet.

Utilize a Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

Utilizing a mattress protector is another way of maintaining your luxury mattress. It creates a preventive layer that guards you against dirt, dust, and moisture. A protector is ideal, especially if you or those sharing the bed with you are allergic to dust mites or dust particles. 

Moreover, protectors come in different forms. You can buy those that go on the mattress’s top or zippers that enclose it completely. Mattress protector prices and materials also vary. For example, some are made of cotton and cotton blends. 

Rotate and Flip Your Bed 

It’s also critical to rotate and flip your bed after every three or nine months. Here, experts recommend six months as the ideal average duration so that you don’t do it too often or vice versa. 

Sleep experts also advise you to flip and rotate your mattress more often during its initial year. The reason is that most of the mattress’s settling happens during this period to allow for proportional wearing.

When dealing with a new mattress, rotate it end-to-end fortnightly for its initial four months. Afterward, you may start rotating it every six months.

Regular Checkup

Regular checkups are another critical maintenance routine to make your mattress serve you better and for a longer time. If you don’t have the equipment to use for deep cleaning, you can schedule a professional mattress cleaning service and let them do the job. Your bed is just as good or bad as its foundation.

Therefore, maintain it by checking out its castors and legs after every three months to determine if they require tightening. This way, you will be better placed to detect and deal with any repair requirements early.

Careful Handling

Your luxury foam mattress may have straps or handles on its sides. However, it’s critical to note that they aren’t meant for carrying the deluxe mattress. They are designed to help you position your bed when rotating it and position it correctly after setting it on its foundation. 

It’s safer to lift your mattress completely from beneath if you want to move it. Moreover, don’t lift the mattress alone. Get one or two other persons to help you move it. Otherwise, you could compromise your mattress’s safety.

Always carry your mattress on its sides and avoid bending it beyond 15° if you want to move it through doors or around corners. Otherwise, bending it could damage its inner composition and deform it.

Maintaining your deluxe foam mattress is a critical responsibility that enables you to get the best value for your money daily. It keeps your mattress in good shape and helps it last longer so that you can enjoy its services better.

This guide shared some of the leading maintenance tips for luxury mattresses to enable you to maintain your deluxe mattress better. It would be beneficial for you to apply these insights to your maintenance routines.