What Are Your Options When Buying Grass Strimmers?

grass Strimmers
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Everyone likes to have a tidy and well-maintained lawn. And the biggest obstacle to it is overgrown grasses that often accompany shrubs and weeds. To get rid of them, you need to buy a grass strimmer.

But when you’re in the market to make the purchase, you need to make a decision first. And that is to decide between various types of strimmers. In this article, learn the different types, which would help select the right one.

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What Are Your Options When Buying Grass Strimmers?

Petrol-powered Grass Strimmers

Petrol-powered grass Strimmers
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In the old days, petrol-powered strimmers were the only option available if you wanted to trim your lawns. These traditional string trimmers are powered by petrol engines and ideal for heavy-duty gardening. So if you’ve got a meadow to deal with, then go for a petrol-powered grass strimmer. They will get the job done most efficiently, in the least amount of time, and with the least effort.

Petrol-powered units also work best for areas with dense soil, which often demand more power and torque. For best performance, you should buy strimmers with a cylinder equipped with a two-stroke engine. The more the cylinders, the more powerful the operation is going to be.

As a downside, they are heavy and need muscle power to work with. And since you’ll most probably be cleaning a larger area, you need to be physically prepared for the job. As the engine gets older, it will emit more smoke. So it’s also something you’d have to deal with later down the road.

Battery-powered Strimmers

Battery-powered grass Strimmers
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A good alternative to petrol-powered strimmers is the battery-powered ones. You do not have to deal with a constant petrol supply, nor do you have to worry about the choking smoke. Some models are equally powerful and offer nearly the same level of work.

Most models are lightweight and can run up to 20-30 minutes on a single charge. Moreover, they’re quiet in operation. So your neighbors would be complaining less.

Battery-powered strimmers are ideal for mid-sized laws with mid-size grasses. Since they’re easier to start (with a push of a button), you can get started quickly and finish the job efficiently.

As a downside, they aren’t as powerful as the petrol-powered models. So they’ll fail at cleaning meadows and bushes.

Electric Grass Strimmers

Electric grass Strimmers
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Finally, on the lowest end of the spectrum, you’ve got the electric strimmers. These are entry-level models mainly used for smaller gardens. If you need to trim the gardens on a daily basis to maintain the look, then go for electric types. They also happen to be the cheapest. So you can buy these as an add-on with other models.

Cordless vs. Corded Strimmers

When buying strimmers, you’d find two types: corded and cordless. Petrol-powered and battery-powered strimmers always happen to be cordless. Thus, they offer maximum flexibility and range. Because of the benefits, they constitute 55% of the global grass strimmer market.

But electric strimmers can be corded. Keep it plugged into an electric source to keep it working. Please note that cordless strimmers cost more than corded ones. 

Other features you should look for in grass strimmers, irrespective of the type, are rotating head, base wheels, curved or straight shaft, bike handles, loop handles, etc. These stay the same even if you’re buying online.