Get Cheaper Energy in Victoria With a Concession Card

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Victoria, abbreviated as VIC. It is a state located in South Eastern Australia. It has a land area of 87,817 sq miles. And an approximate population of 6.7 million.

There are around 15 electricity retailers offering services to residents and businesses. If you think the electricity rate per kWh charged by your current energy retailer is high.

You can use various VIC energy comparison sources. To know about concessions to get access to a cheaper energy plan. Here are some ways to gain access to cheaper energy in Victoria with a concession card.

What Is a Concession Card?

concession card

As per recent data, Victoria’s average electricity usage rate per kWh stands at 19.46 cents per kWh.

A concession card helps an individual to get concessions. To make essential services more affordable to low-income households.

The concession you can use to pay for energy bills during financial hardships.

The Victorian government offers several concessions that can help you lower your energy bills. 

Victorian Energy Concession

Victorian Concession card

VIC energy compare shows rates of about $250 Power Saving Bonus. It is offered to some Health Care Card holders like Austudy recipients, Austudy, Youth Allowance, and job seekers.

This concession is also available to Pensioner Concession Card holders. Here are the eligibility requirements for the Victorian Energy Compare concession.

You should be a Victorian residential energy consumer; have a residential electricity account. 

You should be receiving financial assistance under one of the following concession programs:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession
  • Youth Allowance, JobSeeker, Abstudy, or Austudy
  • Hold a Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card

The victoria energy compare concession is provided only once to an eligible household. 

To know the cheaper energy plans. You need to enter details at the Victoria energy compare website like:

  • Postcode
  • The Number of people
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of refrigerators excluding freezer
  • Whether you have a solar PV system installed and of what capacity
  • Type of air conditioner
  • Type of heater 

When you enter these details. You will be presented with cheaper energy plans from different retailers.

As per recent data, the average annual electricity bill in Victoria is around $1012.

If you are eligible for the Victoria energy compare concession. You could get cheaper plans up to $660, direct saving of $350 per year. 

Energy Rates and Feed-in Tariffs Under Victoria Energy Compare Concession 

energy rate

The energy rates, supply charges, and feed-in tariffs vary with the provider.

There is no lock-in contract, and the energy retailer offers a cooling period of 10 days.

If you are eligible for Victorian Energy Compare Concession. Your household could get electricity at a rate of 17.02 cents per kWh.

The supply charges for concession cardholders are also low. And you might have to pay 84.15 cents per day.

The export feed-in tariff offered under this concession could be 10 cents per kWh. 

Most energy retailers offer cheaper plans to concession cardholders. Do not charge the customer any disconnection or reconnection fee.

However, you might have to pay a 1% credit card payment processing fee that depends on the total payment amount. 

To sum up, the VIC Energy compare concession allows you to get cheaper energy. And enables you to earn through feed-in tariffs.