Home Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Vacation Rental

All across the country, vacation rentals rose in popularity in 2021. And this trend is forecast to continue into the future. So how do you cash in on this trend if you own a vacation rental?

The truth is, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a nationwide surge in vacation rental usage. And this is largely due to people trying to avoid larger hotels and crowds of people. As a result, the price of rent for vacation rentals is up. And it couldn’t be a better time to be in the vacation rental business. 

If you’re looking to make more money off of your vacation rental. You can make your home decor attractive to potential renters in a variety of ways. But one of the most affordable ways is to spice up your home decor.

Here, we’ll explore a few ways you can increase your vacation rental revenue by altering your home decor. 


home decor bathroom

Believe it or not, one huge attractor when it comes to vacation rentals is the allure of a well-maintained bathroom. And this is even more attractive when you have a large and inviting garden-style bathtub to offer your guests.

People spend intimate time in the bathroom. And as such, you want to decorate your bathrooms to be not only inviting but comforting to all who may rent your space as well.

For example, in your bathroom, you want to decorate in a fashion that creates a peaceful environment. And this means that you’ll want to avoid using loud colors that can agitate the eye.

Additionally, you’ll also want to have full shower mirrors and suitable decorations in place that reflect the region in which your property is located.


home decor plants

When people shop around for the perfect vacation rental, comfort is usually a primary concern. And one thing that science has actually proven is that plants actually create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Having plants in your vacation rental offers a nice blend of natural color, along with a means to help cleanse the air inside the home. And you can add as many plants in the pots as you want.

The key to decorating with plants has a lot to do with maintenance. So if you don’t live close to your vacation property. You’ll have to outsource your cleaning services. And ensure that your plants are well watered and cared for while you’re away.

Keeping plants also provides for a hint of the natural world to enter into your home decor as well. And often, vacation rentals can seem cold and lifeless. This is why using plants as a decorative option is a great way to add a bit of comfort and natural ambiance.

Wall Art

home decor wall art

Though you’ll probably want to decorate your vacation rental corresponding to your personal taste and interests, you’ll also want to really think about your design strategy as well.

Keep in mind that you’re not the one who will be renting your space, so having your favorite duck wallpaper or paintings with country settings might not be the best for a vacation rental. 

When it comes to selecting wall art and accents, try to come up with a theme, and stick to it throughout the home decor. For example, if your vacation rental is near the beach, decorate with beach items such as seashells, starfish, dolphins, or anything with soft beachy colors.

Additionally, you may want to come up with a generic, neutral theme so you can please all of your guests. Just remember that a generic look will not offer any additional ambiance to your vacation rental. 

Decorating your vacation rental requires a bit of strategy and planning. But as long as you can come up with a fun and inviting theme and incorporate your decorations accordingly, you’ll be able to wow your guests at every turn. And remember, you don’t have to have the most expensive decor in the world in order to attract renters.