Guide to Hire a Plumber for a Residential Pipe Repair

pipe repair

We all know when you hire a plumber that’s because you have an issue with the plumbing in your home. These guys will fix your kitchen pipes, sinks, and even your toilet pipes; yep, they are that selfless.

According to a report, there are 128,861 Plumbers businesses in the United States of America. That doesn’t account for the total number of plumbers that work for the 128,861 businesses that were recorded.

While this is a good thing, it presents a little confusion trouble for the person seeking to hire a plumber due to the many available options. Hence, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of what you want to look out for when you go searching to hire this kind of professional.

Therefore, our job in this article is to guide you as you make your decision. We will provide you with relevant information and the best plumbing tips that will make the decision process less challenging.

Guide to Hire a Plumber

Plumber Qualifications and Skills

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the first thing they should be concerned about when they are about to hire a professional is the cost of the service. However, this area you should consider after you are certain that the professional you want to give the job is fully capable of it.

The qualifications of the plumber are the factors that even determine how much their services will cost. For example, a much more experienced and qualified plumber is bound to charge higher for their services than one who has less experience and qualification. 

Therefore, in this section, we will discuss the qualifications and skills a good plumber should have.

1. Training

hire a plumber training

In this field, the professionals are not usually college graduates. Most of them learn the skill through trade schools or apprenticeships. As an apprentice, they understudy a master plumber or journeyman for a period of 3 to 5 years. The apprenticeship includes coursework that they must successfully pass after which they become fully-fledged plumbers.

Therefore, when you want to hire this kind of professional, ask them for their training certificates as most apprenticeships give such certificates. This will assure you that they learned the trade indeed. 

2. License

The plumbing industry is among the industries that are heavily regulated in America. Hence, to provide these kinds of services, the individual must have a license. While the requirements differ according to states, the regulations are everywhere. 

To get a license the applicant must have adequate experience, obtain current training and also keep up with trends within the industry. Therefore, the process eliminates individuals that don’t measure up thereby ensuring that only qualified plumbers are licensed. 

With the license, the professional also has bonding and insurance as mandated by the state. Hence, any damages to your home during the repair will not be at your expense. 

Therefore, ask the professional if they are licensed and get the proof of the license before hiring a plumber

3. Insurance

hire a plumber insurance

While it is expected that a licensed plumber should have state-required insurance, the professional must still have general liability insurance. This is important as damages might happen during the repair. In such cases, the professional should have insurance in place to take care of such eventuality to save you from footing the bills.

Therefore, ask them for insurance proof. If they don’t have or refuse to show it to you, do not hire them no matter how good they are. In effect, the fact that they don’t have insurance is proof that they aren’t that good. 

4. JourneyPerson or Non-JourneyPerson

The term “journeyperson” or “journeyman”, as explained here, refers to a craftsperson that is proficient in their field, passed through apprenticeship, and also passed the state licensure exam. This individual usually has an occupational license in their possession. 

A “non-journey person”, on the other hand, is an individual still in apprenticeship training. Alternatively, it could be a professional that hasn’t gotten the state license. Check here 

The best option will be to select a journeyperson especially if the job you have in mind is quite complex. However, if the job is relatively simple, you can allow a non-journey person to handle it. Since you want a residential pipe repair, a non-journey person should be able to do the job.

5. Master Plumber

hire a master plumber

Master Plumbers are journeypersons who have worked in this capacity for 5 consistent years, possess additional education, training, and have taken the exam that enables them to get this higher certification

The certification test makes sure that the professional is well knowledgeable regarding state and federal regulations, advanced plumbing abilities, and building codes. While the certification costs more money and time, it ensures that the professional is very qualified to perform different plumbing jobs.

As a result of all these, Master Plumbers charge more than others, and they charge per hour. Hence, if you are hiring these folks, you should prepare to pay more.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber

When you begin your search, search for local companies to ensure that you can easily reach them. Ask your family, friends, and even colleagues for recommendations. Ensure that you also research the license as well as the insurance information of the professional via the Department of Labor in your state. 

After you got potential professionals, ask them the following and other related and relevant questions:

  1. Do you have a license to operate?
  2. Do you have general liability insurance?
  3. Can you give me references to contact?
  4. How experienced are you with residential pipe repairs
  5. Can you provide a written estimate for the job?

From the answers they provide, you should be able to determine if they are qualified for the plumbing job. 

Before you settle on a price, ensure that you compare the price with other plumbers. This will give you an idea of the price range for the job which will ensure you don’t get a rip off.


When you hire a plumber it shouldn’t be so difficult if you follow the tips and information we shared above. Always ensure that you get a written agreement regarding payment and other vital issues. With that in hand, no party can cheat you since there is proof.