The New And Latest Trends in Outdoor Pools Areas

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Alone time is precious and grows more valuable as time goes on.

In today’s economy, it can be difficult to find the time to go on vacation, no matter how much you work your nose to the grindstone.

If you can’t go to the ocean, why not bring the ocean to you instead?

You could have the ultimate stay-cation right in the confines of your backyard if you wanted to. All it takes are a few changes to turn a simple backyard into a comprehensive recreation zone so you can slip away from reality and leave your problems behind at the door.

Imagine cascading waterfalls, corkscrew water slides, shapely diving boards, and dancing LED lights all lighting up your backyard as you completely overhaul your yard into something you could never have imagined before.

This article will look at the latest trends in outdoor pools to decorate your pool area. And the kinds of backyard transformations that are growing increasingly fashionable.

Hit The Deck With A Sports Pool

Sports latest trends in outdoor pools

Shallow pools are a thing of the past. The new fashion is deep pools which are better suited for water sports. Imagine jumping into your pool when you want a serious workout session rather than heading to the gym.

Sports pools can accommodate serious team games such as water basketball, water volleyball, and even water calisthenics.

Sports decks are ideal for the serious fitness enthusiast who wants to take their fitness goals to the next level and don’t mind taking advantage of their backyard swimming pool.

Pop Open A Drink At Your Built-In Pool Bar

outdoor built in latest trends in outdoor pools

Lots of people dream of owning a pool to help them relax after a hard day’s work. What could be better than to pop open a cold one with friends and family right from the comfort of your backyard?

The best thing about pool bars is that you can customize them any way you want them. Consider making your bar a part of the landscaping or merge it with your pool space.

You can also use a pool cover to avoid wanted dust that makes dirty the swimming pool water.

Slide Into A Backyard Oasis

The kitchen and pool area were separate zones until the backyard oasis violently smashed them into a single unstoppable entity.

Imagine a central entertainment hub right in your yard with all the ingredients you need to wine, dine, socialize and swim the evening away. A backyard oasis doubles as efficient use of space as it squeezes the value out of a very small yard.

Multi-Level Pools

multi level latest trends in outdoor pools

Resorts and high-end hotels have multi-level pools for one very simple reason: You rarely ever encounter them, and nothing else feels like them. A multi-level pool creates a totally different aesthetic than a standard-issue swimming pool.

It can help you flee from your worries and woes and slip into sparkling, deep heaven instead. These latest trends in outdoor pools can be just what you need to turn your home stay-cations into the stuff of legends as nothing comes close to the effect a multi-level pool creates when done correctly.

Geometric Engineering

geometric pool
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Simple rectangle pools are boring. Imagine geometric pools, making use of cutting-edge materials to form new elegant and artistic designs that you would never have imagined in the space of your backyard before.

Geometric pools were once utilitarian and simple but have given way to artsy, sophisticated features and add-ons. Imagine waterfalls, shimmering glass tiles, a sun shelf, and a built-in bar to cater to your every need.

Enjoy this unique new pool space with a drink in hand as the LED lights dance around your pool area and accent your yard with maximum chic.

Say Goodbye To The Vanishing Spa

Imagine pressing a button to reveal a hidden spa that rises out of the water around you. You press the button again and the spa lowers itself to below water level and disappears.

Pool artists and technology have come together to bring us the latest magic that you only could dream of seeing in a Hollywood movie with a top-notch special effects budget.

The vanishing spa is a thing of wonder and will make you question what reality even is anymore when you install one in your backyard.

Small Pools With Huge Style

Imagine a plunge pool with a spa and patio that’s separate from the rest of your yard. A simple plunge pool can fit in a 6 by 6-foot area while surrounding itself with state-of-the-art decking and pool coping. Transform your backyard into a tiny poolside retreat that’s meant just for you.

Plunge pools can warm up quickly and allow you to enjoy a warm soak even when the weather seems icy cool. This makes them ideal for hot regions with limited pool space.

You can even add elements such as an outdoor kitchen or backyard swing to make the most of your pool area. If you want to decorate your poolside landscaping area attractive. You can consult with Riverrock landscaping for inspiring landscaping design.

Natural Saltwater Pools

salt water outdoor pool area

We promised to bring the ocean to you, and here it is. Natural saltwater pools can make your backyard feel like slipping into the ocean once again. These latest trends in outdoor pools use natural saltwater to sanitize the pool water instead of harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

A saltwater pool can act as a pick-me-up and even improve skin health as you swim in natural waters and enjoy all the health benefits it brings.

A saltwater pool is gentle on the skin and costs even lesser than a regular pool to maintain.

Fan Yourself On A Tanning Ledge

Book lovers and smartphone addicts alike will love the tanning ledge.

What if you wanted all the benefits of submerging yourself without the drawback of tearing yourself away from your favorite technology?

A tanning ledge allows you to do just that. You can stay cool and get a healthy tan going on while still immersing yourself right in the comfort of your own backyard pool. Tanning ledges are ideal for refreshing yourself without jumping in your fibreglass swimming pool.

Why not talk to the latest trends in outdoor pools designer to map out a tanning ledge that’s just right for you?