Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide 2020

best bathroom exhaust fan

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable air in the bathroom by installing the best bathroom exhaust fan. You can’t beat a hot shower toward the end of a long busy day. However, while hot water may do some incredible things for your nerves. It has a contrary impact on your washroom. Particularly if the space isn’t appropriately ventilated.

Over humidity chooses each accessible surface in the space. Causing harm in horde structures, makes cracks in the paint, stripping wallpaper, distorted cabinetry. Likewise, the development of moisture inspires the growth of the mold in drywall and caulking, undermining indoor air quality.

While the best bathroom exhaust fan can help you enjoy comfortable air during summer or winter. A clean bathroom can also offer freshness in the bathroom.

You can ventilate your washroom by opening a window after each shower or shower. But if you don’t have windows in the bathroom, you can install the best bathroom exhaust fan.

The purpose of the bathroom fan is to evacuate excessive moisture to spare your washroom from harm. Kill reflected haze, expel smells, and above all shield your family from mold based medical issues.

Benefits of Using a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The primary advantage of installing the exhaust fan is to expel the moisture out of the washroom. These fan’s main task is to control and dispose of restroom bad odors. Here are a couple of other extra advantages you get by introducing the best exhaust fan for your restroom.

Say Goodbye to Odors

One of the primary purposes behind setting up a bathroom fan is for preventing the bad odor. If a bad smell happens in the washroom. It can without much of a stretch be drawn out with the assistance of a bathroom fan. Subsequently, the ventilation framework will empower you to keep your washroom very much kept up. While offering a perfect climate for the next individual.

To reduce bad odors from the bathroom. It’s also important to keep the bathroom neat and clean by washing it once a week. A best toilet brush is very handy for such a purpose.

Reduces Humidity

Decreasing the moisture in a restroom is imperative for its upkeep. A high level of moisture can unleash ruin on washroom dividers by making paint and wallpaper strip. In outrageous cases, it can even reason for ways to twist! 

In particular, the humidity can make mold gather. These spores can develop quickly and can be hard to dispose of. Accordingly, it is critical to have restroom exhaust fans to keep this from occurring.

Eliminates Airborne Contaminants

Bathrooms are normally cleaned with forceful chemicals. Which can cause an assortment of health problems when breathed in. This is a significant concern particularly for little kids, the old, or those with present lung conditions. 

Moreover, if the restroom is now encountering a mold issue. The fan will assist with expelling the development of spores noticeable in the air. This will likewise assist with hindering the mold’s development rate.

Reduces Foggy Mirror Condition

Bathroom exhaust fans will assist prevent the moisture and expel water fume on the bathroom walls and mirrors. However, installing a fogless shower mirror is also a good idea to experience fog-free mirror view in the bathroom.

6 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan For Big and Small Spaces

Save your restroom from abundance moisture. What’s more, the issues that accompany it. From split paint to mold development. With this purchasing guide and our top pick 6 bathroom exhaust fan according to the various sizes of bathrooms.

  1. Small bathrooms: Delta BreezSlim Bathroom Fan
  2. Midsize bathrooms: Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan with LED Light
  3. Large size bathrooms: BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Fan
  4. For Chilly Baths: Delta Electronics BreezRadiance Bath Fan
  5. Best value: Broan 688 Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  6. Best Splurge: Panasonic WhisperSense Fan with Motion Sense

When purchasing a washroom fan. You’ll locate a wide assortment of choices at each value point. From no bare bones models to the top of the line fans that accompany work in lighting, heaters, and movement sensors. To comprehend the intricate details, keep pursuing our guide for the best bathroom exhaust fans below.

1. Delta BreezSlim Bathroom Fan

Best bathroom exhaust fan

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This restroom fan is splendidly appropriate for the little washrooms. And furthermore, for the pantries and utility rooms, that’s up to 50 sq. ft. It’s difficult to defeat the Delta BreezSlim Bathroom Exhaust Fan. It comes with 50 CFM vent development yet with simply sones of  1.0 noise, you probably won’t understand while it’s working. 

As a house owner you will love this unit for its tranquil activity, yet additionally for its quick moistness expulsion and simplicity of installation (which is done through a 3 inch duct connection). The fan accompanies a limited 1 year guarantee.

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2. Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan with LED Light

best bathroom exhaust fan

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The Akicon ultra noiseless bathroom fan is ideal for the medium size washrooms. You can end seeing foggy mirrors by installing this fan in your bathroom! Rapidly whisk away the restroom steam in spaces traversing 60 to 90 sq. ft. with the powerful Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan.

Because of its implicit LED, the Akicon can supplant a current roof light, whenever wanted. Purchasers give this fan high evaluations for its adequacy and calm activity (1.5 sones). It accompanies a 4-inch duct connection and a 3 year limited warranty.

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3. BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Fan

best bathroom exhaust fan

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This fan is intended to superbly fit in the large washrooms. The BV ultra quiet washroom fan is an exceptionally incredible ventilation fan that expels moistness from restrooms up to 150 sq. ft. Furthermore, at 2 sones, it does as such without seeming like a stream motor! Happy purchasers state the BV Ultra Quiet outflanks costly fans. It accompanies a 4 inch duct connection and a limited warranty of 1 year.

