Top Accessories to Enhance Your Work Truck

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A good work truck is capable of performing all kinds of tasks. While some truck owners just like the look and have no intention of putting their pickup up to heavy-duty work, others are always looking for practical ways to get more and more out of their truck’s performance.

Depending on your trade, your work truck may already be outfitted with the tools and storage systems that you need on the job. But just as the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, a truck owner is never really finished adding new accessories to enhance work trucks to get the most out of their pickup.

While you are enhancing the work truck it’s important to keep your hands clean because of the COVID 19 risks. Use liquid hand soap so often to clean your hands. Whenever you go outside or touch any accessories after handling.

With so many products on the market to augment your work truck’s capabilities, it can be hard to know what to install next. But while the options are endless, we’ve determined the best of the best categories of work truck accessories. In this article, we’d like to introduce you to all the top accessories to enhance work trucks.

Top Accessories to Enhance Work Trucks

Floor Mats

Accessories to Enhance Work Trucks

While a good work truck may have come standard with OE floor mats, they’re probably not sturdy enough to handle the trials and tribulations your work truck goes through. For example, when the job demands you trudge through mud, sleet, or snow, you’re liable to track that much back into your cab on your work boots.

Not only does this give you an unsightly mess to clean up, but the moisture of mud and rain as well as the harsh rock salts used in snowy climates can wreak havoc on your interior flooring causing permanent damage and tanking the resale value of your truck. Floor mats custom-made to your vehicle are a savior in these circumstances.

Tonneau Covers

Work truck Tonneau Covers

A durable truck bed cover is one of the first accessories any truck owner should secure. A custom-fitting tonneau cover will keep your bed covered so your cargo and tools will be protected from rain, snow, and even harmful UV-rays on a pretty day. Since most tonneau covers are fully secure with a locking tailgate, they’ll also help you keep your payload safe from thieves in two ways.

First, they won’t even be able to see your cargo. Second, they won’t be able to access it when your cover is closed and the tailgate is locked. Additionally, because a truck bed cover reduces wind resistance in your bed, it can also improve your truck’s gas mileage. If you clock a lot of miles in your work truck, a tonneau cover could pay for itself in fuel costs.

Seat Covers

Work truck seat covers

Climbing into your cab all dusty, sweaty, and dirty from a hard day’s work can really reduce the lifespan of your truck’s OE upholstery. Not to mention spilling your morning coffee or misplacing a leaky paint can, there’s no end in sight to accidents that will put a stain on your truck’s seats.

That’s why so many people who use their trucks for business opt to order custom-made form-fitting seat covers. Because these seat covers follow each curve and contour of your OE seats, they’ll look more like a professional reupholster job than a shoddy temporary cover.

But seat covers don’t only serve a practical purpose, they can also improve the style and elegance of your entire interior. For instance, sporty two-tone neoprene seat covers can bring a more race-inspired look.

To your pickup while genuine leather or leatherette seat covers can bring a luxury look and feel to your interior that may not have been present. Either way, seat covers can make your truck more comfortable and presentable for yourself and your clients.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Chances are if you use your truck for work it likely sits pretty high up off the ground. And you may have noticed, climbing in and out of your truck all day long can get pretty tiring pretty quick.

That’s why truck side steps like nerf bars or running boards are such a great addition to any work truck. With a sturdy step at your door, you and your passengers can climb in and out of your truck with ease. Side steps are not only functional but fashionable too.

They’ll increase the overall heavy-duty look of your truck and inspire confidence in your clients. Not only that, but they also offer your truck protection from dings in the parking lot, or from flying rocks and other road debris you encounter while you drive.

Truck Bed Slides

When your truck is your mobile office, it’s important to keep your tools organized and accessible at all times. A truck bed slide will allow you to make the most of your bed space by pulling. The slide-out and reorganizing gear from a comfortable position of outside of your bed.

In fact, some systems such as the DECKED Truck Bed Storage System will even offer you a number of drawers and organizing containers, while leaving the top portion for traditional truck bed storage. Seeing a DECKED system in action will really show you the extent of your bed-space’s full potential!

Bull Bars and Grille Guards

The front-end protection that comes with a bull bar or grille guard is essential for work truck owners who have invested a lot of money in their work truck. You never know if another vehicle will put right in front of you or a large animal will leap right into your path, and when you have a bull bar or a grille guard (sometimes called a deer guard for this very reason) you can absorb the damage safely, without totaling your truck.

Your front-end is one of the most vulnerable parts of your work truck, with your radiator and other essential components just inches from your bumper. With a durable bull bar or grille guard installed, you have an extra line of defense.