Types of Orchids to Grow in Spring

types of orchids to grow in spring
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If you’re an orchid lover then you know that there are a vast variety of orchids that are all strikingly dissimilar, making it quite a difficult task to narrow down on the types of orchids to grow in spring.

However, we’ve put together a list of the most popular types of orchids that are loved and grown all over the world, especially in botanical gardens during the spring season. We hope this list helps you find a type you’d love to grow and cherish, happy reading!

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Lady Luck Orchid

Yellow Orchid
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The Lady Luck orchid belongs to the Phalaenopsis group and is quite mellow in its tone and size. The most common color these come in is yellow, making them the perfect flower for this spring season.

Lady Luck Orchids usually come in a pale yellow shade with a mild tinge of pink in the center, making them an ideal plant for an indoor or outdoor location.

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Venus’ Slipper Orchid

Venus’ Slipper Orchid
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If you’ve always been a fan of flowers that come in unusual shapes and colors, then look no further cause this one’s for you. True to its peculiar name, this orchid comes with a unique pouch-like flower petal that seems to resemble a lady’s slipper. Though they look quite exotic, they’re quite easy to grow in the home. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this orchid does not require much sunlight so it’s a good idea to keep it indoors or in a partly shaded area outside. In terms of its looks, the flower comes in a combination of different colors, the most common being purple and yellow.

The best part about the flower is that it usually has different kinds of stripes and spots on its petal, making it very unique from the other flowers you’d generally come across in a garden. So if you’re looking for an orchid that will make heads turn then go ahead and check this one out.

Ludisia Orchid

Ludisia Orchid
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Commonly known as the ‘jewel orchid’, this flower embodies elegance itself. It’s known for its unique foliage of velvety white petals that grow in a cluster at the top of the stem.

The only thing these flowers require is a mildly humid climate with fresh air and good sunlight all through the year. This orchid will look wonderful in your spring garden as it not only looks vastly different from other flowers but it also comes in a swan-white color that will stand out in any background.

If you wish to grow this orchid indoors then make sure you place it near a window that receives lots of sunlight and fresh air. These upright flower spikes will add a distinct look to an otherwise common spring garden.


Apart from the flowers mentioned in this section, here’s a short list of other types of orchids to grow in spring that are quite eye-catching and will be a great addition to your spring garden this year!

  • Bora Bora Orchids: They come with a long stalk, bright green leaves, and lovely pink petals that look quite similar to roses from a distance.
  • Tropicali: These orchids also commonly come in a baby pink shade, but their petals are much smaller than the Bora Bora orchids.
  • Maui Orchids: Known for their deep maroonish red color, these orchids will look lovely against a white or cool-toned room. Their petals are on the larger side so they will be able to stand as a statement piece on tables or window sills.