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4. Delta Electronics BreezRadiance Heater/Fan/Light Combo

best bathroom exhaust fan

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If you are tired of temperature change when you step out of a hot shower or shower? Then Delta BreezeRadiance bathroom fan is your perfect option. Thanks to its warming component and programmable indoor regulator, this Delta fan rapidly evacuates humidity in washrooms up to 80 sq. ft. while emanating warmth until the room arrives at a preset temperature all at a delicate 1.5 sones.

The BreezRadiance likewise accompanies a LED light, which can enhance your current restroom lighting. Simply realize that, in light of the fact that the fan incorporates a radiator, it must be wired to a committed electrical circuit. This Delta fan accompanies a 3 year limited guarantee.

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5. Broan 688 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

best bathroom exhaust fan

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This bathroom fan is on our list for it’s best worth. It’s steam expels without the whistles and bells, and without compromising the quality can spare you a pretty penny. Despite the fact that it murmurs more noisily than a portion of its increasingly costly companions, this fundamental Broan works admirably of disposing of moistness and stubborn moisture in restrooms up to 50 sq. ft. 

For roof installation with a 3 inch duct connection, you can mount the fan on an outside wall making it reasonable for manufactured home establishment. It accompanies a 1 year guarantee.

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6. Panasonic WhisperSense Fan with Motion and Humidity Sensing

best bathroom exhaust fan

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The WhisperSense bath fan offers unmatched calm not exactly a murmur of commotion at just .3 sones among other very good quality features. Movement sensors permit the fan to turn on or off when somebody gets in or out the restroom, and dampness sensors do likewise to keep up a preset degree of humidity. 

These highlights make the WhisperSense for all intents and purposes without hands an ideal decision for families with incapacitated or portability limited members. It accompanies a 4 inch duct channel and a limited 3 year warranty.

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Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide: 4 Key Considerations Before You Buy

Size & Power

Bathroom ventilation fan work performance is considered in cubic feet per minute (CFM), which gives the measure of air moved by the fan every moment. The item’s container will list the CFM number, and it will ordinarily give a recommended room size too.

As a home owner you should purchase a fan with a base CFM rating that matches your washroom’s area. For instance, you’ll need a 50 CFM appraised fan for a 50 square foot washroom and a 100 CFM evaluated fan for a 100 square foot restroom.

For more precision, measure your restroom and utilize the following formula:

Length X Width X Height X 0.13 = Suggested CFM

Assume your washroom wide is 8 feet, and length is 10 feet, and high is 8 feet. At that point, you’d duplicate 8 by 10 by 8 by 0.13 for a sum of 83.2. For this situation, a fan with a CFM rating of 80 would likely be adequate for your restroom.

Less Noise

The noise radiated by an exhaust fan is appraised in “sones,” and majority fans sones rating is between the scope of 0.5 to 6.0. The lesser the sones number (normally imprinted on the fan box), the quieter the fan will be while working. Since a sones appraisals of 1.0 think about to the sound of a peaceful cooler, any fan with a sones rating of 1.0 or less is viewed as calm. On the opposite finish of the scale, a sones rating more prominent than 4.0 may be sufficiently noisy to muffle your shower singing.

These days, numerous makers produce exhaust fans that work unobtrusively. In case you’re extremely stressed over the sound, consider introducing a 6 inch ducting connection for your fan as opposed to the standard 4 inch connection. Air can move simpler in a more extensive pipe, so 6 inch conduit puts less strain on the bath fan and considers calmer activity.

Additional Features

Numerous house holders choose a bathroom fan with an incorporated light. These fan and light combinations permit the purchaser to expel their present light and introduce the new apparatus with the current wires, making establishment simple. A portion of these models likewise has motion sensors that naturally transform on the light when somebody enters into the restroom.

Other discretionary highlights in bathroom fans incorporate humidity sensors that enact the fumes fan when the moisture levels arrive at a particular level, the night lights that offer a soft glow for the midnight restroom guests, and inherent heaters that warm the restroom rapidly on the mornings of chilly winter.

Installation and Ducting

When you install a bathroom fan to draw moisture filled air outside of the bathroom, it requires some place to go. Some restroom vents discharge exhaust into a home’s loft; in any case, this arrangement isn’t perfect, since abundance moisture in the attic can prompt mold related issues. Hence house holders ought to select to vent their restroom fans to the outside.

If your house bathroom is situated on the first story of a multiple level home, you’ll need to vent the air through the side of your home. A standard roof mounted fan is reasonable for this kind of venting, as long as you can run the ducting through the roof joists to an outside wall.

If you are not able to run ducting through the joists, and if your washroom has at least one outside wall, you can introduce a wall mounted fan that pushes the fumes legitimately outside of the house.

For any restroom situated on the floor legitimately underneath the storage room, your most solid option is to guide the vented air to the upper room and afterward, by using ducting, through the soffit under the rooftop’s eave or through a vent pipe in the rooftop.

