Living Room Makeover 15 Ways To Spruce Up This 2022

Having a living room makeover doesn’t always have to call for a full-blown overhaul. Improving bits and pieces can be enough to spice up the room’s ambiance.

Although deciding on which pieces to upgrade and how to style them can be overwhelming. There are numerous outlines and inspirations you can imitate online.

You can spruce up your healthy living room by getting creative with layouts or putting the leftover paint to beneficial use. This doesn’t always mean costly renovations.

You can give your living room a new and classy look without going over the budget. You can even decide on hiring a professional designer to help you create a lounge design you fancy.

If you’re planning to revamp your living room makeover, here are some tips on how to spruce them up this year:

1. Purchasing A New Sofa 

Living room makeover new sofa

If your sofas have been sitting in your living room for quite some time and are starting to wear and tear. It might be time to replace them. You can shop fabric sofas online and look for ones that fit your needs.

A sofa with a more prominent seat depth is suitable for sitting cross-legged while slouching.

The arm height can impact the comfortability of the seat if you prefer leaning back against the sofa’s armrest and stretching out.

Remember to carefully assess the furniture’s features as you shop online so you can purchase one that is worth your money.

2. Rethinking Your Lighting Choices

living room makeover lighting

Your lighting choices can transform the ambiance of your living room makeover without needing additional decoration. You can choose from a variety of lighting options, such as a chandelier, lamps, pendant lights, LED lights, and many more.

If you’re looking for a cozy vibe in your living room, it’s best to use lampshades. You can choose different designs, patterns, and colors for your lampshade.

You can pair two lamps to frame the larger furniture like sofas. If you’re more into a sophisticated vibe, you can replace your overhead fixtures with chandeliers.

3. Hanging Artwork

Living Room Makeover hanging artwork

There are many things you can do with artworks, from creating or buying new pieces to enhancing old ones. What you place on your wall can have a profound impact on the look of your living room makeover. Propping up a large piece of artwork against a wall can give an eclectic approach to your décor.

A large canvas print of an animal or a particular landscape can help make a statement in your living room. The frames of the canvas print can accent the color of your furniture, giving your living room a classy and uniform appeal.

4. Repurposing Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces serve as an effective way to give your living space an old-world texture and charm, making your home unique and full of character. You can repurpose a vintage steamer trunk to serve as a coffee table or place antique chinaware on your wall as a decoration.

5. Replacing Window Treatments

Your old window treatments such as drapes and valances might have been trendy at the time of installation.

Switching them to contemporary selections such as sheers, solar shades, or roller shades can help in giving your home furnishing an instantaneous facelift.

You can add blinds to secure your rooms from onlookers, while still letting in light to brighten your living room.

6. Organizing Clutter

Create more space in your living room by decluttering. Crowding many things in a room can give it a claustrophobic and messy look. Decluttering can help in making a space feel brand new. 

You can declutter your living room by removing the few items that you don’t need or are no longer used by donating or selling them. You can also reuse them to create a backyard outdoor dining area.

7. Statement Rugs

floor rugs

The use of hard flooring remains popular in many homes. However, if you want to make a statement in your living room makeover, you can do so by adding designed rugs.

Moreover, rugs can add comfort to your feet while introducing color to your room, more so to open-planned rooms. Considering big prints with bright colors can help create a focal point in your rooms.

If you can’t afford a new rug, you can visit a carpet store to purchase cut remains that are sold at cheap prices.

8. Painting The Room

Painting your living room can instantly give it a new look. It offers many options when it comes to home décor. You can decide on painting the whole room with one color, a feature wall, or a specific design type such as stencil work, chevrons, or stripes. 

Painting with one color that complements your furniture can give the room a classy and unique look. Sticking to an all-white color can brighten up your living room, while an all-black can add a refined and sophisticated touch to it.

Painting might look like a huge commitment, but it’s a simple and budget-friendly upgrade that can completely transform the feel and look of your living room makeover.

9. Painting A Piece Of Furniture

Painting a single piece of furniture can add a hint of color to your living room. You can revive any piece of furniture and make it eye-catching by taking it to a furniture restorer.

This piece of painted furniture can also create a statement in your living room. For instance, a coffee table can be painted in black with a gold accent and placed at the center of your dining area as a centerpiece.

10. Rearranging Your Living Room And Organizing Shelves

organizing shelves

Moving your furniture around can give your room a fresh look. Aside from the traditional ways of arranging furniture, you can create a unique layout that can make your living room appealing, while remaining functional.

Pulling some pieces of furniture away from the wall, arranging seats around a coffee table, or pairing down bulky or unnecessary furniture pieces can give your living room a cozy and less cluttered feel.

You can also carve out a playroom nook for your children by pulling the sofa from the wall and decorating either the back or the side area of the sofa. This layout can give your children a designated playing room while allowing adults to watch over them nearby.

You can also consider rearranging the bookshelves by gathering an array of collectibles with a similar color scheme and placing them between books to achieve a loose symmetry. Another option is arranging the books according to colors then presenting the collection in groups.

Here you can find organizing shelves ideas if you are a white color lover.

11. Add A Gallery Wall

Pastel colors are known to have a mood-uplifting effect on people. Adding such colors to your gallery wall is a clever way to produce a playful and calming vibe to your living room.

You can start by using on-trend pastel colors in your house. You can select one color as the main feature and add other shades as accents. By accessorizing the gallery wall with your home décor, you create a playful and whimsical feeling within your living room.

12. Going For Quality Over Quantity

For modern designs, the quality of your pieces matters more than the quantity of the pieces you have in your living room. Investing in a few statement pieces can enhance the ambiance and style of your living room.

You can choose to sell the old pieces of furniture and purchase a few quality items that can set your living room apart from others. An added advantage to quality materials is that they are more durable and comfortable.

13. Making It Transparent With Glass Windows

glass windows

Transparent glass doors, windows, and dividers can make your space look sleek and clean. You can set a neutral palette contrasted by dark frames to add some depth to the view of your living room. 

Glass walls allow natural light to fill the room. Also, its transparency can bring the outside in, helping homeowners connect with nature and feel energized.

14. Going Bold

You can give your living room a fancy look by having bold features. You can redefine the elegance of your living room by using appropriate patterns and color combinations. Additionally, you can incorporate unique details and decorations to create a luxurious living room. 

You can decide on adding some distinct patterns in your living room flooring to transform the feel of the room. Installing patterned tiles on your living room floor can help spice up the space.

15. Untangle The Mess Of Wires

mass of wires

The mass of wires that currently snake from behind your walls, couch, entertainment center, or desk can be concealed. You can easily arrange these wires in a streamlined case known as a web cable box, which stores and hides your wires for you.

You can also opt for a web cord organizer that contains and separates multiple chords and wires. In this way, your living room will look less cluttered and organized, boosting its overall appeal.

The Take Away

In sprucing up your living room makeover, there are many options that you can try. Your living space is where you sit to relax as you watch your favorite programs or have fun moments with friends and family.

Upgrading to modern style can go a long way in giving your living room a classy, unique, and new look. The guide above will take you through some tips that can help you spruce up your living room this year.