How To Choose A Plumbing Company: 8 Questions To Ask

choosing a plumbing company

When you’re managing a home or a building, you’re inevitably going to run into problems. And you either solve it or hire someone to do it for you.

One common problem that any residential or commercial building manager will face is an issue with the plumbing system.

Unless you have any experience working with pipes, you’d be better off calling a plumbing company to do repairs or conduct regular maintenance.

If you’re not confident in your DIY plumbing skills, you shouldn’t hesitate to leave this task to expert plumbing companies.

Because plumbing problems can happen quite frequently. It also follows that you’ll want to hire the best so you always have someone to call whenever a problem comes along.

Especially if you’re in the State of Virginia, searching for the top Winchester plumbing company should be a no-brainer.

While there are so many plumbing companies in your local area, some might not provide you with the quality service you need.

You need to do your part in narrowing your options, so you have no less than the best as your trusted contact.

You can only pursuit this through adequate research and by going through each option as thoroughly as possible.

When you are thinking about how to choose a plumbing company? Be sure to ask these questions first, so you hire no less than the best:

How To Choose A Plumbing Company: 8 Questions To Ask

1. Is Your Fee A Flat Rate Or Is It Hourly?

One of the first questions that anyone will ever have to ask when hiring professionals is the fee. This is common, as you’ll want to be certain that you can afford the plumbing company’s fees.

In this regard, it’s also important to understand that high fees don’t necessarily equate to good service. If you take the time to search around for at least three to five companies.

You’ll be able to compare the rates and weigh them with the services they offer, the number of years in service, reputation, and quality of work.

Since not all plumbing companies have the same rates, they’ll also have different payment schedules. Some will charge you by the hour, while others will charge you a flat fee, depending on the nature of the work that has to be done.

There really is no best choice to this, as it boils on a matter of preference and which option will be cheaper for you.

2. Are You A Licensed Professional?

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Asking about whether the plumber is a licensed professional may seem like a redundant thing to do, but you might be surprised to know that there are still plumbing companies that may have unlicensed staff.

These are those who are trying to skirt the law or perhaps have already started operating while still in the process of training and licensing.

Given the extent of plumbing problems in a structure, don’t skimp on the license requirements. Among all other considerations you should value, licenses and certifications should weigh the most.

With a licensed plumbing company, you have that guarantee you’re hiring a group of experts. And should anything go wrong, you can also file legal claims.

It’s difficult to file a case against an entity that doesn’t have even a license. Along with that, here are other compelling reasons why you must hire a licensed professional:

  • They Can Offer Safe Services: They know the ins and outs of plumbing systems in the safest way possible.
  • They Can Protect Against Future Problems: As licensed plumbers, they won’t just focus on the problem they’re asked to solve. They’ll also find ways to fix any issue you might face in the future.
  • They Have Professional Training: This means that they’re updated with the latest techniques and skills in most modern plumbing systems and even the outdated ones.

3. Do You Have A Contract?

A good plumbing company will always secure your expectations, obligations, and rights in writing. This means that before they ask for payment and before you hire, they should present you with a contract for the job.

This contract is even more important if your purpose for hiring the plumbing is for a bigger job like if you were preparing plumbing works for a commercial project.

Not only will a contract stipulate how much money is to be paid by the client and what services the plumbing company will render, but a contract also safeguards both parties—in case of nonpayment or an unfinished job.

This lays every obligation crystal clear, so there’s no room for any false expectations. If a problem arises during the plumbing project, the proper remedies are also laid out in the contract.

Most importantly, having a contract ensures you get everything as promised. An outline of the inclusions of the plumbing job is also included along with the price of each job.

This contract can then save either party from any legal troubles in case one party claims the other didn’t keep their end of the bargain. A contract ensures transparency, and transparency builds trust in hiring service providers.

4. Are You Insured?

Insurance protects you, as the homeowner or building owner, from anything that can go wrong while the plumbing works are ongoing.

You need to have protection; otherwise, problems, while the plumbing works take place, can mean unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s a bonus to put your trust in a plumbing company that’s protected by some form of liability insurance.

With this type of insurance, when the plumbing company causes property damage, it’s the insurance that pays for and covers the damage done to your property.

Liability insurance also has coverage for any worker that may suffer an injury on the job. This can give homeowners the peace of mind that they’re free from any potential legal liabilities brought about by the plumbing works.

5. Do You Have Photos Or Samples Of Previous Client Work?

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A testament to a plumbing company’s experience is the quality of previous work they did to other clients. While you can’t go to their previous clients’ homes and see for yourself what the plumbing company completed.

You can always make that judgment through before-and-after photos. It doesn’t hurt to take that extra step of asking for samples or photos of previous work done.

Professional plumbers will have a portfolio of their work. This should include the photos and feedback from previous clients. Going through the plumbing company’s portfolio can help shape your decision as to whether or not they’re worth hiring.

6. Do You Offer A Warranty?

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A warranty is different from liability insurance. Even if the plumbing company is covered by liability insurance, this doesn’t mean that a warranty also exists.

The liability insurance covers protection for damage done during the plumbing project. The warranty, however, refers to any damage that may occur within a certain timeframe after the plumbing company completes a project.

With a warranty, this means that the plumbing company must return and fix those problems for free for as long as it’s still within the period. Not all companies will have warranties, so be sure to ask before signing any agreement.

7. What Are Your Specialties?

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Different plumbing companies have their respective specialties. And no matter how good or reputable a specific plumbing company is, if their specialties don’t match to complete the job in your home or building, then they won’t be able to fix your plumbing issues.

You’ll also have more guarantees if the plumbing company you’re considering can do a wide variety of plumbing jobs.

Here are some plumbing jobs that your chosen company should be able to offer you:

  • Pipe and plumbing duct assembly, installation, and repair
  • Water heater or boiler installation
  • Plumbing fixture (toilets, sinks, faucets, tubs, etc.) installation and repair
  • Pressure pump and tank gauge inspection and testing
  • General plumbing fixes such as getting rid of any drain obstructions

8. How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

Another factor to determine expertise is the number of years the plumbing company is in service. The longer a plumbing company has been in the industry, the more they’ve practiced and honed their skills.

This extensive and long-standing history of service in your community can also mean that they’ve already established a good reputation in the community.

If a company isn’t trustworthy and reputable, it’s normal they won’t last that long in service in your area.

So if they’ve stood the test of time and the coming and going of new plumbing companies, that fact speaks a lot about the company’s experience.


No matter your home or project’s size, it’s not worth skimping on your plumbing company quality. A structure’s plumbing works is one of the most significant parts of any structure, so you have to get this right.

When you’re working with the best, you get good results for a reasonable price. And this also allows you to have someone to call whenever the need arises.

With a bad plumbing company, you’re risking your property’s plumbing works and you’re wasting time and money. When you are planning how to choose a plumbing company, it’s a good idea to ask the right questions. The list of questions in this post should help guide you.

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