7 Great Ideas for a Home Game Room

Home game room
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If you have a spare room in your home, you might consider transforming it into a home game room.

However, you might not have an idea of how to convert the extra room into an awesome game room, or you might not have a theme for the new gaming space.

Whether you are into arcade gaming or classics such as pool, here are some ideas to help you create the home game room of your dreams.

Consider an Old-school Arcade

retro arcade home game room
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A retro arcade space is a popular idea because of the endless possibilities. You can choose different themes depending on the games you like to play as well as the look and feel you would like for the space.

When choosing the arcade games and machines to add to the game room, you are not limited to one type of game as there are many to choose from. However, note that classic consoles, arcade machines, and games can be hard to find, so start tracking them down as soon as possible.

Incorporate a Theater Space

Gaming and movies go very well together and this is why you should consider adding a theater space to your game room. Such a combined space offers you a choice when you do not want to watch a movie or play a game. It provides a great screen and sound system for viewing parties and can be a comfortable space for a gaming tournament.

Embrace Natural Light

natural light home game room
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There is a common misconception that a game room has to be dark and moody. That does not have to be the case, especially where you play games that do not require screens such as a pool or ping pong. Utilizing natural light can also make a small game room appear larger in addition to helping you play better.

Design for Your Hobbies

While you always have the option of designing the game room to be as versatile as possible, you still need to design the game room according to what you love playing. For example, if you prefer a pool to ping pong, you can get a pool table and forego a ping pong table.

If you love golf, you can have a dedicated golfing space, equipped with the best golf mats, simulators, swing analyzers, and more to make the playing experience better.

Create an Indoor Playground

indoor playground
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If you have some space left over, you should consider adding an indoor playground to the game room. Add kid-friendly games such as climbing walls and ball pits for the kids. A kid-friendly indoor space will come in handy during the rainy days when the kids cannot go outside to play.

Have Fun with ColorsĀ 

If you are designing a home game room for yourself, you can choose any type of look you wish, including a monochromatic look. However, if you are designing a game room for a whole family or the kids, you should try to add some color to the room. Striking accent colors, a bright color palette, artwork, and decor can all add color and energy to the room.

Add a Projector

If you do not want to purchase a large TV, you can always get a projector and a screen for the game room. Projectors have gotten so good that their color reproduction and latency are almost the same as you would get on a monitor or TV (as long as the room is dark enough). A projector is also a great idea if you would like to have a bigger screen when watching movies with the family in the home game room.

There are innumerable ways that you can set up, decorate and kit out your home game room. The setup you ultimately end up with will be dictated by how you would like to use the room as well as whether you will be using it alone or with the whole family.