Removable Temp Wallpaper: Create a Cute Kids Bedroom Easily

How often do you get bored with your kid’s bedroom? If you want to change things up, try using wallpaper instead of paint. The great thing about removable temp wallpaper is that it’s removable. This means you can easily switch out the wallpaper whenever you want without requiring painting contractors.

Removable temp wallpaper is a temporary wallpaper that comes in rolls. These rolls come in various sizes and colors. They are designed to be placed over smooth walls. Once they’ve been applied, they can stay on the wall for years. 

You can create a cute kid’s room without spending too much time or money. All you need is some temp wallpaper and a glue gun. Luckily, peel and stick temp wallpapers are easier to apply because they come with existing glue. Start by choosing a color scheme and then go shopping for the rest of the items needed to complete the project.

Is Wallpaper Safe in a Nursery?

removable kids wallpaper

Wallpaper is safe for use in nurseries as long as it meets certain requirements. It should not contain any chemicals that could harm your baby. In addition, it must meet all federal safety standards.

Transforming Your Kid’s Room with Wallpaper!

Kid’s rooms are usually painted white or cream colored. When you’re ready to update your kid’s room, consider switching to removable temp wallpaper. You can choose from many different designs and patterns. You can even add glitter to make it extra special.

Why Temporary Wallpapers in Kid’s Rooms?

Temporary wallpapers are perfect for kid’s rooms because they can be removed at any time. You don’t have to worry about damaging them when you remove them.

Plus, they’re easy to clean. So if you want to give your child’s room a fresh look, removable temp wallpaper is an excellent choice. If you have to go with the nursery wallpapers, here are some great design tips on using wallpapers in the nursery. 

Accent Walls

If you want to highlight one particular part of your kid’s room, accent walls are a good way to go. Accents can include anything from wallpaper to wood paneling. You can also combine accents together to create a cohesive look.

Use Texture

texture removable temp wallpaper

The texture is another great way to liven up a kid’s room. Choose a patterned nursery wallpaper to create a fun and unique look. Or, opt for a solid color that has a subtle texture.

Use Bold Colors

When decorating a kid’s room, keep in mind what colors will appeal to your little ones. Bright colors like reds and oranges tend to attract attention. However, if you want something more subdued, try adding soft pastels to your palette.

Add Artwork

Artwork adds personality to a kid’s room. It can help set the mood and provide inspiration. Use art that appeals to your children. For example, if your kids love dinosaurs, hang a dinosaur mural. Or, if your kids enjoy sports, put up a poster of their favorite team.

Create a Theme

kids wallpaper

A themed kid’s room makes it easy to coordinate everything else in the room. For instance, if you want to create a pirate-themed room, you can use a skull and crossbones rug, pirate bedding and pillows, and pirate toys.

Decals and Posters

Wallpapers are not all about sticking them on the wall with a solid pattern, you can add decals and posters as long as it matches the chosen theme.

How to Apply Temporary Wallpaper

temp wallpaper kids

1. Start by choosing a theme

Once you have chosen a theme for your children’s room, start looking for temp wallpaper that matches the theme. You’ll find a wide variety of designs at most stores. Choose one that will coordinate well with the furniture and other decors in the room.

2. Buy nursery wallpaper online

If you don’t live near a store where you can buy removable temp wallpaper, you can order it online. Most websites offer free shipping options so you won’t have to worry about paying extra for delivery. Some sites even allow you to download the wallpaper before it arrives.

3. Get your kid involved in the DIY wallpaper project

If your girl is old enough to get involved in the whole process of choosing a theme and applying the wallpaper, she may enjoy helping you choose the right design. She can also help you figure out how to apply the paper.

4. Prepare the walls

Before you begin installing the wallpaper, make sure the walls are clean. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface. Then, let them dry thoroughly.

5. Figure out the most logical starting point

Before you head to the application stage, you should start by choosing the most logical starting point for the installation. This means figuring out which wall needs to be covered first.

6. Apply the glue

After the walls are ready, apply the glue to the backside of the wallpaper. Make sure the glue covers the entire area. Do this by holding the roll against the wall and pressing down firmly. Be careful not to press too hard or else you might damage the wall.

7. Wait for the glue to set

Wait until the glue has completely dried before moving on to step 2. This usually takes around 30 minutes.

8. Install the wallpaper

Now that the glue has dried, install the wallpaper. First, pull off the backing paper. Next, position the roll vertically against the wall. Finally, gently push the roll into place.

9. Remove the backing paper

When the wallpaper is installed, remove the backing paper. Doing so reveals the beautiful pattern behind the paper.

10. Add finishing touches

The final step involves adding accessories and decorations. For example, if you’re using a light fixture, add a bulb. If you want to hang curtains, do so now.


Temporary wallpaper is an inexpensive way to give your child’s bedroom a fresh look without spending a lot of money. The best part is that you can change the wallpaper whenever you like. So, why wait? Start creating a cute kid’s room today with cute temp wallpapers.