Commercial Glass Doors – Do They Need To Be Replaced?

Quality commercial glass doors can help to keep a store’s content safe and protected, and it can provide passers-by with a clear insight into what the shop is selling or offering.

This can help to boost foot traffic and revenue. Inferior glass can be detrimental to the overall success of a business. Here are some signs that your commercial or interior glass doors need replacing.

What is commercial glass?

Commercial glass is the application of glass in a commercial building such as a restaurant, retail store, office building, etc. It normally consists of a pane of glass, framing, and waterproofing. Here you can get an overview of what is commercial glass in brief.

What factors can affect the integrity of commercial glass doors?

commercial glass doors

When the correct glass you will use for the setting, and if you can run the installation process by an expert glazier, you can expect your commercial glass doors to last for a very long time with no issues. Here are some factors that can cause commercial glass deterioration:

  1. Exposure to harsh conditions such as extreme winds or hail
  2. Constant exposure to UV rays
  3. Poor maintenance
  4. The wrong type of glass has been used for the job
  5. The glass is old and doesn’t meet current Australian standards
  6. Inferior installation
  7. Low-quality products were used
  8. Vandalism
  9. General wear and tear
  10. Accidental damage or break-ins

Some of the signs mentioned above are more visually obvious than others. Here is a rundown of some of less than obvious signs and what to look for:

Energy loss

If you are running a store, shop, or alternative, there’s a good chance that you have the air-conditioning going during the warmer months.

The type of glass you have can affect how well your system works. Low-quality glass doesn’t offer much in terms of energy efficiency and will let heat transfer through the panes of glass with ease.

This can make your business hotter in summer and colder in winter, and as a result, you’ll typically have to run your heating and cooling for longer to get the space to a comfortable temperature.

This will most certainly result in higher energy bills. Some signs that your windows are not energy efficient are drafts and condensation.

Glass that does not meet Australian Standards

If your store has its original glass and the building is older, there’s a high possibility that it doesn’t meet current Australian Safety Standards for toughened glass.

safety standards glass

Standard glass is easier to break and when it does, it breaks into large sharp shards which can be extremely dangerous. This not only puts your business at an increased risk of burglaries, but it can be a hazard to your staff and customers. As a business owner, you should always ensure your glass meets current safety standards.

Your products near windows are fading

Again, older glass doesn’t offer much protection in the way of heat transfer, and it also does not stop UV rays from passing through the panes of glass and onto whatever is behind them.

It’s not uncommon to see faded products in the window when this type of glass is in place. This can cause you to lose money through damaged goods and to avoid the products from fading.

You typically have to move them away from the window, and this can decrease the amount of foot traffic your business sees daily due to a lack of interest at the front of the shop. If this is happening at your workplace, it is time to upgrade the glass so you can display your products again, fade-free.

You’re spending more on maintenance

It is normal to want to repair something rather than replace it altogether. It’s typically cheaper and prevents unnecessary waste but, when you are spending more on maintenance to keep your windows in working order, it is probably time to upgrade them with new ones.

What is the best glass for commercial use?

best commercial glass doors

Safety Glass

Safety glass is a general term used to describe glass that’s safer and offers better security. It comes in various styles some include clear, tinted, or frosted.

It is commonly used in commercial settings as it is stronger, more resistant to force, and if it breaks, it does so in a less hazardous manner. Here are some safety glass types that are suitable for commercial use:

  1. Laminated glass
  2. Wired glass
  3. Security glass
  4. Tempered glass

To determine which type is best suited to your business, it’s a good idea to have a chat with a reputable glazing team such as ours here at True Blue Glass. They can run you through your options to find an ideal fit.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is strong and offers greater thermal protection. It is another suitable choice for commercial applications. Here are some insulated glass choices:

  1. Dual-pane glass
  2. Treated glass
  3. Gas-filled glass

Choosing this type of glass can lower your business running costs by allowing your heating and cooling to perform more efficiently.

The glass at your store/building is a customer’s first impression of your company, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. Old and weathered glass can reflect poorly on your business.

Commercial glass is typically exposed to high-use and extreme weather, so it needs to be able to withstand these conditions to be safe and functional.

If you need new commercial glass doors, contact our highly skilled team of glaziers here at True Blue Glass. We specialize in both residential and commercial glass, and we would love to help if we can.