Transform Your Studio Apartment into A Royal Castle

royal castle feature

When you are healthy living in a small space, it can be hard to feel anything but cramped.

But with the right design tricks and ideas, your studio apartment can feel more like a royal castle.

From glass partitions to sliding glass doors, here are twelve ways that you can use to transform your studio apartment into a royal castle.

1. Use Mirrors Everywhere

transform your studio apartment into a royal castle

Mirrors are essential for minimizing empty spaces while keeping Crystalia warm and inviting. If there is ever a wall with no purpose, cover it up with a mirror.

This draws the viewer’s attention to the beautiful crystal chandelier you spent all day trying to get just right. There is nothing like transform your studio apartment into a royal castle grow out of your old bachelor pad!

2. Use Glass Partitioning

transform your studio apartment into a royal castle

Glass partitioning is one of the most popular design tricks when it comes to transforming tiny spaces. It gives the illusion of bigger space while accommodating smaller rooms by allowing natural light to flow through easily.

You can divide up areas with glass partitioning to become more flexible, as glass is transparent and easy to see through. You could also use glass partitioning to divide your living room from your kitchen.

As a solution for an open-plan apartment if you don’t want to sacrifice the space. Using glass partitioning will transform your studio apartment into a royal castle with a highly functional place where you can entertain guests without sacrificing any space.

3. Add a Sliding Glass Door

sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors are another great design trick that allows for flexibility in your home without sacrificing too much of the precious space you have been given.

A glass sliding door allows light to enter from outside and gives the illusion of an open window. If you choose to put one in between your bedroom and bathroom, then it’ll feel like you’re waking up outdoors every day, only to head back indoors for a hot shower.

4. Use Glass Furniture

transform your studio apartment into a royal castle

Glass furniture is one of the most popular trends in home design right now because glass allows light to pass through easily, and glass makes any space feel much bigger than it is.

The glass furniture trend has been around for a long time, but glass coffee tables are the centerpiece of the look. There are many different types of glass coffee tables available.

So you can find something that fits perfectly with your style, whether modern or traditional. Glass furniture is perfect for small spaces since it won’t take away from the light inside your studio apartment.

5. Get Rid of Carpets or Rugs All Together

Get Rid of Carpets

Carpets can be extremely difficult to clean, especially when you live in small spaces. Not only are glass coffee tables easier to clean, but glass furniture is easy to maintain with glass cleaner, and glass shelves can be wiped down effortlessly.

If you like the way carpet makes your space feel, opt for glass rugs instead of a thick wool rug that can be hard to clean and will take up valuable floor space.

6. Use Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are perfect for studio apartments since they allow you to have more room without sacrificing too much wall space. They’re perfect for those of you who share the wardrobe with your partner by giving you access to twice as much space without having glass doors all along one wall.

They work by having the mirror on one side and the wardrobe on the other so that when you slide it open, it reveals the whole wardrobe at once rather than just half of it. It also allows you to see any clothes on the floor inside, which makes cleaning a lot easier as it’s easy to spot what needs picking up.

7. Use Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are another glass furniture trend that has been popular in homes for a while now, and they work brilliantly in studio apartments due to their ability to allow light through glass shelves.

Suppose a glass coffee table is too bold for you. In that case, glass shelves offer a way for glass furniture to live just underneath your coffee table, which can be just as effective to transform your studio apartment into a royal castle.

8. Use Glass Dining Tables and Glass Coffee Table

glass dining table

If glass furniture isn’t your style, but you do want to use glass in your studio apartment, then glass dining tables and glass coffee tables are a much subtler way of doing so. Suppose you’re someone who enjoys eating in the living room area.

In that case, a glass dining table will sit well with this type of setup while ensuring that it doesn’t take away from the space you have been given. Glass dining tables come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles to suit any design taste or home decor.

9. Keep Walls White

If you’re looking for ways to make your studio apartment feel bigger without spending too much money on expensive interiors, then simply painting your walls white is a guaranteed way to transform your studio apartment into a royal castle and feel bigger.

It’s also not as expensive or difficult to paint glass walls as you may think! White reflects light, and glass allows light from the outside, making glass the perfect foil for white walls.

10. Bring in Natural Light With Large Windows

large windows

The benefits of large windows are immense. If you want your studio apartment to feel bigger because natural light will flood into the space, making glass ideal for letting light through a room.

If you have sliding glass doors, then this means that your whole room has been transformed into an indoor-outdoor living space which opens up so many more possibilities on how you can use glass partitions to turn your studio apartment into an oasis of glass and sunshine.

11. Use Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are yet another brilliant way of bringing more light into your studio apartment while doubling up as storage too. Mirrors reflect light off their surface, which causes them to act as windows, and they work particularly well when used next to sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass door wardrobes work particularly well in studio apartments because glass is already a predominant feature, and glassworks even more effectively when glass doors and mirrored glass walls come together.

12. Use Glass Kitchen Table Tops

Kitchen glass table tops are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to bring some glass into your studio apartment, glass kitchen tables can be a great option because they allow you to sit at your kitchen table while also seeing what is going on in the rest of your home through your glass partitions.

This means that glass kitchen tables not only help to separate different areas within your home without closing them off, but they allow you to keep up with all of the comings and goings in the house.

So if someone comes in or goes out of their glass partition, you will be able to see them immediately, which is an excellent solution for glass partitions that don’t have glass doors.


When you feel like your living space is too small, it can be hard to think outside the box. If your apartment feels cramped or drab, consider decorating with a medieval theme that will make any studio look bigger and brighter.

You could use unique wall decorations such as a sleek sword centerpiece to make a statement. As a rule of thumb, use big or bulky and colorful d├ęcor pieces sparingly to avoid making your studio apartment look cramped.

There are many ways to transform an otherwise ordinary room into something extraordinary, from tapestries to rugs. To learn more about improving your studio apartment, you can visit this site.