How to Cozy Up Your Bedroom for Fall

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When you’re spending a lot of time in your house during the fall and winter, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable.

In fact, relaxing in a cozy bedroom and enjoying a book or TV show is one of the best ways to enjoy the cold seasons.

If you want to make sure your room is cozy and ready for fall, we’ve got you covered.


cozy up your bedroom lighting

Your home’s lighting is one of the most important things to change when summer is over. Your eyes are used to a lot of light during the summer, but dim lights will help cozy up your bedroom and they won’t be too bright for your eyes during the fall.

Instead of using overhead lights, try switching to a smaller lamp that provides more subtle lighting. Table lamps are also great if you want to read at night.

Use Rugs

Area rugs can completely change the look and feel of a room, so don’t forget to keep a few in your bedroom. Stepping onto a nice, plush area rug in the morning is one of the best feelings, and there are tons of cool styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. You can even layer area rugs to give your room a more unique look and add some extra cushioning.

Upgrade Your Bed

cozy up your bedroom

If you want cozy up your bedroom, you need to make sure your bed is comfortable. Upgrade your bedding if you haven’t in a while, and consider switching to a weighted blanket.

The best weighted blanket can keep you relaxed and comfortable at night, so you can sleep well. New pillows are also a great upgrade if you want to make your bed feel like new again.

Just Add Candles

Everybody loves pleasant smells, so pick the scents that make you feel cozy or remind you of fall and bring them to your room.

Not only are scented candles a great way to keep your room smelling good, but they’re also a good way to add some gentle light to your room. The flicking of the flame is a particularly calming sight if you’re reading a book or watching your favorite TV show in bed.

Embrace the Season

cozy up your bedroom fall decoration

Fall is a special season for so many reasons, so embrace the things that make fall special and make them a part of your bedroom. Fall colors, pumpkins, and other fall-related decorations are a great way to make your room feel a little more comfortable and prepare yourself for the holidays. Plus, you can keep most of those decorations in a box and use them again next fall.

Create a Reading Spot

If you like reading or have a child who loves to read, you need to have a reading spot somewhere in your room.

Perhaps you have a lamp on your nightstand that you turn on when you read at night, or maybe you have a chair in the corner you like to sit in.

Whatever the case may be, setting up a spot where you can relax and enjoy a book will make cozy up your bedroom feel a lot cozier on a cold evening.

Avoid Overcrowding

Last but not least, make sure you don’t overcrowd your room. A crowded room can actually make you feel stressed and restricted, which is the exact opposite of the feeling you’re going for. Make sure you’ve got plenty of room to move around in your bedroom even with all of your furniture and decorations.

With fall around the corner, making sure your bedroom is a paradise of comfort is important. Luckily, a few small changes can make a big difference. Now that you’ve got some tips, it’s time to cozy up your bedroom to the next comfort level.