Decor Updates To Make Your Life Easier

We all love making decor updates to make our homes look even nicer than they already do. All around it’s a fun experience, from big trips to the nearest IKEA.

Picking up small pieces in local homeware stores, and making things ourselves by doing DIY at the weekends. Updating décor is a fun and engaging experience.

But did you know decor doesn’t have to be all about style? And many decor items and accessories have a lot of substance? Well if you didn’t know, home decor can make your life easier.

When you select utilitarian pieces. You can make your home look lovely and at the same time. Make your day to day life just a little bit easier.

So today we’ve looked into some decor updates you can make around your home. To make it look stylish, but also smooth over pain points for your day to day life.

1. Decor Updates: Wake Up Easier With Electric Blinds

decor updates

If you struggle to fall asleep at night. You’ve likely picked yourself up a blackout blind for your bedroom to keep it dark.

While blackout blinds will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. They can make waking up in the morning a bit of an issue.

When you wake up your room will still be nice and dark, which can entice you to just fall back to sleep.

You can avoid this issue, by upgrading your normal blackout blinds into a set of modern electric blinds.

With these blinds, you can usually control them with a remote control or with a smart home app, in either case.

You can make mornings easier by remotely opening your blinds when you wake up.

To let in light and assist your body in waking up properly. By doing this, you’ll end up hitting snooze a lot less often.

2. Decor Updates: Remove Clutter By Adding Storage

decor updates clutter remove

A cluttered home can be hard to live in. Studies have shown that living around clutter is bad for our mental health and day to day wellbeing.

So if clutter is a problem in your household, it is best to deal with it before it gets too bad. Although, if you have a lot of clutter with no where to put it. Your home may just simply not have enough storage.

So, you can keep your home clean and remove clutter by simply investing in some more storage around your home. So it will give all the knickknacks on your kitchen table somewhere to live.

If you’re a bit tight on space, you should look at storage you can fit into the space you have. Like foot rests with storage inside or floating cupboards mounted to walls.

3. Transform Bay Windows Into Seating

window seating

If your home is tight on space, it’s likely that your home doesn’t have a lot of seating. It can be problematic if you’d like to host your friends and family at your home.

But you don’t need to sit on the floors so your guests have somewhere to sit as there are sneaky ways to add more seating into your home.

One of these ways is by transforming a bay window in your home into a nice seating space, like a bench. This will add more seating to your home and allow you to open up some floor space.

By building out from the windowsill, you can then build a bench or nook on your bay window and better yet, you can also add some extra storage to your bay window bench.