Things to Know Before Installing Picture or Fixed Windows

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They say that people don’t stumble on mountains but pebbles. This maxim means that small and often ignored things in life can have grave consequences.

This principle also applies when you need to make a window buying decision from a reputable supplier like Window World of Oahu. The reason is that some window designs look similar, but they differ in many ways. A perfect picture or fixed window can make your home interior design awesome.

Although differentiating these two designs is critical to giving you the best value for your money, time, and energy, some homeowners have difficulties differentiating these two window designs.

Don’t worry if you have such challenges because this informative post will educate and walk you through their differences. So, stay put to learn the things before making a window buying decision. You can also check this website for good window buying supplies:


picture window above sink

First, these two window designs differ by position. For instance, you can place a picture window above your sink. You may also install it in your dining room, master bedroom, or living rooms. This strategic placement makes this window design a perfect tool for showcasing your outdoors’ view.

Inversely, you can fit a fixed window in any room. However, this window fits best in the bathroom, basement, nursery, tall hallway, dining room, and living room.


Second, these two window designs differ by size. A picture window can come in various sizes. You can also customize it to suit your fitting requirements. 

Additionally, a picture window’s frame is a bit larger and thicker because it’s usually used to match an operational window’s siteline. That is why they are the best bet if you need to install a fixed window larger than 84 inches high or wide. On the other hand, a fixed window’s size is smaller because its glass area isn’t that large.


Picture Window buying decision

Third, the two designs differ based on their configuration. You can install a picture window on its own, or you may customize its design to match and blend with other windows. You may also install it between two smaller windows and pair it with a door in your entryway for additional light, especially if the door lacks glass.

Conversely, a fixed window comes in various shapes and sizes. You can install it independently or combine it with another window style like an awning. Additionally, you may install it above a door and in a tall hallway. You can find it in shapes like triangle, oval, or round.


Fourth, the two window designs differ in their primary purpose. A picture window is mainly a decorative focal point that serves esthetic purposes. It also lets you view your house’s outdoors and allows in more natural light. 

A fixed window has a more exposed window frame and appears bolder. This feature makes it an excellent selection for a modern home because it adds an architectural feel to dull housing design.

There you go with the main differences between the picture and fixed windows. These facts should inspire you before settling for either of them from reputable vendors. The ball is in your court to use this information to make a smart decision.

Okay, please let us know in the comment what other window buying decision you consider.