4 Great Ways to Make Windows Look Nice

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Windows are a must-have in any room. They enable the needed light to enter the room. In today’s world, people prefer big beautiful windows to make windows look nice. The bigger, the better. This enables one to experience an indoor/outdoor aesthetic. 

Yet, with such designs, most individuals face the predicament of having their privacy compromised. This is especially if the houses or offices are close to each other.

You may wonder if there are ways you can follow to make windows look nice. Yet still, be able to do their business without prying eyes. No matter how close the neighbors are, you will still have privacy. Four of those ways include the following:

Frost the glass on the windows

make windows look nice with frost glass

Frost the glass is an amazing way to make windows look nice. This is a method of turning the transparent window panes into frosted ones. By frosting, the glass of your windows will still allow the light to come into the room.

Yet, people from outside the house will not be able to see what is going on inside. This effect is in use in the majority of household’s shower doors.

You can frost the windows of any room that you want. There are no exceptions. You can buy already frosted glass from a factory or glass shop and put it in your windows. However, if you want to save money but still upgrade your window treatment, you can do it at home. 

This look you can achieve by using window adhesives or spray paints. You will decide to make the frost either temporary or permanent. You should take the necessary precautions if you decide to DIY the process. Ensure you have a mask on while using the spray paints and wear gloves.

There are 3 types of frosted glass to choose from for your windows.

A satin glass-This method combines two other methods: sandblasting and acid–etching. Combining the two will result in a frosted glass that can blur what is happening in the room. One would be able to see figures moving around but not be able to tell who they are.

Acid-etched glass-To achieve this type of frosted glass, the acid is etched on the surface of the glass. This usually results in a smooth-looking uniform texture. Even though this type of frost creates a heavy blur in the glass, light is still will be visible in the room.

The sandblasted glass-This effect usually is achieved by spraying sand on the glass. This technique will give it an uneven frosted look. The glass will also be rough to the touch.

Drape the windows

make windows look nice

Drapes or curtains are being using on windows for a very long time. This is another amazing way to make windows look nice. A considerable percentage of people use curtains /drapes in homes, unlike office buildings. Drapes can come in different sizes according to the window that you need to treat. 

Whether one wants the drapes to be long or short depends on the function of the room and their sense of style. The room’s function also dictates whether the curtains need to be thick for total blackouts or a bit sheer. 

You can control the amount of privacy or light you want in the room at any given time by drawing the curtains open or closed.

For the best quality curtains for your windows, you can go shopping or visit VisionBedding for example. They have a wide array of curtains to choose from. The quality that they have is very unique to others. You will find themed, patterned, and colored, among many other types of curtains there. 

They will customize the curtains for the specific windows. You will also be able to get beddings and linens that will enable you to elevate the style of the room. 

Cling filming the windows

This is another excellent way to make windows look nice. This system allows you of getting privacy within a home or office without disrupting the flow of light.

You can buy cling films and paste them by yourself without much hassle. Before buying the cling film, you should know what you want it to do for you.

Uses of cling films

To protect against UV rays-They can be put on doors and windows at home. 

Scratch resistance: If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, you may have experienced scratched doors, windows, and furniture. This cling film design is helpful to prevent the contact of the animal’s paws with the glass panes. 

Below are some of the cling films that you can get,

Tapeless static cling film-This is a lightweight film that sticks to any surface. It does that while still allowing light in the room.

Adhesive window film-It is very durable and easy to install. It is the best option for people with pets because it doesn’t scratch. It doesn’t stain and also has UV protection.

Pre-taped masking film– It is commonly used in the construction industry. It helps painters curb over sprays and paint drips.

The pressure-sensitive surface film-This film shouldn’t be placed on a window that generally gets direct sunlight. Hence, it has some impact resistance and can protect the glass panes from breaking. 

Putting blinds on the window

window blinds

Blinds are another way that you can make your windows opaque while still looking stylish. There are many different types of blinds that one can choose from to match their sense of style. Like the cling film, blinds you can fix on the window itself. 

Some of the blinds include,

Solar Screen– As the name suggests, this type of blind filters the amount of heat from the sun. Even though it does that, you can still see through it. Most individuals use it in office buildings.

Vertical Blinds-One can control the amount of light that can come into the room by rotating the slats. They look great whether at home or in the office.

Roll-up Blinds– This type of blind is operated by pulling the slings on either left or right sides. They tend to have a natural look when materials like bamboo are in use.

Sheer Blinds– The way sheer blinds are designed enables them to control the amount of light that is desired in the room. To achieve that, the angles between the horizontal stripes you should adjust. You can find sheer blinds made of screens, blackouts, or dim outs.

Venetian Blinds-Venetians blinds tend to come in wooden materials or PVC. The blinds have chains on both sides that you can use to control the amount of light coming through the room.


These are a few of the ways that you can achieve a nice opaque treatment for your windows. They will not compromise on the primary function of the window, which is to bring in light. 

These treatments will elevate the way the windows look and the room in general. If your windows are drab and need some sprucing, you should consider these options.