Power Tools What You Need To Know About

Power tools
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There are a number of different types of power tools. Some of the most popular of which are drills/drivers, jigsaws, circular saws, and sanders.

These power tools are heavily used during home maintenance. To do a smooth house renovation there are no good alternatives than the power tools.

So check out this post to know what you should know about power tools and the proper usage.

Circular saws

power tools circular saws
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Circular saws are great for easily making rip cuts (when sliding wood up the grain length). Bevel cuts (for cutting at angles), and cross cuts (for cutting that goes against the grain). A circular saw you can use to cut both wood and plastic. 


Jigsaws are perfect to use to make decorative, straight, or curved cuts. It depends on the blade type you will be using but is usually best suited for use with thin materials. 

Power drills

power drills
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Power drills are useful for many purposes including drilling holes in brick, plastic, wood, and even concrete. There are many different drill bits that can be used with power tools. So many that newcomers could become confused and overwhelmed by the amount of choice. 

High-speed steel bits manufactured out of carbon steel with some added elements like vanadium and chrome. This means that you can use power drills at very high speeds. When drilling the likes of steel and iron as well as a number of other metals such as aluminum alloy, brass, and cooper. 

HSS bits coated with a titanium compound are much harder and thus more durable. Such strong durability making them much more suited to the drilling of hard materials such as stainless steel.

However, the titanium compound will in practice wear away eventually. And the coating can completely be lost if it’s sharpened either by hand or with a drill sharpener. 

Cobalt alloy bits are another option for drilling stainless steel or other hard steels. The Cobalt alloy bits made out of solid alloy rather than just coated as with the titanium bits.

The cobalt resulting in drills being considerably more durable and also capable of withstanding much higher temperatures while drilling. 

The step bits cone-shaped come with a variety of cutting edges with different diameters. You can use these bits to drill thin softwoods, particle boards (aka chip boards), drywall (aka plasterboards), sheet metal, laminates such as plywood and plastics. 

Step bits are particularly suitable for use in electrical work when holes of various sizes need to be cut in panels and junction boxes.

These bits also have an advantage in that that it is more convenient to be able to drill holes of many different sizes without having to stop every time to change the drill bit.

The bit is also coming to a point, which means you don’t need a pilot hole that is normally essential when drilling big holes.

For drilling wood, the best bits to choose from include flat wood or spade bits, as well as hole saws, step bits, Brad Point bits, and masonry bits. 


power tools sanders
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The sander’s power tools are vital for refinishing furniture. If the surface of the item is bumpy, uneven, or damaged you can smooth it out by painting or staining. Even an item built from scratch still needs to be smooth out. 

Power tools are a versatile selection of items that you can use for many purposes across many walks of life. So, when purchasing power tools make sure you are buying the right one.