What Type of Cover To Get for Indoor Pool Cover?

Indoor Pool Cover
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If you plan to go away on vacation or take a weekend break, it’s a smart move to keep your indoor pool covered.

Pools, both indoor and outdoor can lose huge amounts of energy in different ways, including evaporation. Covered pools prevent excessive loss of water through evaporation and you won’t have to fill your pool that often.

The other great advantage is that a pool winter cover provides safer winterization. For your pool and protects occupants, children, and pets from accidental drowning if they slip and fall into the pool.

Facts About Indoor Pool Cover

The space that houses the pool needs ventilation to control indoor room humidity. And the ventilated air has to be conditioned. This adds to your maintenance costs. When you have to keep the air-con on even if you’re away from home.

Another factor pool heating costs because indoor pools usually kept heated for swimming at night or during the cold or rainy season. You can save up to 70% on heating costs.

If you keep the pool covered when it’s not in use. When the pool is not in use, you can also turn off the exhaust fans and that can add to the savings.

Most people are unaware that the acid-alkalinity balance or pH is a factor in the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water. This gas gradually released into the air upsetting the pool’s chemical balance. You can prevent this with a pool cover.

From a safety point of view, it’s wise to keep the indoor pool covered when not in use. This can prevent accidents, especially at night, if you have an unexpected power outage. It’s possible to trip or slip and fall into an open pool in the dark.

What To Look For In Pool Covers

Technically speaking, all you need is a large sheet of tarp or plastic to cover your indoor pool. But apart from looking tacky. It’s difficult to handle and not very durable.

It can shred or tear easily and you need special weights along the sides to keep it in place. It’s better to purchase a purpose-built pool cover.

Material: used is usually UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. Available in clear and transparent form, and in different light/dark colors. Thick, bubble (solar) covers may have UV-inhibitors. Vinyl covers may have an inbuilt layer of insulation. Foam covers are suitable for indoor pools. As the ambient temperature is higher and they retain heat better.

Operation: Manual, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic covers are available with a reel on wheels to roll away the cover. Some may have tracks along the pool-side and can support a reasonable amount of weight on top (animals or children).

Size and Shape: These are based on your pool requirements. It’s important to get a few feet extra for proper fastening to the deck or poolside. The cover needs to be stretched out completely and tightly clamped down for best results.

Warranty: Ensure that you get a long warranty period with your pool-cover. This depends on the brand, manufacturer, price, and quality. Cheaper products don’t have a good warranty.

Choosing The Right Type of Cover

Keeping your own unique preferences, requirements, and budget in mind, some of the available choices include:


1. WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover

Indoor Pool Cover WaterWarden

The WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover is a great choice to cover your pool when it’s not in use. If you have kids and pets, or seniors who may lose their balance around the pool. This product is designed for safety and durability.

It is manufactured from 2-ply strapping, with triple-stitching for long-lasting strength. It features stainless-steel springs, non-corrosive aluminum tips. And PVC sleeves, with abrasion-resistant pads to prevent wear and tear. Installation hardware is included. And it’s available in several different sizes and in blue mesh.

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2. Robelle 3324-4 Platinum Winter Pool Cover

Robelle Indoor Pool Cover

This winter pool-cover is designed for traditional, round, above-ground pools. Cover sizes range from 12 to 33 ft pool-sizes. Made from extra-heavy-duty polyethylene. It features a 4-foot overlap around the sides of the pool for extra protection.

Price includes a winch and cable. The material is high-quality, thick, and durable and has a wide scrim. The cover can withstand high speed winds without tearing, stretching, fraying, or lifting off. It is more than sufficient for mild winters and can take lower and higher temperatures quite easily too.

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3. In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools

24 Foot Round Pool

This solid, round pool cover has a convenient 8×8 foot scrim around the edge that provides complete coverage. Ideal for a 24 foot round pool, this cover is made from top quality laminated polyethylene sheeting.

The cover also has a tough and durable, high-density polyethylene stitching for extra strength. The package is inclusive of a cable and turn-buckle for convenient opening and closing.

You’ll find it the perfect solution for winter coverage. Lightweight, easy to handle,  it comes with a 1-year full guarantee, with an 8-year pro-rated warranty, and offers good value at an affordable price. If you live in an area with heavy windy storms, this is the right choice.

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4. Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover – Blue

Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover

Stylish, durable, and tough, the Blue Wave 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover is affordable and lightweight. You can put it on or take it off in a matter of five minutes.

Made of strong and long-lasting two-ply mesh with a break strength of more than 4000 lbs, this cover can support the weight of kids and animals without breaking or sagging.

It comes with all the installation hardware for concrete decking and fastenings. The fine-quality mesh allows rain-water to pass through but not debris, twigs, or leaves. The item ships to select countries outside the US.

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