How to Create a Cozy Bedroom in a Small Space

bedroom in small space feature

The main challenge with a small space is that you usually don’t have enough room to work with. However, that does not mean that you can’t create a cozy bedroom in a small space.

Doing so is a good challenge, especially if you love DIY.

In this article, we will look at some tips you can use to create a functional and cozy bedroom in a small space.

Use Bright Colors

cozy bedroom in a small space

Color changes how we perceive space. A brighter bedroom looks bigger even though it may be a small one. The best color to make a cozy bedroom in a small space is white because it makes the space look more expansive.

It also stops the space from looking boxed in. In addition to painting the walls and ceiling white, you should also ensure your furniture is white.

Do not forget to add some accent colors by using pillows and other accessories as that stops the bedroom from looking like a hospital room.

Invite More Light Into the Room

Bright and airy rooms often look bigger than they are. If you do have a window, open it whenever you can. Also, add some mirrors to the bedroom. Mirrors bounce light around a room to make it seem brighter and therefore bigger.

Place the Bed on the Corner

cozy bedroom in a small space corner

Many people place their beds in the center of the bedrooms as doing so makes the room look better and more functional. However, this is not always possible with a small bedroom because you need as much connected space as you can get. 

If you have a narrow bedroom and limited space. You could benefit from placing the bed in one of the corners. Doing so will create a cozy look while leaving you with a lot of usable area in the rest of the bedroom.

When doing this, though, you need to ensure you get a good mattress size for your room. If you choose a mattress that is too big, you will end up with little space even when the bed is placed in the corner.

Pick a Bed with Storage

One thing you might lack in a small bedroom is storage space. There are creative ideas for solving this issue including using loft space as storage space. However, you do not have to go that far because there are beds that come with storage.

These beds allow you to utilize the space under the bed as it would otherwise be wasted. If you do not wish to buy a new bed, you can always add this storage space yourself.

You can find some drawers that will roll under the bed so that they are away when you are not using them. There are lots of creators making these drawers, and you can find many of them online.

Add a Bold Wallpaper

bold wallpaper in the bedroom

Your bedroom does not have to look dull simply because it is small. You might be tempted to add the bed, bedding, and storage space and stop there.

Adding other decorative elements like wall arts will also help you to create a cozier bedroom. You can explore unique and colorful options like owl wall art painting or a more general theme. Either way, you would be adding a much-needed texture, focal point, and completeness to your small bedroom.

You can use wallpapers to drastically change the look and feel of the bedroom. For example, there are wallpapers that make the ceiling and walls seem seamless thus making the bedroom look bigger.

You can also add a bold wallpaper to one wall if you think the wallpaper will make the bedroom look cluttered. Your headboard wall is a great place to add wallpaper. Making it a focal point and therefore making the bedroom look bigger and better.

When choosing wallpaper, go for one with a few bold designs instead of smaller ones. These smaller designs look busy and will make the bedroom seem cluttered.

Creating a beautiful and functional cozy bedroom in a small space will always be challenging. However, you can create a fantastic bedroom in a small space by carefully considering everything you add to it and by using a few tips and tricks.