5 Roofing Materials Trends For Every Homeowner in 2022

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There are a wide variety of different roofing materials you can implement which all have different pros and cons to them.

But, in 2022, there are 5 roofing trends that stand above the rest in terms of popularity.

So, in case you’re looking to switch up your roofing this year, let’s take a look at these 5 options.

1. Slate

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Slate is a natural stone that produces from clay or volcanic ash. It’s incredibly durable and naturally weather-resistant. It also possesses a unique look that many homeowners in 2022 find incredibly appealing. 

Slate roofing has become popular for a few of its characteristics, including its mold resistance, fire resistance, and low water absorption capacity. For these reasons, installing new slate roofing on your home in 2022 is likely to net you an increase in property value. 

2. Metal

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Innovations development in metal roofing allow it to mimic the look of more popular materials like slate, asphalt, tiles, and shakes while still maintaining its high level of durability.

Metal is one of the most durable roofing materials around. And can last up to 100 years by taking proper care. It’s strong enough to withstand debris from storms. It doesn’t absorb water, it’s not vulnerable to fire damage or UV rays. And it will never mold, rot, or warp. 

Metal roofing also goes quite well with materials like galvanized steel purlins and aluminum siding, and it sheds snow and ice with incredible ease. Metal also reflects sunlight, keeping your home cooler during the summer months. 

3. Synthetic Materials

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While wood, asphalt, slate, and clay roofing are very popular. But they come with a variety of drawbacks. Some of these materials have durability concerns, while others are just too expensive in their natural form. That’s where synthetics come in. 

Synthetic roofing materials are usually made from a mixture of plastic. And other materials that allow them to perfectly mimic the look of materials like wood, clay, and natural stone. But, they tend to cost much less because of the materials used to produce them while also retaining a much higher level of durability. 

The plastic used in synthetic roofing gives the material increased durability and longevity. So it becomes more eco-friendly, and costs far less on average. They can also be used in conjunction with liquid flashing to attain maximum airtightness in your roof.

4. Concrete Tiles

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Concrete is another less popular material that’s coming to prominence in 2022. And concrete tiles are the most common form of concrete roofing, and they provide superior protection against both fire and insects. 

When properly maintained and sealed, concrete can stand up well against moisture intrusion as well. It’s also generally pretty heavy and durable, preventing wind from blowing it away.

It’s also recyclable and more eco-friendly than many other options. Because of this, concrete roofing is likely to boost your property value this year.

5. Solar Shingles

Solar panel shingles look just like asphalt roofing shingles. But have photovoltaic properties that allow them to generate energy from the sun just like bigger panels.

These shingles can be interwoven with your other regular shingles to create a seamless. The stylish look also saves you a ton of your monthly energy bills. 

2022 is an Exciting Year for Roofing Trends

“Before you pick the right roofing solution, always bear in mind the trends that are popular in the roofing industry. If it’s time to renovate your roof, going for the most energy efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly roofing material is always the best choice.” – Jeff Guthrie, Phoenix Roofing Contractors

Asphalt is slowly being phased out of use as more practical, eco-friendly, and efficient materials come into play.

Whether you choose solar panel shingles, clay tiles, metal roofing, synthetic roofing, or slate. You’re sure to boost your property value. And get the most out of your roof in 2022 with any of these 5 options.