Homeowners ought to introduce another washroom fan between the toilet and shower, in a zone of the roof with no hindering joists or channels. Substitution fans ought to be installed in a similar area as the current fan. Remember that bigger washrooms may require numerous fans to viably ventilate the space.

Fans with included features, for example, lights, warmers, and nightlight may require extra wires or an assigned circuit to work. Follow manufacturer’s rules for explicit bearings, and counsel a circuit repairman if you would like.

Common Bathroom Fan Installation Issues and Fixes

Nowadays most homes accompany exhaust fans previously introduced, not every one of them is successful. So as to benefit from your restroom fan, it is imperative to install one that will give the entirety of the vital capacities.

There are numerous purposes behind utilizing bathroom exhaust fans, numerous individuals regularly neglect to do as such. As a rule, this is on the grounds that the fan is noisy and irritating. This is a typical issue that happens when the fan isn’t appropriately installed.

Poor establishment likewise frequently includes an absence of protection, which can make the heat escape into the upper room. Luckily, the entirety of this can be maintained a strategic distance using the suitable exhaust fan and the correct installation.

Here we combined 4 steps to help you determine the proper installation of the best bathroom exhaust fan.

Step 1: Fan Size

If your bathroom fan provider suggests the measurement of CFMs on square feet, enhance the formula: Length x Width = Square Feet. If your exhaust fan manufacturer suggests the measurement of CFMs on cubic feet enhance the formula:  Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet. 

And few will enhance the measurement like this; Length x Width x Height x .13 = Count of CFMs (round up to nearest 10).

Step 2: Decide Venting Way of the Air

You should decide to vent outside the exhaust fan.

Step 3: Consider Electrical Options

If you cannot keep up with the electrical setup, ask for an electrician.

Step 4: Remove the Old Exhaust Fan

You can remove the exhaust fan using various options to accomplish this section.

Option 1 includes exhaust fan mounting with the attic access.

Option 2 includes attic access without mounting. 

It’s your call which option is better for your present condition.  

Bathroom fans are an important element that you should not disregard in your home. It is crucial that you must set up a high quality exhaust fan, so that you may ensure you have made a worthy investment.

10 Steps to Take Care of a Bathroom Fan

To take of your home bathroom fan follow these 10 steps for dirt free and mold free fan:

  1. Switch the fan off from the circuit breaker or switch. No electricity permitted.
  2. Expel the cover. Pull down the cover of the fan tenderly. If you see a metal spring/pins clips on each side, squeeze tenderly to discharge the fan cover. You may see only a tab relying upon the model.
  3. Now wash the cover of the fan with warm water and soap in a sink. Or you can also use a hand vacuum to wash the vent cover.
  4. Unplug the apparatus.
  5. Considering your fan model, remove all motors and screws that are visible. (Because you are about to perform a deep cleaning)
  6. Wash the blades of the fan and motor parts surrounding the area using a damp cloth. If you are unable to take the motor out, you can simply vacuum inside the fan lodging and in the motor surrounding area.
  7. Clean the fumes vent and the surrounding region. Leave everything until it dries out completely and before changing your vent cover.
  8. Now reinstall the exhaust fan. 
  9. Switch on the electricity back.
  10. Experience an efficient, and cleaner exhaust.

Common Questions About Bathroom Fan (FAQ)

How many CFM are needed for a bathroom fan?

The dependable guideline is that you need in any event 1 CFM per square foot of the room region. To decide the area of your washroom, multiply length times with the width. For instance, if your washroom is 6 feet wide and 9 feet in length, its area is 54. In this manner, it ought to have a fan evaluated for at least 54 ​CFM.

Is it bad to oversize a bathroom exhaust fan?

Every bathroom vent fans are evaluated for the measure of air they can move, estimated in cubic feet every minute, or CFM. Standard fan estimating applies to washrooms that are about 100 square ft or less. The general guideline is that you require at any rate 1 CFM per square foot of room zone. To begin with, it’s a smart thought to oversize the fan somewhat.

What is the highest CFM bathroom fan?

434 CFM. Include the high capacity Broan 434 CFM ventilation fan to your washroom to ventilate air and assist the growth of the mildew. The fan highlights 2.3 sones for calm activity and vents dampness in restrooms up to 390 sq. ft.

What is the best bathroom fan heater?

Here is our top pick best bathroom fan heater we have determined by the various sizes of the bathrooms:

  1. Small bathrooms: Delta BreezSlim Bathroom Fan
  2. Midsize bathrooms: Akicon Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan with LED Light
  3. Large size bathrooms: BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Fan
  4. For chilly bathrooms: Delta Electronics BreezRadiance Heater/Fan/Light Combo
  5. Best value: Broan 688 Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  6. Best Splurge: Panasonic WhisperSense Fan with Motion and Humidity Sensing

In the End:

In ending the math simple, if you take good care of your bathroom exhaust fan, it will take good care of your washroom’s air. Your home comprises of warming and cooling frameworks that are basic to the solace and prosperity of your home and works out in a good way beyond your washroom.

The ventilation system is a part of HVAC (ventilation, heating, and cooling) that gives solace and great air quality. It’s critical to pick an HVAC company that comprehends the right ventilation just as warming and cooling.