What to Look for When Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

buying a memory foam mattress
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While price, durability, and the chemical smell of a mattress may also play a role in your choice when buying a memory foam mattress.

A good night’s sleep is what you should be aiming for out of any kind of luxury mattress.

With that said, let’s take a look at some things to remember when looking for a new memory foam bed.

What to Look for When Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

What is Memory Foam?

what is memory foam
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Memory foam is an advanced material made similar to the material used in car seats. NASA developed it to help cushion astronauts during landing. It’s temperature-sensitive, so it will mold to the heat of your body as well as your weight and shape.

What Are The Different Types Of Memory Foam?

Based on its intended purpose in a mattress, memory foam is available in a variety of densities and feels. The feel of a memory foam mattress is the result of its density, or how much it weighs per unit of volume. These densities form the following types of memory foam:

  1. Long-term memory foam
  2. Visco memory foam
  3. Latex memory foam
  4. Gel memory foam
  5. Airflow memory foam

Different types of memory foam range from “soft,” “firm,” to “ultra firm” based on their specific density.

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses Made Of?

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Memory foam is a unique material developed in the 1970s by NASA to help astronauts relax in a space shuttle. Memory foam comes from a visco-elastic material that molds to the shape of your body.

It consists of millions of small gel beads, which help relieve pressure and support your weight without sinking in too deeply. This special type of foam called polyurethane includes fire retardants and a blowing agent known as CFC.

When To Choose A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress comes with many benefits. Before buying a memory foam mattress you should know if you want to sleep cooler, memory foam mattresses don’t trap heat. Memory foam mattresses are also easier to move or transport. These mattresses also help you save money if you don’t want to replace your mattress frequently. It also helps to relieve pressure points on your body, improving your sleep and reducing aches and pains.

A soft bed will be ideal for side sleepers, especially those who prefer to sleep primarily on their side. Also, if you have a bad back or neck, memory foam gives better support. Finally, you want a mattress that will last longer and won’t sag over time.

When Not To Choose Memory Foam

stomach sleeper
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If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re better off with a classic spring mattress. Also, memory foam mattresses might not be the right choice for some couples.

The mattresses tend to conform to your body heat and temperature, making it difficult for partners to sleep independently. Some memory foam mattresses are not good at dissipating heat — if you get hot easily, you might want to look for a different type of mattress.


So there you have it — the key factors to consider when buying a memory foam mattress. Now that you know what to pay attention to, we hope that you find the foam mattress of your dreams. For starters, you can check out places like Puffy to find a great foam mattress.