5 Ways to Animate Your Bedroom

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Decorating your walls is a must when you plan to animate your bedroom into a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space.

Livening up the walls adds personality to your room and can give it a more comfortable vibe.

Plus, you can do so regardless of how large or small your budget may be. 

You can also liven up your bedroom by ditching your old futon or lumpy mattress and replacing it with something new and much more comfortable.

The Purple Mattress is just one of the many options. You can’t go wrong with the Casper mattress, either. By pairing freshly decorated walls with a brand-new mattress, you can transform your bedroom into your favorite room in your home.

You’ll love waking up feeling refreshed and seeing your chosen decor as soon as you open your eyes. What a great way to start the day! 

Not sure how to animate your bedroom? No problem! In this article, we’re sharing a few of the best ways to animate your bedroom. Read on to learn more. 

1. Add Texture

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A room consisting of smooth white walls, bare floors, and a bed made up with basic bedding is pretty boring. It’s not very welcoming, either.

Instead, bedrooms like this tend to have a sterile, hospital-like vibe that’s not conducive to relaxation. And you certainly won’t want to spend any more time in such a room than absolutely necessary. 

Adding texture allows you to break up the monotony and change your room’s entire feel, and there are several ways to do it. Laying down a unique area rug is a good place to start.

Look for a large, plushy one to soften up the floor in an instant. You can also add texture by giving your bedding an upgrade.

When you’re ready to make the bed, don’t just cover your Nectar mattress with sheets and a boring comforter or duvet. Instead, invest in some high-quality bedding with multiple textures. 

Choose satiny smooth sheets that feel great against your skin and add a quilt or a fluffy comforter. Top it all off with a nice, luxurious blanket or two. And don’t forget about the pillows! In addition to your regular bed pillows, get some throw pillows with varying textures. 

Your walls are a good place to add some texture. For a glam look, try creating a glitter accent wall. Or, if you’re going for more of a warm and cozy feeling, cover a wall with rich wood paneling.

2. Turn a Blank Wall into a Magnificent Mural

Why just hang a painting on your wall when you can make the entire wall the painting? With the right artistic skills, you can create a beautiful mural to animate your bedroom wall. If you’re not much of a painter, you could always enlist the help of a friend.

There are also some amazing temporary wallpapers you can use to create a mural without ever touching a paintbrush (or asking anyone else to).

Available in several colors and prints, it’s the perfect option when you want to animate your bedroom without permanently altering your walls. You can hang it yourself and remove it quickly, too, which is ideal if you live in a rental. 

3. Hang Textiles on Your Walls and Windows

animate your bedroom with textiles

Your bedroom should be the comfiest, coziest room in your home. Unfortunately, bare windows and plain white walls won’t help you achieve that goal.

To give your room major cozy vibes, cover those walls and windows with textiles. Find curtains or drapes that you love for your windows. Don’t skimp on quality! 

Choose tapestries for your walls. They come in every color, size, and design imaginable, so you should have no problem finding ones that suit your aesthetic.

Woven wall hangings are another option for adding textiles to your space. You could even make one yourself for a truly personal feel. The best part? Just about anyone can tackle this simple project regardless of their crafting prowess (or lack thereof). 

4. Try Unique Placements for Your Art

Do you have a painting or another piece of art centered above your bed? This is a traditional spot for displaying wall decor in bedrooms, but there’s no rule saying you have to put it there. Moving your artwork to different places could give your room a fresh new feel without costing you a penny. 

Try moving your largest art to the wall beside your bed rather than keeping it over your bed. If you feel like something is missing when you remove it, consider investing in a large upholstered headboard. In addition to livening up the blank space, it will add some more texture to your room. 

Consider unique placements in terms of height. Hang some pictures and art higher than others instead of keeping them all centered at eye level. This will add an interesting flair to your room. If you place them up high, it could make a small bedroom appear a bit larger by drawing the eye upward.

5. Wall Mount an Interesting Sculpture

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Mounting a sculpture on the wall serves a few purposes. First, sculptures with interesting designs or bright colors create a focal point and set the mood. Second, they infuse personality into your space. Additionally, the right sculpture will animate your bedroom with new textures. 


If you want to breathe some new life into your bland bedroom, the tips above will help you get started. Feel free to experiment with different decor and other objects to find what works best for you.

Most importantly, have fun with it! Remember that your bedroom is meant to be a relaxing place — not one filled with frustration. Decorating should be fun, not draining!