Velvet Decoration Tips And Tricks to Design Spaces

Velvet decoration adds that sense of warmth, texture, and luxury to any space. Furthermore, it can instantly elevate a space especially when brilliantly used in nice jewel tones.

Available in different beautiful colors, velvet comes with soft, curvy, and smooth tones.

However, you need to master the art of velvet decoration. This guide will help you get this process right.

Let It Stand Out

red velvet decoration

Consider offsetting a statement red-based velvet with blue dark walls. You can pair it with a dark floor. This will make your space look unique.

This sumptuous texture you can pair with bold colors to give you something bold and unique. For instance, white with velvet decoration will create a bigger, bolder space.

Take It To Your Personal Rooms

Velvet can be used in virtually any room. However, taking the velvet into personal rooms will make them look cozy. Think about velvet in the bedroom.

Take it to the library. Don’t forget the living rooms. These personal rooms require a sense of luxury. That’s what velvet decoration will do.

In the bedroom, it will make the nights longer and sweeter. In the dining room, nobody will miss breakfast. You will read more books in the library. You can also choose a velvet chesterfield sofa bed for your bedroom.

Velvet Pillow

velvet decoration pillow cover

Velvet is considered a luxurious material.  This material is exclusive for those who love class and sophistication. You will not find it in every home. Thus throw in a velvet pillow. Pair it with linen fabric for your sofa.

Bring In Other Materials

A luxurious room should have great texture and amazing fabrics. The good thing with velvet is that it’s universal and can be used alongside different materials. For instance, when used with taffeta, it brings out that unique class.

Choose Your Favorite Color

Velvet is available in different colors. From blue to red, you will get a color that suits your explicit needs. Thus, choose a color that represents your personality.

If you are bold, bring in rich, glittering colors. Shades of red can bring more personality into any space. You can also go for tobacco colors. It depends on your personal preferences.

Velvet Curtains

velvet decoration with curtains

Upholstering velvet on your walls will make your space exciting. It brings luxury into your home. To finish things off, bring in good curtains with flowers and breezing qualities.

On the wall, velvet appears thick, dense, and bold. To dissolve this effect, use a thin eco velvet on the drapes.

Let Velvet Age

The wearing process of velvet is smooth. For instance, a chair upholstered in red velvet will display a visible patina.

Letting your velvet age gives your room an immediate soul. Thus, consider purchasing a new velvet. Then, allow it to age smoothly.

Use It Unconventionally

Using velvet is amazing. Here, a pattern is cut to produce a nap of this material. These wonderful patterns can be used to upholster your sofa and chair. It can also upholster your walls and even other accessories such as the pillow.

The Bottom-line

Versatile in nature, velvet decoration ideas can be used to decorate virtually any space. The only thing you need to master is how to decorate spaces using velvet.

Play with colors. Pair it with lighting. Make it a focal point. The above tips and tricks will make your velvet decoration stand out.